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Lore Podcast A Look At The Popularity And Influence Of The Podcast


What Is Lore Podcast All About

Podcasting has grown into an incredibly diverse and versatile medium, allowing it to attract a vast number of audience members worldwide. This medium is also seen as extremely competitive over traditional means of entertainment, as 66% of consumers would rather listen to a podcast than watch a show on TV. In order to explore this riveting medium in more detail, Netinfluencer will provide a comprehensive guide to the Lore podcast, a platform that takes simple fairy tales to the next level. 

The Creators Behind the Podcast

Lore is a critically-acclaimed podcast that takes humble stories from folklore and explores the often darker truths behind these whimsical tales. The show is hosted by Aaron Mahnke, who originally produced the show as a marketing experiment to see if traditional campfire tales could be amplified and dramatized for the modern-day consumer. Mahnke officially launched the podcast in 2015 and it quickly became an instant hit, winning the iTunes Best of 2015 Award and the Best History Podcast by the Academy of Podcasters the following year. 

Lore Podcast: A Look At The Popularity And Influence Of The Podcast

After its tremendous success as a podcast, the host decided to broaden the show’s horizons, adapting it into a multi-part book series as well as a TV show. Pulling upon the creative talents of Gale Anne Hurd and Glen Morgan, the Lore TV show also saw grand levels of acclaim and also used Mahnke as a key narrator within the show. 

Lore is not Mahnke’s only passion project, he also produces a series of other unnerving podcasts. The host can be found on Cabinet of Curiosities and Unobscured, both of which cover disturbing events throughout history as a way to keep their vast selection of listeners immersed in these terrifying worlds.  

Lore Podcast: A Look At The Popularity And Influence Of The Podcast

Themes and Topics Covered

With over 200 episodes to date, viewers will not struggle to find a tale that will keep them on the edge of their seats. Episode 93 is a prime example of Lore’s ability to captivate and terrify audiences in just a short span of time. This episode follows the Bloody Benders, a family of serial killers who allegedly killed countless innocent citizens who simply happened to pass along their road. It is believed that the family would invite these stray travelers inside their home to rest and recuperate after a long journey. Once inside, the killers would plunge them into a dark cellar through the use of an unsuspecting trap door. 

The podcast also leads listeners into the depths of society’s most chilling locations, as seen in episode 106. Here, the audience is transported inside the West Virginia Penitentiary, where they will get to meet some of its most notorious and feared criminals. Mahnke also uses this episode to discuss the riots and commotion that occurred here, causing it to become something of an urban legend within the small town of Moundsville. 

Episode 67 is considered to be one of the podcast’s most downloaded pieces and works to unravel the mysteries surrounding the Bennington Triangle. Based in southwestern Vermont, this area became shrouded in secrecy after a number of people went missing between the years 1945 and 1950. The area was coined by author Joseph A. Citro, who brought light to these disappearances and fought to make these events more prevalent in modern society. On the Lore podcast, Mahnke handles the events with the same level of integrity, leaving us desperate to learn more. 

Lore Podcast: A Look At The Popularity And Influence Of The Podcast

The Reach of the Lore Podcast

Lore has managed to dominate the worlds of podcasting, television, and literature, exemplifying its crucial role in the spheres of modern entertainment. By taking the popular genre of true crime and blending it with the enticing stories found in folklore, Mahnke has managed to create a platform that defies convention and still manages to attract diverse audiences. 

Since its launch in 2015, Lore has managed to amass around half a billion downloads and has gained over 40,000 five-star reviews on Apple Podcasts. The show is also a hit on social media, collecting an avid fan base of 85.5K followers on Instagram. Here, followers can learn more about upcoming episodes and discover more about Mahnke’s latest projects. 

The Format of the Podcast

Despite each episode being less than 30 minutes long, Lore is able to analyze each story in depth and still manages to leave listeners in a nail-biting sense of turmoil. Each episode also follows a different story, ensuring that the structure does not become overly repetitive or too drawn out. 

Mahnke also releases a series of remastered episodes, ensuring that guests can gain the highest level of audio quality at all times. These stories are also accompanied by a bonus tale, helping to extend the world created by Mahnke. Oftentimes, these episodes have been remastered due to updates in the original story, keeping viewers in the grips of the narrative for as long as possible. 

The host also encourages audiences to conduct their own research into these remarkable cases by providing them with detailed sources for them to follow. This also helps to improve the legitimacy of these stories and ensures that key details are not being overlooked or even exaggerated. In addition to these pieces of research, Mahnke also provides listeners with a series of guides, which allows them to conduct their own tours of the locations discussed throughout the podcast. By using tools such as Apple Maps, the host has managed to extend his high levels of content and boost engagement with his audience on a real-life basis. 

Lore Podcast: A Look At The Popularity And Influence Of The Podcast

Reception and Impact

Taking inspiration from the popular niches of true crime and history, Lore is able to rise above its competitors and create something that audiences truly appreciate. Alongside its devoted fan base, the podcast has received a ton of commendations from others in this field. It was nominated for the Best History Podcast at the iHeartRadio Podcast Awards in 2020 and 2022 respectively. Plus, it was noted as a runner-up at the Discover Pods Awards back in 2017 for the Best Society and Culture Podcast Award. 

The Lore TV series made impeccable progress on Amazon Prime Video, earning an impressive score of 69% on Rotten Tomatoes. The show ran for two seasons and relied on a collection of talented actors such as Adam Goldberg and Kristen Cloke to help bring these alarming accounts of horror to life. 


Aaron Mahnke’s Lore podcast sits successfully between a number of best-selling genres, making it a perfect fit for both podcasting and TV. Its use of impeccable storytelling and hard-hitting research ensures that it can continue to be a dominant force of competition within this ever-growing industry. Lore can be found on a wealth of popular podcasting platforms such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts

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