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Jessica Morrobel of Traveling With Jessica on Her Ever-Evolving Career, Creative Process, & More


Jessica Morrobel of Traveling With Jessica on Her Ever-Evolving Career, Creative Process, & More

Jessica Morrobel of Traveling With Jessica is a travel and beauty influencer creating content to inspire. Her career highlights include being a part of the Disney Creators Lab program, Casa TikTok program, and hosting a series of travel and beauty shows on Pinterest TV. Today, she shares her experience in corporate America, growing her social media career, and her steps to generating new content ideas.

About Jessica Morrobel

Jessica Morrobel of travelingwithjessica graduated with a degree in journalism with a concentration in broadcast. Following graduation, she began interning at different publications and landed her first full-time job in corporate America as a writer and editor at a publication focusing on luxury travel.

Jessica shares, “I really had no idea what I was getting myself into as a Junior Writer, but that was a very exciting opportunity. Throughout my career, I was always looking for growth, so I was never really steady in one role for too long.”

During her career, Jessica worked at Google and oversaw the editorial development of the Google Mouse platform, specifically focusing on editorial copy, restaurants, and travel. From there, she expanded into marketing-specific roles. 

The start of Traveling With Jessica was sparked by the passing of her grandparents during the pandemic. 

“I went through this really long grieving process, and after that, I realized that I was in a position to leave my corporate job after preparing myself for a few years financially and mentally. So, now here I am. I launched Traveling With Jessica, which is a travel and lifestyle brand.”

Jessica Morrobel of Traveling With Jessica on Her Ever-Evolving Career, Creative Process, & More

Jessica’s Passion for Adventure

Jessica’s passion for travel and adventure was jumpstarted when she was approaching her sixteenth birthday. Her mother offered her the chance to have a sweet sixteen party with her friends or the opportunity to go on an educational trip to Spain. 

Jessica Morrobel chose the trip to Spain and enjoyed many educational tours, only furthering her desire to travel. 

After graduating from college, her passion continued to grow as she worked as a B2B travel writer, which allowed her to expand her knowledge of travel and take a few press trips. 

Starting Her Instagram Account 

Initially, Jessica Morrobel started her Instagram account while working in corporate America to share her day-to-day life with friends and family. Her content featured outfits and discussions around her job, emphasizing conversations around her natural, curly hair and corporate America. However, she soon noticed that other people began following her for her relatable content. 

When asked about her signature content today, Jessica explained, “It’s ever-evolving. I feel like it changes every month based on trends or based on what resonates with my audience, but I would say right now, it’s natural hair and curly hair tips for beginners, as well as sharing things to do and places to stay while traveling.”

Her favorite type of content to produce is constantly changing, but she shares that its content focused on solo trips as a woman and luxury travel content, such as resort and spa stays currently. 

Regarding viral content, Jessica shares that a recent post on her curly haircut went viral. The post featured her hair and the process she takes to transform it from curls to a voluminous blowout style. 

Many comments on the styling video asked if she would create a voiceover for the same piece in Spanish, which she did. The English and Spanish versions of the voluminous blowout styling video went viral, opening her up to new audiences. 

@travelingwithjessica Replying to @desdaily_ this is what my hair currently looks like curly after the layered haircut. 😊 #curlyhairstyles #naturalhair ♬ my little love – solartunne

Some of her other popular viral posts include styling pant suits and outfits for corporate America. 

On TikTok, Jessica shares similar content focusing on curly hair tips, New York City travel, and womenswear. 

Jessica Morrobel shares, “With TikTok, I also like to use the platform to create evergreen content. From there, it’s really interesting because now Google is picking up TikTok content and showing it in search results, so I like to also inject those keywords into my TikToks to help rank on Google.”

Jessica Morrobel of Traveling With Jessica on Her Ever-Evolving Career, Creative Process, & More

Jessica’s Creative Process

Jessica Morrobel shares that one of her tactics for generating new content ideas is looking at her past experiences, particularly experiences that she didn’t love. 

“I use all of that [experiences] as a fuel to help source and push me to do more and help inspire me. I think beyond that – I also look at my mother as a source of inspiration. She is a Dominican woman who immigrated to the states with her kids to give us a better life.”

She adds that her mother has always encouraged her to keep dreaming and working hard to execute her dreams. 

Another inspiration for Jessica is her love of adventure. 

“For me, visiting new places and talking to locals and trying new foods and really just immersing myself into a culture that I don’t necessarily identify with and that is outside of my own – that inspires me so much because it opens me up to more creativity.”

Jessica adds that her creative process is ever-evolving. This year, her creative process is as follows: 

  1. Start with an idea. 
  2. Research the market to see what is trending, what her audience wants, and what her audience is already resonating with. 
  3. Gather the necessary materials to execute the content. 
  4. Post the content. 
  5. Analyze the content’s performance and use the analytics to develop more ideas. 

Brand Campaigns

One of Jessica’s favorite brand campaigns was with the Environmental Defense Fund, a leading international non-profit organization. For this campaign, she worked on a clean beauty campaign and raised awareness around beauty justice, urging companies to utilize equity in their chemical management process. 

She shares, “For this campaign, I worked on a series of Insagram posts and stories to help share the story and share some of the research and findings.”

Jessica Morrobel of Traveling With Jessica on Her Ever-Evolving Career, Creative Process, & More

Jessica’s Career Highlights

Jessica considers anytime she meets other like-minded creators who inspire their communities a huge highlight in her career. She loves discussing industry trends, brand campaign experiences, and more with them. 

“Also, being a part of different creator programs has been really empowering for me as a creator. Right now, I’m a part of the Disney Creators Lab, which is a very exciting opportunity, but also being a part of the TikTok creators, Casa TikTok, which is a community for the Latinx and Hispanic creators in the space.”

She adds that Casa TikTok recently had an event for Hispanic Heritage Month in Manhattan, which she attended. 

“It was really cool to meet them [other creators] in real life and, again, share our ideas and empower one another.”

Jessica Morrobel of Traveling With Jessica on Her Ever-Evolving Career, Creative Process, & More

The Future

In the future, Jessica would love to see more companies, especially companies in the tech space, highlight Hispanic and Latinx creators. 

“It would be pretty amazing for these big tech companies to continuously provide resources for those creators who might feel unseen and give them those insider crash courses to help them understand how they can better develop themselves as creators.”

As for herself, Jessica is looking forward to continual inspiration and education through the Disney Creators Lab program. She is also hosting a series of shows on Pinterest TV, where she represents the Latinx and Hispanic community in the travel and beauty space.

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