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Linktree vs. Tap Link


Linktree vs. Tap Link – Feature Comparison For Creators and Influencers

Which link-in-bio service works best for influencers? 

There are many different link-in-bio tools on the market. But today, we will be looking at Linktree and Tap Link.

As an influencer, you are constantly redirecting your followers to that link in your bio. That link is the gateway to the rest of your brand, so you want to make sure you have a memorable, creative link.

You used to have to update that link every time you had a new blogpost to share, or your latest Youtube video had been posted. This could be confusing for your followers who  might just be trying to find your website and are instead redirected somewhere else entirely. 

These days, that is no longer a problem. Most influencers create customized landing pages in order to have all their information in one space. A landing page is a single webpage with one call to action in mind – in this case, lead your followers to the rest of your content.


One of the earliest link-in-bio services, Linktree was founded in 2016 and has since serviced over 30 million users. This includes mega-celebrities, such as Selena Gomez and big brands like HBO.

Linktree is used and trusted not only by big name creators, but every-day social media users. So there is certainly brand recognition that can be helpful while using this service. 

Perhaps if a potential follower sees a familiar link in your bio, they will be more likely to click.

How does Linktree work?

Linktree allows you to create a convenient link for your links in just a few minutes. Simply input your information into the text boxes, such as different social links, your website, and more, and you’re set.

You can add dozens of social media platforms to your Linktree. In fact, you can add as many links as you want, as all plans come with the ability to enter unlimited links. (Though that doesn’t mean you should!)

If you want your followers to be able to contact you, ask you questions, or pay for your goods and services, you can add the following tools to help. 

Once your links are all entered, you can choose a template or a design. Below are a few you can choose from. 

Add a profile picture and a bio, and you’re all set!

Below is an example of what your finalized Linktree could look like, from influencer Summer Mckeen.

As you can see, McKeen utilized the custom background and made sure to show off her creative side. She has many different links and optimizes the ability to add icons to a few of her links as well.

 You can subscribe to her Youtube channel on the button in the top right, and you are given a full tour of her personal brand.

Linktree also allows you to see analytics of your site. If you connect with apps such as Square, Paypal, or you have affiliate links, this could be incredibly important.

Below is an example of what your data could look like

The free plan allows you to see total views, unique views, total and unique clicks, and click through rate. However, for more advanced analytics, you need to upgrade.

In order to gain access to the most features Linktree has to offer, you can upgrade to one of three pricing tiers.

Starter is $5 USD a month and allows you to spotlight and schedule links, which could be helpful if you want to highlight a new sale or Youtube video coming up. You will also be able to have more design options, such as many different themes and templates. You can also see clicks and views from the past 90 days,  whereas the free plan only allows you to see clicks and views from 30 days.

Pro is $9 USD a month and is known as Linktree’s “VIP”, or most popular plan. You gain access to more advanced analytics with this tier, such as commerce analytics to track sales and conversion rates. You have integrations with Mail Chimp and Google Analytics, extra design options, and the option to embed Tweets, Youtube videos, and remove Linktree’s branding from the site.

Premium is $24 USD a month and is more targeted towards businesses rather than the individual creator. You are guaranteed response time in four hours or less, gain access to a dedicated customer service manager, and you receive lifetime data that you can easily export.

Tap Link

Tap Link is another link-in-bio service with over 3 million links in use. You can set up your miniature website in under a few minutes, without needing any design experience. This is perfect for new influencers or small business owners without a design team. You can start designing your page from your mobile or desktop device.

Once you build your Tap Link website, users can buy products directly from your link without ever having to leave Instagram. This means you could get more sales and a higher conversion rate.

How does it work?

You can sign up using Google, Apple, Facebook, or your own email address. Once you’re signed up, you can start designing your page almost immediately.

You can choose between different templates, and even create one from scratch. 

Once you click a template, you can easily start entering your information in. 

The screen shows you how your site will look on a mobile or desktop device, with the ability to align text move blocks around, and add dozens of different blocks, as seen down below.

However, as you can see, many of these are behind a paywall. 

What other free features are there?

  • Limited analytics (Total page views)
  • Limited designs
  • Google Analytics add-in
  • Cookie files policy pop up
  • Jivosite – a chat you can set up to communicate with customers. 
  • Unlimited links
  • Q&A page

If you are interested in some more advanced features, there are two plans to upgrade to.

What are the paid plans?

Pro – for $3 USD a month, if you sign up for 12 months, you gain access to many more features. You can set a schedule for when a block will appear, which can be helpful if you have a promotion. You also gain access to link clicks analytics, the ability to customize your own template, the use of map blocks, so you can show exactly where your business is located, HTML blocks, and Facebook Pixel. 

You can even add photos and videos to your page to showcase your work, a photo of yourself, or a video introducing your content.

Business – for $6 USD a month, you can also create internal pages, set up a countdown timer, remove TapLink branding, connect your own domain, set up notifications to your Instant Messages, and accept payments online. 

Here’s an example of what your final Tap Link could look like.

For a small business, such as a restaurant, you can add your menu, order buttons, and reservations. Tap Link allows you to scroll down to see different pages, such as menu, photos, an About Me, and more.

Which link in bio service should you use? For more creative options and multi-pages, you may want to go with Tap Link. However, for a more simple design, Linktree may be up your alley. Either way, both tools will allow you to create a memorable, creative link for your followers. 

Do you have an alternative you would like us to cover? Let us know down below.

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David Adler is an entrepreneur and freelance blog post writer who enjoys writing about business, entrepreneurship, travel and the influencer marketing space.

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