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Kheris Rogers A Quartermain Media Success Story In Influencer Marketing


Kheris Rogers: A Quartermain Media Success Story In Influencer Marketing

Explore the remarkable journey of Kheris Rogers, guided by the expert management of Quartermain Media, as she rose to become a prominent influencer and content creator. Discover her authentic approach that resonates with audiences, her strategies to maintain authenticity in brand collaborations, and her mission to promote diversity and self-confidence in the influencer marketing space. Through insightful conversations, Kheris shares her experiences, challenges, and the meaningful impact she’s made on her followers’ lives.

Explore the remarkable journey of Kheris Rogers, guided by the expert management of Quartermain Media, as she rose to become a prominent influencer and content creator. Discover her authentic approach that resonates with audiences, her strategies to maintain authenticity in brand collaborations, and her mission to promote diversity and self-confidence in the influencer marketing space. Through insightful conversations, Kheris shares her experiences, challenges, and the meaningful impact she’s made on her followers’ lives.

Kheris Rogers: A Quartermain Media Success Story In Influencer Marketing

Kheris, your journey as an influencer and content creator has inspired many. Could you share with us the story behind how you embarked on this path and what motivated you to start sharing your content?

Kheris Rogers, an influencer and content creator, shares the story behind her journey and what motivated her to start sharing content.


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She introduces herself as the CEO of Flexin’ in My Complexion and explains that her journey wasn’t planned. Instead, she went viral on Twitter with a photo of herself, which sparked the creation of a successful clothing line. This incident led to her involvement in various influencer activities.

Kheris notes the unusual nature of her viral breakthrough on Twitter. This propelled her into a dynamic career as an influencer, marking a unique and organic trajectory.

Your content radiates authenticity and positivity. How do you consistently find the inspiration to create content that resonates with your audience and promotes self-confidence?

Kheris’s content emits authenticity and positivity, consistently resonating with her audience and promoting self-confidence. She acknowledges the challenges of staying trendy while maintaining brand alignment, requiring a journey into her creative mindset. Despite occasional drain, Kheris’s dedication to authenticity remains unswerving, ensuring her content is a reflection of her true self.

When asked about inspiration, Kheris cites herself and her weekly experiences as sources. Rejecting imitation, she advocates for the creation of personal trends, breaking away from the uniformity that dominates social media. This commitment to individuality fuels her content creation, allowing her to shape trends rather than emulate others.

Kheris’s approach aligns with the contemporary emphasis on authenticity, recognizing that audiences desire genuine influencers who forge their own paths and establish new trends.

Every journey comes with its challenges. Can you tell us about a significant hurdle you’ve faced in your influencer career and how you overcame it to become the success you are today?

When discussing a significant hurdle in her influencer journey and how she tackled it, Kheris highlighted the struggle to maintain consistency, stating, “Being consistent is probably the hardest part… It’s the biggest part of the job, but it’s the hardest part.” She acknowledges the ongoing challenge due to the busy nature of her career.

Kheris recognizes the complexities of life beyond social media affecting her mood for content creation, saying, “You’re not always in the mood of creating content.” Despite this, she stresses the professional necessity of consistent posting.

Offering advice for fellow influencers facing the same challenge, Kheris suggests, “Make a plan for yourself. Make a monthly… It’s helpful. It’s hard to stick to it, but it’s helpful.” She underscores the importance of organization and pre-planning content to address the consistency hurdle.

Your engagement with your audience is remarkable. What strategies do you employ to foster a strong connection with your followers and maintain an active community?

In fostering a strong connection with her followers and maintaining an active community, Kheris employs a straightforward strategy: actively responding to comments. She believes interaction reminds people that she’s relatable and real, contrasting with influencers who might not engage. She emphasizes that being interactive is crucial for engagement, given the current state of social media algorithms.

While live streaming is a common tool for engagement, Kheris reveals she rarely goes live, admitting that it intimidates her. She finds the potential for unpredictable viewer behavior overwhelming. 

Despite potentially overwhelming comments, she acknowledges the mix of positive and challenging feedback that comes with engagement, noting that facing those live comments can be intimidating.

The influencer marketing landscape has evolved rapidly. From your perspective, how has the industry changed since you started, and what trends do you see shaping its future?

From Kheris’s perspective, the influencer marketing landscape has transformed significantly since her inception. As she recalls, “So when I first started, it was easy to go viral.” Initially, it was relatively easy to go viral and amass substantial engagement. 

However, algorithm shifts have altered the dynamics, making it challenging for content to appear on people’s timelines. Despite these changes, Kheris believes that brands focus on the quality and creativity of content rather than just its previous popularity.

Kheris acknowledges the accessibility of becoming an influencer or content creator, which she attributes to technology and the industry’s growth. She points out the prevalence of platforms like TikTok, where she notes, “Everybody’s there.” Unlike the days of simply scrolling through platforms, now almost everyone is posting, signaling a shift in engagement behaviors. However, this popularity has led to a surge of individuals aiming to make a livelihood as influencers.

As an influencer, maintaining your personal brand identity is crucial. How do you strike a balance between staying true to yourself and collaborating with brands or agencies to deliver meaningful campaigns?

Maintaining authenticity while collaborating with brands is crucial for Kheris’s personal brand identity. She emphasizes that her content has always remained true to herself, even amidst brand partnerships. When brands propose content that doesn’t align with her identity, she engages in conversations with them to find a middle ground.

Kheris notes that these discussions often take place over Zoom, where she shares her ideas and works collaboratively to create content that resonates with both her identity and the brand’s goals. Her approach is rooted in not compromising her authenticity, as she believes there’s no point in engaging in content that doesn’t genuinely reflect who she is. This commitment to authenticity aligns with her perspective that authenticity is paramount to successful influencer-brand collaborations.

Your platform celebrates diversity and inclusion. How important do you believe these values are in the influencer marketing space, and what steps can the industry take to ensure greater representation?

Kheris emphasizes the significance of inclusivity in the influencer marketing realm. She acknowledges the progress made in fostering diversity but highlights the substantial scope for improvement, particularly in areas such as body inclusivity and representation of various races and shades. According to her, while certain brands are taking steps towards inclusivity, there remains substantial work to be done throughout the industry.

Kheris also points out the notable impact of global events like COVID-19 on the influencer space. These events have elevated societal awareness, prompting an intensified focus on social issues. She underscores the amplified importance of inclusivity and its role within the influencer sphere. As she puts it, ongoing efforts are required to advance diversity and representation, ensuring a more inclusive and equitable landscape.

Working with the Quartermain Media Agency has been a part of your journey. Can you tell us about your experience collaborating with the agency and how it has contributed to your growth as an influencer?

Collaborating with the Quartermain Media Agency has been an integral part of Kheris’ journey as an influencer. When asked about her experience with the agency, she enthusiastically remarks, “That journey has been so fun. I love working with them.” 

She emphasizes that the agency’s alignment with her values and content has played a crucial role in her growth. Kheris expressed that her collaboration with the agency has been not only enjoyable but also a significant and positive experience contributing to her overall influencer career.

Your platform is a source of empowerment for many. Could you share a moment when you realized your content was making a meaningful impact on your audience’s lives?

Kheris shares a poignant moment when she recognized the meaningful impact her content was having on her audience’s lives. She recounted receiving heartfelt messages on Instagram from individuals expressing how she inspires them. She expresses, “When I get messages like that, it kind of hits me like I’m doing something different. I’m doing something to help change, to save people’s lives, and just getting messages like that makes me wanna keep going.” 

As someone who has achieved a lot of success, what advice would you offer to aspiring influencers who are just starting their journey in the world of content creation?

For those embarking on their influencer journey in the realm of content creation, Kheris offers valuable advice. She encourages aspiring influencers not to let fear hold them back but instead to embrace the path ahead. She emphasizes that no one but themselves can hinder their progress. Kheris’s message is clear: “Don’t be afraid. Just go for it.” 

She underscores that every like, whether it’s one or 30,000, signifies individuals who appreciate their content. Additionally, she reiterates the importance of consistency, organization, and planning ahead, attributes that contribute to a successful influencer career.

You’re active on multiple platforms. Do you find that different platforms require different approaches to engage your audience effectively? How do you adapt your content for each platform?

Navigating different social media platforms demands distinct strategies to effectively engage audiences, as Kheris knows well. She highlights the contrasting nature of Instagram and TikTok, where each thrives on diverse content. 

For TikTok, humor and relatability shine, while Instagram favors polished visuals and more serious tones. Kheris acknowledges that the one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. She refrains from reposting content across platforms, recognizing that what works on one might fall flat on another.

She elaborates on her adaptation process: “Yeah, I change my content a lot. When I post on Instagram, I don’t post on TikTok, and vice versa. Majority of the time, I won’t because I just know something won’t get likes on this one.” Her content strategy exemplifies her understanding of platform-specific dynamics, ensuring that she maintains authenticity while catering to the preferences of her diverse audience.

In the world of social media, comparison can be challenging to avoid. How do you personally deal with moments of comparison and stay focused on your unique path?

Kheris maintains an unwavering focus on her individual journey and personal growth, making comparison a non-issue for her. She asserts, “I don’t think people compare me to anybody. I really don’t think so.” She doesn’t entertain the notion of comparing herself to others, either. To her, everyone is on their distinct path, and uniqueness is an asset that can’t be replicated.

She emphasizes, “No one can steal my personality. No one can steal my clients, nobody can steal my pictures. I post because they can’t redo it the way I did it.” 

Kheris’s confidence in her authenticity enables her to stand tall amidst the pressures of comparison that many influencers encounter. She advises aspiring influencers to embrace their own individuality and not let the opinions of others on the internet affect their self-perception.

What exciting projects or goals do you have in the pipeline that your followers can look forward to? Is there something specific you’re eager to explore or achieve in the coming months?

Kheris has a trove of exciting endeavors that she’s eagerly looking forward to, even though she can’t divulge all the details just yet. One of the ventures she’s thrilled about involves collaborating with a dog company on the creation of several dolls that will soon be available in stores, including Walmart.

Additionally, Kheris has set her sights on an ambitious goal. She shares, “Hopefully, in the next two years, I come out with a new book.” While she hasn’t begun writing it, she’s enthusiastic about the potential topics and themes she could explore in this upcoming book. 

Building a community involves meaningful interactions. How do you ensure you’re listening to your followers’ feedback and incorporating their input into your content?

Kheris emphasizes the importance of listening to her followers’ feedback and using it constructively to enhance her content. She acknowledges that not all feedback is valuable, but she encourages taking it in, assessing it, and making improvements if necessary. However, she also highlights the significance of staying true to oneself and trusting one’s intuition when it comes to content creation.

Regarding negative comments, Kheris adopts a resilient perspective. She’s well aware that online spaces can harbor negativity, but she doesn’t let hurtful comments affect her. She asserts, “When you show people that they could bring you down just by one word, they won. So, and I’m not looking.” Her self-assuredness is a testament to her robust self-esteem, a trait that helps her navigate the online world with confidence and grace. 

She also emphasizes that negative comments often stem from the insecurities of the commenter and advises against letting those opinions infiltrate one’s self-worth.

Looking ahead, what kind of legacy do you hope to leave in the influencer marketing space? How would you like to be remembered for your contributions?

Kheris aspires to be remembered as a beacon of positivity and authenticity in the influencer marketing space. She wants her legacy to reflect her unwavering commitment to self-love and staying true to oneself, regardless of external opinions. 

She emphasizes that each individual possesses the power to embrace their uniqueness and should not allow anyone to diminish their self-worth. Her hope is that her example will inspire others to be genuine and confident, spreading love and positivity in a world that needs it.

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