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Linktree vs. Flowpage Which Is Better For Influencers


Linktree vs Flowpage: Which Is Better For Influencers?

Linktree vs Flowpage – which link-in-bio tool is best for influencers?

First impressions are everything. And when it comes to what your followers will click first, you want to make sure that the link in your bio is the best one on the market.

Gone are the days of switching out a link each time you have a new post to share. Since their rise in 2020, influencers, content creators, and everyday social media users have been adding customized landing pages to allow easier access to all the information you need, all in one convenient link. 

But with so many options to choose from, how do you possibly decide which one to use?

We will be taking a look at two of the biggest link-in-bio tools on the market, Linktree and Flowpage so you can decide which is the best option for you.

What Is Linktree?

Linktree is a one-link tool that allows you to add a free, customizable link in your social media biography. Perhaps one of the more popular tools of its kind, Linktree Has over 30 million users. Including some names you may recognize. From the most followed musician on Instagram, Selena Gomez, to Dwayne the Rock Johnson, the most followed actor, Linktree has no shortage of A-list names on their roster.

Linktree vs. Flowpage: Which Is Better For Influencers?


Linktree currently has four different pricing plans. 

Free – The plan for beginners, their free plan offers unlimited links under one single customized link. This includes pre-embedded links for Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, and others. 

Starter – At $5 USD a month, the starter plan allows slightly more customization than the free version. This includes a ‘spotlight link, in which you can empathize with a link more important than others, a scheduling feature that allows you to choose when a link goes live, and allows you to upload custom images and videos, among many other features. 

Pro– The Linktree recommended plan is $9 USD a month, and comes with nearly every feature of the premium, except those listed in the premium below. 

Premium – For $24 USD a month, Linktree describes their “VIP” plan as the best option for large-scale businesses. The nearly double price jump from the Pro plan includes access to a customer service manager, guaranteed 4 hour response time from support, a 30 minute on-boarding call, and access to exclusive content. 

This could include webinars, videos, and other special features that other link tree members don’t have access to. You can also see your 100 percent of your page analytics, whereas pro members can only see their analytics from the past year. 

There is also the option of annual billing, in which the starter plan becomes $4 a month, the pro becomes $7.50, and the premium becomes $19.50. This could save you some serious cash, so it is definitely worth looking into if LinkTree is the tool for you.

What is Flowpage?

Flowpage, which is a subsection from their parent company Flow Code, is one of the other more popular bio link tools online right now. 

Linktree vs. Flowpage: Which Is Better For Influencers?

Flowpage also has four different pricing plans, though these are directly connected to Flowcode. All the options below will allow you to seamlessly scan a QR code to gain access to your mobile landing page.

Basic – The free plan, this is for those who are just starting out. Their basic plan allows you to create two flow page links, three flow codes, unlimited scans, and allows you to view advanced analytics 

Pro – For $12 USD a month if billed annually or $15 a month billed monthly, this plan allows you to create 100 QR codes, 5 flow pages, a custom code design, as well as receiving 20% off their print store.

Pro Plus – Their self proclaimed most popular plan at $40 USD a month if you sign up for the annual subscription, $60 if you sign up monthly, allows 1000 flow codes, 50 flow pages, flow teams with four seats, a white label flow code, Facebook pixel integration and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) integration.

Enterprise – You have to contact Flowpage directly for this premium plan if you think you or your company might need more than what the pro plus plan offers. However, they guarantee this custom plan will include Multi-seat collaboration tools, API Access (Application Programming Interface), and Flowcode TV solutions, which is their video, TV, CTV focused feature.

Similarly to Linktree, Flowpage has some celebrity clients of their own, including Kim Kardashian’s SKKN line and JVN Hair. They are also used by businesses such as The New York Post, SoFi, and The Home Depot. 

Linktree vs Flowpage – So, which one do you pick?

Now that the prices and features have been broken down, which is the best choice for you as an influencer?

Flowpage offers much more customization for free, as well as premade themes and templates to choose from, so your mobile landing page can look unique and stand out amongst the crowd. You can also share templates with other members of your team in order to create a cohesive look amongst your brand. 

Flowpage also allows you to print and share your custom QR code directly from their website. From stickers to business cards to A-frames, there is no shortage of ways your QR code will make its way into the world.

Linktree vs. Flowpage: Which Is Better For Influencers?

A look at Flowpage’s template options.

On the contrary, you have to pay to unlock most of the customization features on Linktree. 

Linktree vs. Flowpage: Which Is Better For Influencers?

Linktree’s theme options

However, both tools will require you to upgrade to one of the paid plans in order to see any sort of advanced analytics. Flowpage’s free plan allows you to see clicks from the past 90 days, while Linktree’s free plan allows you to see for the past 28 days.

Overall, both tools are used by millions of users and trusted by high-profile influencers, so whichever one you choose to go with, you will surely be in good hands. 

While Linktree also offers QR codes, Flowpage clearly has the upperhand in QR technology and support.  Flowcode is used by mega companies such as Starbucks and the NFL, and they are experts in helping marketers elevate their businesses. 

On the other hand, Linktree is by far the most popular tool. Perhaps your audience will feel more familiar clicking a link in your bio that they have seen in other bios in the past, and might even have themselves.

In either case, it will be worth it to upgrade to one of the advanced plans in order to gain access to these valuable analytics, such as which links are the most frequently clicked and visitor location.

Linktree vs. Flowpage: Which Is Better For Influencers?
Linktree vs. Flowpage: Which Is Better For Influencers?

Do you have experience with either of these tools? Let us know down below! 

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