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From Lab To Lip Korean Cosmetics Giant Pulled Off Global Influencer Tour


From Lab To Lip: Korean Cosmetics Giant Pulled Off Global Influencer Tour

LG Household & Health Care (LG H&H) hosted “The Whoo 2024 K-Bichup Tour” from April 15 to 19, inviting over 100 overseas influencers from China, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, and other countries to tour its major cosmetics business sites in South Korea.

According to Korea IT Times, the five-day event gave the influencers – including high-profile names like Elle, Hannah Olala, and the Guangdong couple (65 million subscribers) from China – an inside look at LG H&H’s headquarters, research center, production plant, and brand promotion facilities.

The influencers filmed content at each location showcasing the company’s automated, high-tech operations and transparent manufacturing processes. They expressed keen interest in learning about the brand philosophies, ingredient sourcing, product development workflows, and corporate histories.

“It’s not often that you get to experience the core ingredients that go into a cosmetic product,” Vietnamese influencer Hannah Olala told Korea IT Times. “I could feel the pride in the ingredients, and personally, I gained a lot of trust in the products.”

The tour’s experiential elements included a stop at the Cheongju cosmetics factory, where LG H&H gifted personalized jars of its Bichup Self-Grown Essence 4.0 skincare line to each influencer in attendance.

“It was a special time for us to share our brand philosophy with overseas celebrities…and increase their trust in our products,” a marketing official from The Whoo, LG H&H’s premium beauty brand, told Korea IT Times. “We will continue to prepare content to deliver differentiated customer experiences to our global customers.”

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