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Cultural Comparison Content With Traveling Creator Krys Tha Sis

What began as lighthearted travel content evolved into a distinct niche when crafted consistently with a comedic twist. 

A call to fame, a reason to keep traveling, and a reliable source of income is what comparing cultures on TikTok brought this American TikTok star living abroad. 

Krys Tha Sis, with a following of over 1 million, has turned cultural comparison into an art form. Yet, the profitability of her online career and the inspirations behind her unique content are topics ripe for exploration.

Read along as we interview her to learn more about her online journey, and gain insights into a popular niche that can be considered a type of cultural education.

How Did It All Start, and What Inspired You To Put Out Content?

Cultural Comparison Content With Traveling Creator Krys Tha Sis

“It started as travel content when I was in Korea, and by nature, it evolved into the German thing that it is now. I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity and share my travels with friends and followers.”

“To put a timeline to things, I started content creation almost four years ago but only started creating content about Germany in the last two years.”

“The hype around people achieving overnight fame by jumping on TikTok trends intensified the pressure from my friends who had long encouraged me to join TikTok, and that’s exactly what I did.”

Who is Krys Off Camera?

Cultural Comparison Content With Traveling Creator Krys Tha Sis

“I’m a comically passionate creator who lives in Germany at the moment and works a full-time job alongside content creation, which is also considered a full-time profession due to the lack of assistance.”

“I like to find the fun in things, I travel a lot, and I’m currently juggling two full-time jobs, and looking forward to seeing where all this goes.”

How Do You Come Up With Ideas For Your Videos?

“I think the best ideas come to me out of the blue. Sometimes it’s conversations with friends and family where I end up telling them how different things are done in Germany compared to back home

Other times it’s matters that catch my interest encouraging me to do some research, or it could be simply remaking what worked in the past with a new twist or some extra exaggeration.

How Do You Monetize What You Do, Considering The Very Specific Niche?

“It’s actually not as difficult as you may assume,” she quickly answers. “I think that a creator’s engagement rate is much more important than the niche they serve.”

“Most of the brand deals I’ve got from this have absolutely nothing to do with Germany, America, or even traveling. The closest I’ve got to promoting something within the same area of specialization is promoting language apps.”

America vs. Germany for Content Creation

“This may be just speculation from my side, but the smaller the country, the easier it is to build an audience. I think most of my audience is German at the moment, and I get recognized in public a lot.”

“I don’t know if it’s because they perceive me as foreign and different, or if social media as a career is just easier to sustain on this side of the world, there certainly is a difference in reach and engagement.”

What Kind of Brands Approach You? 


The little cities is gut. I love germany!!

♬ original sound – KaiserKrys

“Endless brands reach out, and I’m very selective with who I work with, even though I receive requests on a daily basis.”

“I get inquiries from beauty brands, alcohol drink brands, restaurants, you name it. I think what I’m doing even serves as an advantage to me, because I basically appeal to more than one market. It’s international content at this point.”

“Krys explains that since her audience is very broad, her high level of reach and influence also bridges the gap between American businesses moving to Europe and vice versa.”

How Far Do You See Yourself Taking Things?

“Working on a big project that bridges a cultural gap is the goal,” she tells us. Adding sarcastically 

“Maybe a German TV Schnitzel commercial at some point.”

She clarifies, “I really don’t have many aspirations as far as content creation goes, maybe to take things a step further by branching into stand-up comedy if I had the chance, but what I’m doing now is pretty much just going with the flow and seeing what doors of opportunity open.”

Tell Us About The Journey As a Comedy Creator.

“You must’ve heard that comedians are the most depressed people, and that’s no lie. I think what led up to this level of success is me being done with humanity, and just doing my own thing away from confrontational public interactions.”

Krys also explains that much of her success lies in her authenticity, telling us, “I really just want to be myself and do what I love. I hope that none of my content comes off as offensive to anyone because I try to be as minimally filtered as possible.”

Do You Use Any Methods of Scripting or Planning?

“Not really, at least as far as the comparison videos go. I try to keep things as authentic as possible. Sure I add a little bit of sass and exaggeration, but it’s never super planned and scripted.”

If You Were to Start Over Again, What Would You Do Differently?

“That’s a good question, give me a minute to think about that,” she answers surprised.

“I think one of the main things I’d do differently is to launch all platforms at once, instead of focusing on each one separately.”

“Right now they’re working to ban TikTok in America, which features a large portion of my following, so having an alternative presence would be more assuring.”

“I’d also work with more creators if I were to do this all over again. I still plan on working with creators, even with where I am today, they’re just all super weird,” she adds jokingly. 

“Working with the right creators is like a hack, as you can easily gain more followers and piggyback off of the success and reach of others in your niche.”

What Tips Do You Have For Aspiring Influencers?

“I say this to my friends every time, and it’s super logical. Social media platforms are places people go to be entertained and stimulated, and as a creator, you must think of them as such.”

She adds, “Maybe you’re not an entertaining person, maybe you need to exaggerate your tone of voice or fake an accent. If you think of things from a consumer perspective, a lot will make sense.”

Wrapping up her answers, she tells us, “In a nutshell, I encourage creators to innovate, do something weird, be themselves unapologetically, and stand out by doing that.”

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Moe is freelance writer and content creator who enjoys interviewing influencers and learning about their journeys to success.

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