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How to Use Influencers in Your Kickstarter Campaign


How to Use Influencers in Your Kickstarter Campaign

Kickstarter campaign is a key asset for many budding entrepreneurs as it ensures that they have an adequate amount of funds and supporters to release their products. Data suggests that over 3100 new Kickstarter projects launch every day. This means that as the platform continues to grow in popularity, so does its competitiveness. Netinfluencer will discuss how influencer marketing can help you to see success in your Kickstarter project.

What Is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a popular crowdfunding platform that aims to help small creators and business owners bring their ideas to life. The platform was first founded in 2009 and has since gone on to launch a range of successful inventions.

As of 2022, the most-backed Kickstarter project was a set of fantasy novels written by Brandon Sanderson. The campaign raised more than $20 million despite Sanderson only asking for $1 million. 

The platform has also received a large amount of commendation such as being named one of the Best Websites of 2011 by Time magazine. It also raised $10 million in funding from investors such as Jack Dorsey and Caterina Fake. 

How to Use Influencers in Your Kickstarter Campaign


How to Launch a Kickstarter Campaign

  1. Create an account for your campaign.
  2. Click ‘Start a Project’.
  3. Select a relevant category and list a title for your project.
  4. Upload the details of your campaign and the relevant materials. This includes photos, videos, and creative briefs. 
  5. Set a funding goal and a deadline.
  6. Create a series of backer rewards. These are perks that donors receive when they pledge money to your campaign.
  7. Add some personal information to the biography section including your name, a photo, and contact details.
  8. Insert your bank details so that you can successfully receive donations once the deadline has closed.

It should be noted that campaigns can run for 30-60 days so it is vital that you try to gain as many backers as you can during this time frame. Moreover, some projects can take 2-5 business days to be approved.

How to Use Influencers in Your Kickstarter Campaign


Examples of Influencers and Kickstarter Campaigns

Peter McKinnon X NOMATIC

NOMATIC used Kickstarter to help raise funds for its Everyday Camera Line, a series of backpacks and pouches to help professional photographers to carry their gear. As a way to boost the reach of this project, NOMATIC teamed up with YouTuber Peter McKinnon to produce a promotional video.

McKinnon is a talented photographer who uses his platform to educate his 5.82 million subscribers on the best cameras on the market. His work with NOMATIC allowed him to show off the nuances of each bag as well as show how items can be stored in them. The company also released a selection of outtakes to give more insight into how the video was made. 

The Everyday Camera Line campaign managed to raise $1,615,726 from 5136 backers in just 51 days. NOMATIC has since gone on to complete another five campaigns, all of which have received a large number of backers. 

How to Use Influencers in Your Kickstarter Campaign

Fragrance One

Fragrance One supplied backers with an artisan cologne known as Office for Men as well as a comprehensive guide called 6 Steps to Become a Fragrance Boss. The campaign was created by Jeremy Fragrance, a popular cosmetic influencer, who has been producing YouTube videos since 2014. 

The project allowed this influencer to produce a deeply unique product with the help of acclaimed perfumer Alberto Morrillas. Fragrance One ran for 30 days on Kickstarter and managed to raise €780,149 from nearly 6000 backers.

Customers can now purchase Office for Men on his online store where it retails for around $177. The store also offers a range of other fragrances as well as an assortment of scented candles. 

How to Use Influencers in Your Kickstarter Campaign

A Frog’s Tale

Developed by AJ Norman, A Frog’s Tale is an adorable RPG that allows gamers to use an unconventional rhythm combat system to protect the humble village of Kero Pond. This game quickly gained a lot of popularity in the gaming industry with many influencers reacting to its developments. 

The creator also launched a YouTube channel called Norman The Frog, which gave backers and fans a sneak peek into the game’s developing art style. Backers of the Kickstarter campaign were also given certain roles within the accompanying Discord server, giving them exclusive access to the developing production. 

A Frog’s Tale completed its funding period on July 11th 2022, amassing $108,351 from just over 2000 backers. The game is set to be released on Steam next year. 

How to Use Influencers in Your Kickstarter Campaign

Benefits of Using Influencers on Kickstarter

The campaigns described above highlight how those with large social media followings can help to elevate your Kickstarter campaigns to new heights. Many influencers also have access to a lucrative consumer base, allowing your campaign to be shared with audiences who may have a much higher buying power than your own. As such, by including influencers in your campaign, you are able to maximize the reach and potential of your project. 

Kickstarter also encourages users to link their own social media handles to their profiles. Therefore, if you have a large following, you can use it to further promote your product. Furthermore, you can also send demos of your product for other influencers to review and experiment with. Thus, more people will have a better idea of what both your product and campaign entail. 

Finally, influencer marketing can help to add more credibility to your campaign. When encouraging people to donate to your project, it is vital that your backers feel as if they are receiving a fair reward and that their money is being stored safely. In turn, working with a popular and respected influencer can help to add more gravitas to your campaign and make people feel more at ease about what they are hoping to receive at the end of the funding deadline. 

How to Use Influencers in Your Kickstarter Campaign

Kickstarter is one of the most popular crowdfunding platforms on the market and is responsible for supporting the growth of many prosperous inventions and creative projects. Influencer marketing has the potential to drive a wealth of organic traffic to your campaign, helping you to secure more backers in a shorter span of time. To discover more about the best practices for collaborating with influencers, visit our website.

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