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Jordan Green of, on Launching Remble, Her Content Strategy, & Advice for Therapists Online


Jordan Green of, on Launching Remble, Her Content Strategy, & Advice for Therapists Online

It can be challenging to find evidence-based, accurate information online about mental health. Licensed therapist Jordan Green recently launched Remble, an on-demand relationship, health, and wellness home app that provides free and paid content to users to help people access free and more affordable mental health information from therapists. Today, Jordan Green shares her experience building her Instagram account, the Love Group, and launching Remble.

Who is Jordan Green?

Jordan Green is a licensed therapist who attended graduate school at the University of Oklahoma and earned her master’s degree in Social Work. She began working with individuals, couples, and families in one-on-one therapy sessions and started posting on her therapy Instagram account in November 2019. 

She quickly gained over 200,000 followers on Instagram organically and began receiving messages from people sharing their stories and struggles. However, she can’t give personal advice on Instagram, so she’d encourage people to find a therapist. 

“Many would say therapy isn’t accessible or affordable for me, so that led me to create a subscription-based membership community called The Love Group, where I offered courses, partnered with other therapists for workshops and live events, and [posted] a lot of great content.”

The success of the Love Group led Jordan Green to launch Remble, an on-demand relationship, health, and wellness home app that makes relationship and mental health support accessible to more people. The Remble app provides users with daily videos sharing advice from different therapists and a practice library, which contains information on therapeutic tools like coping skills, meditation, and breathwork. 

Jordan Green of, on Launching Remble, Her Content Strategy, & Advice for Therapists Online

Creating Remble

When her Instagram account began growing rapidly, Jordan Green asked herself why people were so interested in her content. She quickly realized that people were hungry for mental health information, especially if they can’t afford to see a therapist. 

She explains that a billion people in the world are struggling with their mental health currently and 70% don’t or aren’t able to get treatment or help for their mental health. 

“When people do get help, it takes them an average of 11 years, so this created this mental health crisis, and people don’t know where to go to get help. They can Google things, but the information is fragmented, and they’re sure about the quality of it; if it’s reliable, it’s not necessarily evidence-based.”

Jordan Green shares that this realization led her to brainstorm ways that she could serve this group better. 

“That led me to want to create a library of therapist-created content and deliver it in a unique way to help people really get to the root cause of why they’re struggling and equip them with the tools that they need to really make lasting change.”

Jordan’s app, Remble, was recently launched to answer this struggle. 

Jordan Green of, on Launching Remble, Her Content Strategy, & Advice for Therapists Online

Marketing Remble

Jordan shares that her team is marketing Remble through three main customer acquisition channels. 

“One [channel] is organic social, and that’s a really smart strategy for us because it repurposes a lot of our content. Our app is content-based, so we have a bunch of courses, we have a bunch of videos, a bunch of tools, that’s all amazing content that we can repurpose.”

The Remble team is also planning on utilizing a pay-to-acquisition strategy in the future. 

Currently, they’re working on building an affiliate partner program. Feeling lonely? Remble offers expert Daily Remble videos that outline practical techniques to help you gain insight about yourself and develop a more positive outlook. Try out the app (link in bio)! #letsremble #mentalhealthmatters #psychologyfacts #therapytiktok #mentalhealth #mentalhealthapp #psychology ♬ original sound –

Jordan explains that many therapists, like herself, receive messages on social media from people asking for help with their problems. However, they encounter the same issue Jordan did: where do you send them for help if they can’t afford therapy?

Remble provides therapists and influencers with a way to be financially compensated for their time and work online while sharing important resources with their followers. Creators that refer people to Remble receive a commission, which allows Remble to continue growing and therapists to get paid for online content. 

Jordan Green of, on Launching Remble, Her Content Strategy, & Advice for Therapists Online

Jordan’s Content Strategy 

Jordan’s Instagram content focuses on text-based posts. 

“I’ve always loved writing, and I can express myself well through writing, so I started creating these text posts.”

She shares that text posts are her favorite to make. However, she has noticed that this may be hurting her engagement on Instagram, so she plans to create video content in the future as well. 

“I’ve spread myself a bit thin and haven’t prioritized video content, but the text content has been super successful. People love it. They can save it, look back on it.”

Jordan’s content is primarily inspired by her experiences working with clients and her education. She also loves reading and researching mental health topics, which she’ll draw information from as well. 

Jordan Green of, on Launching Remble, Her Content Strategy, & Advice for Therapists Online

The Key to Successful Content

When asked about her most successful posts, Jordan shares that her love and relationship content typically perform the best, partly due to her name, 

“The posts about relationships did three or four times as well as my other posts, so I started creating more relationship content because that was the content that was going viral. People were really liking and sharing and saving [them.] Posts on trauma bonding have [also] been really successful.”

She explains that the key to successful content for her is staying true to her why. Is the content providing value to others? If it’s not, why am I sharing it?

Her advice for other therapists looking to share content online?

“I would tell them the first thing is just to start doing it because it can be kind of scary at first to put yourself out there, and I know that I was pretty scared and anxious… Being consistent is another big thing, like posting every single day. There was a time when I took a few months off, and it really hurt my engagement and my growth.”

Working with Brands

At this time, Jordan has never worked with any brands, despite receiving many offers. 

“It’s never felt authentic to me because that’s not the reason why I created the account, and I struggled to find a brand that I felt fully aligned with me… I feel like my account has been almost like an extension of me and an expression of me, and I never really felt like I could find a brand or sponsorship that represents me well.”

Turning down brand opportunities because they didn’t align with her goals, mission, and ethics was one of the reasons that Jordan created Remble. 

“It inspired me to create Remble. A company that I felt would truly help people and was fully aligned with what I felt was my purpose and mission and that I hope others would feel like sharing about Remble to their audience.”

Jordan Green of, on Launching Remble, Her Content Strategy, & Advice for Therapists Online

Closing Thoughts

Jordan shares that she is busy working on Remble, which launched a few weeks ago. 

“Anyone can create an account for free and access some of our content. Some of our content, you have to pay to access, but we have a lot of free content on the iOS app. Android will be launching later this year.”

She shares that they currently have over 60 courses written, many different tools, and a coping skills library containing content on breathwork, mediation, and more. 

Interested in Remble? Download it from the App Store here. 

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