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All About Fantasy Focus Podcast Fantasy Football News, Tips And Strategy For The Serious Fan


All About Fantasy Focus Podcast: Fantasy Football News, Tips And Strategy For The Serious Fan

Fantasy Focus is a sports talk podcast dedicated to fantasy sports. 

For fantasy sports enthusiasts who seek ways to gain an edge in their leagues, the Fantasy Focus podcast is the show to listen to. 

The podcast is hosted by a team of experts and provides listeners with useful insight and analysis on player performance, team compositions, and other things that can affect fantasy sports teams.

There are also interactive elements on the show, such as “The Name Game” and “The Board,” where listeners can submit questions and engage in the conversation.

With its engaging content and knowledgeable hosts, it is no surprise that the talk show has become so popular among its target market.

It is frequently ranked among the top 10 podcasts on iTunes and has won multiple “Podcast Awards” accolades, including “Best Sports Podcast” in 2009, 2011, and 2012 and “People’s Choice” in 2009 and 2012. (source)

The Creator Behind the Podcast

The Fantasy Focus podcast was created by Nate Ravitz, who initially pitched the idea to ESPN in 2007. 

Ravitz was a producer at ESPN then and had been playing fantasy sports for years. 

He believed there was a need for a show that focused solely on fantasy sports and provided listeners with expert analysis and advice. 

ESPN agreed, and the Fantasy Focus podcast was launched in 2007.

The podcast has risen in popularity over the years, owing largely to its fascinating content and knowledgeable hosts.

Leading ESPN Fantasy Football experts Field Yates, Stephania Bell (injury analyst), Mike Clay, and Daniel Dopp deliver their expertise and engaging content to millions of sports enthusiasts. 

Similarly, the baseball show features famous figures like Eric Karabell and Tristan Cockcroft, with Daniel Dopp and Stephania Bell, sharing their insights on everything related to fantasy sports. 

Reach and Impact of the show

The podcast has been a huge success around the world. 

Each episode is listened to by thousands of listeners who tune in before the show even begins on ESPN Podcenter where it is officially aired.

The podcast has tens and hundreds of fan pages on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and other social media handles. 

The global reach of the show is enhanced by the popular personalities of the hosts, who were all superstar players themselves.

On YouTube, where the statistics are readily available, an average episode of the webisode receives 50,000 unique visitors. 

The same popularity is observed on other media broadcasts like the Apple Podcast, Spotify, and Stitcher. 

The audience loves the valuable insights the presenters bring. Although they complain about some technical glitches, the show has an overall positive impact.

Read this comment below:

“Love the show! I’m a long-time listener and I always learn a ton! 

Just a suggestion – can we get Liz a microphone when she joins in remotely? Whenever she joins but via zoom, instead of in the studio the sound quality is terrible. 

Her volume is so much louder than Field and Dopp, it makes it very difficult to listen to. You hear all of her breathing and background noises over the other guys talking.” – Nickle0000029 (source)

Based on this analysis, we estimate that the Fantasy Focus podcast receives between 150,000 and 200,000 listens each time an episode goes out across major broadcast networks.

Themes and Topics Covered

The Fantasy Focus podcast provides listeners with daily strategy, previews, injury reports, and debates around news and notes of the day.

An essential focus of the podcast is to provide listeners with daily fantasy football strategy

The hosts discuss strategies to help listeners win their fantasy football leagues, including draft strategies, waiver wire pickups, and roster management tips. 

Also, the podcast provides in-depth player analysis and rankings to help listeners make informed decisions when building their fantasy football teams. 

They examine individual player performance, statistics, and trends in order to present listeners with a thorough grasp of each player’s strengths and limitations.

They also analyze player matchups and provide insight into which players to start or sit with each week.

The podcast is a great source for injury reports and related news. 

The hosts regularly provide updates on injured players and how their injuries may impact their performance and availability for upcoming games. 

They also discuss any breaking news related to the NFL and how it may impact fantasy leagues. 

Football fans and Fantasy Football enthusiasts are always eager to get insights and updates on upcoming games and players.

In the “TNF Preview, Week 15 WR/CB Matchups 2022” episode, the hosts start off by previewing the TNF (Thursday Night Football) game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Chargers, providing their expert analysis on the game’s potential outcome, key players to watch out for, and other relevant details.

They delve into the Wide Receiver/Cornerback matchups for Week 15 games, which is particularly interesting to Fantasy Football players as they try to optimize their line-up for the week.

The episode also features an interview with Adam Schefter, an ESPN insider and renowned NFL reporter. 

Schefter provides his expert opinion on some of the storylines to watch out for in Week 15, including some big injury updates and identifying which team has found their QB of the future.

The addition of Adam Schefter’s interview adds an extra layer of insight and analysis, making this episode a must-listen for anyone who wants to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings.

On the other hand, the Week 16 Waivers episode of the Fantasy Focus podcast provides valuable insights on which players to add to the fantasy football team.

The episode starts with a recap of the Monday Night football game and discusses how the match impacted fantasy premiers. 

The hosts then provide injury updates on key players, including Jalen Hurts, who had a critical injury that could significantly impact the playoffs.

The hosts then discuss players who may have underperformed in the regular season but have a favorable schedule in the playoffs.

Finally, they provide listeners with thoughtful insights on which players they should be targeting on the waiver wire and which players they should consider dropping from their teams.

The episode features a guest appearance by Eric Moody, who joins the show to provide further insights.

This guest appearance adds a new perspective and provides additional analysis, making this episode a must-listen for anyone looking to gain an edge in their fantasy football league.

The Format of the Podcast

The podcast begins with a brief introduction by the hosts, welcoming their audience to the show.

The opening also includes some witty banter between the presenters and an overview of the topics to be covered in the episode. 

Following the introduction, the hosts provide updates on the latest news and injuries relevant to the upcoming games.

They discuss how these updates might affect the fantasy values of specific players, providing their audience with critical insights into their lineup decisions.

Then they dive into a detailed analysis of the upcoming games, discussing key matchups, potential game scripts, and players to watch. 

The “Fantasy Trends and Insights” segment discusses strategies for building a successful fantasy team, offers advice on waiver wire pickups, and talks about various fantasy formats, such as PPR and standard scoring.

The talk show often includes segments where the experts answer questions from their audience.

They provide advice and analysis for specific scenarios or players, responding to questions from social media and email.

The podcast concludes with a brief summary of the topics covered in the episode. In the final lines, the hosts provide information on how to contact them and where to find more resources for fantasy leagues.


The Fantasy Focus podcast is a must-listen for all football lovers and fantasy sports fans. 

Thanks to a team of educated and entertaining hosts, it gives essential insights that can enhance the fantasy sports experience, in-depth analysis, and interesting expert interviews. 

You can stream the show live on Apple, YouTube, Google, Spotify, and many other services. 

For more sports shows like the Bill Simmons Podcast, tune into our resource library here

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