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Ready Authenticity Is The Essence: Interview With Nolan Reid 

Nolan is a Saskatchewan-based Canadian creator who found success being his authentic self on camera, sharing moments of his everyday life and inspiring thousands throughout his journey.  

From being stripped of his creative means with the downfall of the video platform Vine, Nolan experienced a personal comeback that enabled him to amass an audience of over 600,000 followers across all social platforms.

From his creative strategy to inspirations, and career goals, read along as we sit down with Nolan Reid to learn more about his journey as an authentic lifestyle creator. 

Who is Nolan Reid Off Camera? 

Ready FAuthenticity Is The Essence: Interview With Nolan Reid 

“I’m exactly who I am on camera, and I take pride in not having to play another character in order to entertain people and add value to their day.”

Nolan adds, “That’s also the beauty of things because if nobody likes or engages with my content It doesn’t matter much since it’s something I would have still done without the camera. I can openly say that I haven’t separated my personal and career life. It’s all one to me.”

“I also recently started doing some day-in-the-life videos so my followers get to know me on a deeper level and engage with my content through more than just entertainment.”

Tell Us About How it All Started, and What Was The Main Drive?

“I have been creating content for over 5 years now. Just like many other creators, things really took off during COVID-19.” 

“My first ever videos were on Vine, but since that platform didn’t last long, I needed to find another way to communicate my passions. As for the drive, I think it’s purely just passion, and the sense of giving back to my audience.” 

What Do You Consider Your Niche To Be? 

“I think what I have is more of a personal brand than a niche. I get to be myself in every video, and create without being limited to one specific theme or topic.”

Nolan adds, “Sure the process of reaching the level of influence I have today may have taken longer but the advantage of creating authentically is what differentiates me as an influencer.”

“However if I had to put a name on what I do, it would probably be lifestyle, comedy, and vlog content. It could be other things in a few weeks, but this is the standard format mix for now.”

What Are Some Of Your Long-term Career Goals

Working With Creators I Admire:

“I look forward to working with creators I grew up watching as they have a huge influence on my work today. This is one of my long-term goals from a creative perspective, and I believe it will be a good chance to gain inspiration from idols in the industry.”

Making Content Creation a Stable Source Of Income:

“Although I’ve landed some profitable brand deals, content creation isn’t yet a reliable main source of income for me. Working with a talent agency has made this goal more achievable and saved me a lot of time, but I’m currently focused on making entertainment  my primary source of income.”

Learning And Getting Into Acting:

“When I say acting I almost never mean going “Hollywood” moving to Miami and restlessly chasing a feature on mainstream media, It would be a milestone accomplishment to show fans and myself what’s possible.” 

“I feel happy and comfortable in my hometown, and I see myself here for a while, so maybe participating in a cinematic piece on a local or national level.”

What Are Some Things You Learned Along Your Journey, that You Wish You’d Known Sooner? 

Overcoming Expectations 

“I think the hardest thing to learn and get over is being emotionally invested in your content. 

We creators go above and beyond when making a video we genuinely enjoy.” 

“It’s hard to disconnect from that and learn to not get discouraged when a video doesn’t perform well. So this is by far the biggest obstacle for me career-wise.”

Balancing Work and Content Creation 

“Especially when building a solid audience and “coming up” it can be difficult to balance a full-time job with content creation not feeling like an obligation.”

Content Creation Learning Curves

“Making engaging videos goes further than just picking up a camera and recording. You’re going to have to learn the ins and outs.”

“From editing to finding what resonates with your audience, and managing your relationships with followers there are multiple elements that you need to master through your journey as a creator.”

What Does The Creative Process Look Like? 

“If I were skit-creating I’d gradually bring the idea to completion by writing things down when they pop up in my mind, elaborating upon them in my notes, until it’s a full story ready to shoot. 

“I also find inspiration in other forms of art like music and movies. I now see everything from a director’s point of view.” 

Following this with an example, he tells us, “I look for the angles, tone, aesthetics, and everything in between. If any scene resonates with me, I break it down to find what made it so impactful.”

Nolan adds, “However, my main form of content is just me doing what I’d do on any random day doesn’t require much creative energy.”

Tells About Your Keys To Success, What Helped You Scale? 

I Think There Needs To Be A Catch

Nolan tells us, “I think most people recognize me as the guy with the mustache and a can of beer. That was the unique selling point for the longest time.” 

“Building on that reputation, I started introducing new interests and showcasing my skills, leading me to where I am today. I’m not sure if it’s because people remember me for standing out with looks or if the looks just connect with the personality they perceive.”

How Did You Find What Works?

“I think it all “works” if you’re doing it from a place of genuine passion. Engaging with your true interests and expressing them authentically is what resonates, trends and fads are not as sustainable.”

“For me, success came not from chasing trends, but rather from embracing what I genuinely enjoyed and sharing that enthusiasm openly.”

What Tips Do You Have For Aspiring Creators?

Love What You’re Making and Trust The Long Process 

It’s hard to do something you’re not doing with passion on a regular basis, it will fall off and you will get tired eventually. 

I understand that it can be difficult to see things through without motivating incentives, whether financial or not. But I truly believe that social media platforms are like a talent incubator for almost anything. 

“Creators need to trust the process early in their career and work to improve what they do focusing on each creative aspect separately. I’m still working with simple gear as well, and am nowhere near where I want to be.”

Take Risks When You Believe in Something 

I quit school to be able to balance work and content creation, and although I’m not telling anyone to drop out, I encourage every creator to go all in, on what they love. 

Collaborate With Other Creators 

“Collaborating with creators in a similar niche can speed up the growth process, and build authority over a specific topic quickly.” 

“I personally couldn’t do many collaborations due to being based in Saskatchewan where not many creators reside, but working with other in the space is an important part of building community, and something I also look forward to.’

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Moe is freelance writer and content creator who enjoys interviewing influencers and learning about their journeys to success.

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