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Linktree vs. Lnk.Bio – Feature Comparison For Influencers and Creators


Linktree vs. Lnk.Bio — Feature comparison for creators and influencers 

Which link-in-bio tool is best for creators?

Today, we will be looking at two major competitors, Linktree and Lnk.Bio 

Let’s face it, the link in your social media bio is the gateway to the rest of your brand. 

That link will lead potential customers to your online store, or future followers to your latest Podcast episode. This single link is an extension of your profile. So it’s vital that that link is unique and stands out. 

There are many different link-in-bio tools on the market. Many of these services are called landing pages. A landing page is a single webpage designed with one specific purpose in mind. In this case, the goal is to lead your followers to your external links, whether that’s your online storefront, your Youtube page, or anywhere else.


Linktree vs. Lnk.Bio — Feature comparison for creators and influencers 

The earliest of the link-in-bio tools, Linktree is definitely a company you have seen around. With over 30 million users, you probably know someone who is using this tool. But is it the best option just because it is the most popular?

Founded in 2016 in Australia, this international company has become one of the fastest-growing social media marketing companies.  Fast Company even initiated it into their list of Top Innovative Companies, alongside such honorees like Reddit and Glossier. 

Major celebrities and brands use Linktree as well, including one of the most followed people on Instagram, Selena Gomez. So you can definitely trust that Linktree has brand recognition. You can even connect Paypal and Square to your page and accept payments for your online store, donations, or tips. That way, your followers never have to leave your page if they want to buy one of your products.

What features does Linktree offer?

Simple Design

One of the features that may draw people to Linktree is the memorable design and easy-to-use templates. Once you sign in, you insert the links you want to show off, and Linktree will format them into a list for you. You can add custom themes and colors, but you can also stick to the basics. 

Here’s an example of what your page could look like, from influencer Summer Mckeen.

Linktree vs. Lnk.Bio — Feature comparison for creators and influencers 

As you can see, she has uploaded a custom background and designed her page to her personality, making this a fun and memorable link for her followers to browse through.


With so much traffic being driven to this link, it’s important to keep track of the clicks. 

Linktree offers both simple and advanced analytics depending on the plan you have. On the free plan, you can see total and unique clicks, as well as total and unique views, but for more advanced analytics, such as the location of the clicks or your most popular links, you will have to upgrade to one of their paid premium plans. 

Below is an example of what your data could look like:

Linktree vs. Lnk.Bio — Feature comparison for creators and influencers 

How much are the paid plans?

Linktree offers three paid plans you can choose from. Although you can continue to use Linktree for free, if any of these advanced features interest you, it may be worth it to upgrade.

Linktree offers three different pricing plans: the Starter plan for $5 per month, the Pro plan for $9 per month (recommended by Linktree), and the Premium plan for $24 per month. 

The Starter plan includes additional customization options such as a spotlight link and scheduling feature, as well as the ability to upload custom images and videos. 

The Pro plan includes most of the features of the Premium plan, except for a few listed exceptions. This includes features like being able to join the Amazon Associates program, which allows you to easily auto-generate affiliate links right to your page. 

The Premium plan is tailored towards large businesses and includes a customer service manager, fast support response times, an on-boarding call, and access to exclusive content. 

Linktree vs. Lnk.Bio — Feature comparison for creators and influencers claims to be the second biggest link in bio service in the world. They spend no money on advertisements and still have over 60,000 users, so this is definitely a brand you can trust that has gotten out by the word of mouth.

If you want to make sure you are supporting a fair company, this will be the service for you. Lnk.Bio is women and black-owned, as well as actively supporting LGBTQ+ rights and promoting a fair and equal workplace. They also have the lowest prices on the market, so you can fit this into your budget.

Some major companies and brands that use Lnk.Bio are The Met, Lonely Planet, and Jaguar. 

Here’s an example of what your dashboard will look like:

Linktree vs. Lnk.Bio — Feature comparison for creators and influencers 

What features does Lnk.Bio offer?

Lnk.Bio lets you log in instantly with Instagram, meaning you don’t have to make an account if you don’t want to. This keeps your password and data safe. You are also given access to WordPress and Zapier integration, as well as the ability to embed videos and music to create a more personalized experience. 

You can even embed Google Maps to show where your business is if you have a brick-and-mortar storefront.

Lnk.Bio has mobile and desktop-friendly layouts, with the option to format your links in a list or a grid. 

Your free comes with a personalized link, to which you can add unlimited links to. Here’s an example of what your page could look like.

Linktree vs. Lnk.Bio — Feature comparison for creators and influencers 

What about the paid plans?

Just like Linktree, you could continue to use Lnk.Bio completely for free without ever having to upgrade. However, for more advanced features, you can choose to subscribe to one of three payment plans.

The three options are — Mini, Mini One Time, and Unique One Time.

Mini is .99 cents a month – you read that right, for less than $12 a year, you gain access to features that most services charge nearly hundreds for. This plan comes with password-protected links, the ability to schedule posts, statistics, and reports, and more than 25 layouts and templates to choose from. You can also mirror your Instagram grid on your page, as well as instantly sync to Instagram and Tiktok.

You can also choose to do the mini one time, which allows you to pay $9.99 USD one time and gives you access to all the features above. 

Another more pricey option is the unique plan, which will cost you only $24.99 USD just one time, no subscription required. This will give you access to a customized newsletter you can send out to your followers, as well as the ability to open an online shop, right on your page.

You can also remove the branding, as well as use your choice of colors, backgrounds, fonts, and upload custom banners as well. 

So, which one is right for you?

Both of these tools are used by many and are regarded highly in the tech community. So no matter which one you choose, you will be making a good choice. If you want to stick to the basics and choose a brand millions use, Linktree may be your best option, but if you are on a budget and want to support an indie company, perhaps Lnk.Bio should be your go-to. 

Which link-in-bio tool will you use? Do you have another alternative you would like us to talk about? Let us know down below.

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