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Elena Inozharskaya On Jake Paul's Collaboration A Game-Changing Move For MY.GAMES


Elena Inozharskaya On Jake Paul’s Collaboration: A Game-Changing Move For MY.GAMES

Discover the game-changing collaboration between MY.GAMES and Jake Paul in Rush Royale. Elena Inozharskaya, Deputy CMO at MY.GAMES, discusses the impact on player engagement, unique gameplay mechanics, influencer marketing strategies, and the future of partnerships within the gaming industry. Find out how MY.GAMES leverages Jake Paul’s influence to attract new players and their commitment to the creator economy.

Discover the game-changing collaboration between MY.GAMES and Jake Paul in Rush Royale. Elena Inozharskaya, Deputy CMO at MY.GAMES, discusses the impact on player engagement, unique gameplay mechanics, influencer marketing strategies, and the future of partnerships within the gaming industry. Find out how MY.GAMES leverages Jake Paul’s influence to attract new players and their commitment to the creator economy.

Elena Inozharskaya On Jake Paul’s Collaboration: A Game-Changing Move For MY.GAMES

Can you please give us an Overview of MyGames?

MY.GAMES is a prominent European developer and publisher with its headquarters located in Amsterdam. With a staggering number of over one billion registered players globally, they specialize in developing games for various platforms, including mobile, PC, and console. Their portfolio boasts popular titles like War Robots, Hustle Castle, Rush Royale, Left to Survive, and many others.

The company prides itself on assembling a diverse team of specialists from different parts of the world. To create captivating and immersive gaming experiences, MY.GAMES has successfully established more than a dozen development studios that work collaboratively. 

In addition to their Amsterdam headquarters, MY.GAMES has extended its reach by opening offices and hubs in several locations, such as Cyprus, Abu Dhabi, Armenia, Georgia, and Turkey. The primary goal behind these expansions is to fortify their global presence further and take advantage of local talent and markets in those regions.

How did the collaboration with Jake Paul come about, and what motivated MyGames to partner with him for Rush Royale?

The Jake Paul deal signifies MY.GAMES’ strategic pivot towards brand marketing. In an overcrowded market, capturing players’ attention has become increasingly difficult. Newcomers struggle against industry giants who possess more content, resources, robust monetization strategies, and the ability to achieve higher returns and CPI (Cost Per Install). Consequently, finding innovative ways to promote one’s brand has become more crucial than ever before.

What impact do you expect Jake Paul’s involvement to have on the player community and the overall popularity of Rush Royale?

For Elena, “The collaboration with Jake Paul has been a game-changer for Rush Royale, driving player engagement to its highest level.” She highlighted the positive impact on the game’s community, stating that “on the first day of the campaign alone, Rush Royale saw 76,000 users online playing at the same time.” 

She also mentioned a significant increase in Daily Active Users (DAU) in the US, which is their largest market. “We experienced a more than 20% increase in DAU in the US,” she adds.

Elena provided specific numbers to showcase the success of the campaign, telling us, “To date, 1.5 million players have received the Jake Paul hero, with 73 million fights played since the campaign launch.” She also informed that players still have the opportunity to earn the Jake Paul hero until July 29th, after which it will remain in their collection if earned, as she stated, “The Jake Paul hero is still available for all players to earn until July 29th, after which – if earned – the hero will remain in their collection.”

In what ways do you believe the inclusion of Jake Paul as an epic hero will enhance the gameplay experience for Rush Royale players?

“The Jake Paul hero, like all Rush Royale heroes, brings unique abilities that impact the game’s progression based on the player’s chosen strategy,” Elena says. She emphasized that the Jake Paul hero provides players with additional options to customize their play style and battle rosters, stating, “He helps expand the options players have to customize their play style and battle rosters.”

Can you elaborate on the unique mechanics of Jake Paul’s character in the game, such as the “super hit,” “hype,” “energy RR,” and “commemorative photo” features?

As a renowned influencer and professional boxer, Jake Paul’s character in the game draws inspiration from various aspects of his career and personality. This translates into unique abilities and actions within the game. Players controlling the Jake Paul hero can accumulate likes, capture selfies with monsters, and showcase impressive boxing skills when facing bosses. These mechanics reflect his online presence, capturing moments, and his expertise in the boxing ring.

How do you envision the influencer marketing aspect of this collaboration benefiting both MyGames and Jake Paul?

Elena expressed the significance of collaborating with Jake Paul as he enters the world of mobile gaming, stating, “Just as Jake is venturing into the world of mobile gaming for the first time, it is a tremendous responsibility for us to collaborate with a star of his magnitude and influence.” 

She also emphasized the goal of MY.GAMES, “Our goal is to bring together audiences with diverse interests through our Rush Royale game.” She highlighted the approach they take, mentioning, “We hope to achieve this through carefully considered partnerships and campaigns such as this one.”

With the inclusion of the Belt of the Island Champion as a valuable prize during the event, how do you anticipate this impacting player engagement and participation?

According to Elena, “The Belt of the Island Champion served as the prestigious top prize in the Resistance of Champions event, which spanned two weeks.” She highlighted their commitment to providing valuable prizes in each event, stating, “We always ensure that each event we hold gives players the chance to win valuable prizes.” 

Elena described the belt as a highly desirable and useful item for players to possess in their arsenal. She also noted that its significance would motivate players to engage in battles and strive to earn it.

What measures has MyGames taken to ensure seamless integration of Jake Paul’s persona and voiceover into the game, maintaining a balance between the existing Rush Royale experience and the new collaboration content?

Elena explained that introducing Jake Paul’s character as a voiced hero in Rush Royale initially presented a challenge for their team. She stated, “It posed a challenge for our team as Jake Paul’s character marked the introduction of voiced heroes in Rush Royale.” However, due to the success of this implementation, they have decided to extend the approach to all heroes in the game. 

Elena mentioned their plans, saying, “Moving forward, we plan to ensure that all heroes will have their own distinctive and memorable phrases.” This decision aims to enhance the player experience and create more memorable interactions with the game’s heroes.

Given Jake Paul’s massive online following, how do you plan to leverage his influence to attract new players to Rush Royale and expand the game’s player base?

Elena shares that their strategy for promoting Rush Royale revolves around leveraging Jake Paul’s massive popularity and dedicated fan base on social media. She states, “Our strategy involves harnessing Jake Paul’s immense popularity and dedicated fan base on social media to attract a wider audience to the game.” By tapping into Jake Paul’s reach, they aim to expand the game’s player base.

Additionally, Elena mentioned their plan to enhance their user acquisition (UA) strategies by incorporating more imaginative and exciting creative work. She says, “We plan to incorporate more imaginative and exciting creative work into our already successful user acquisition (UA) strategies.” This approach is designed to captivate and engage new players, making the game even more appealing to a broader audience.

What strategies or promotional activities will MyGames implement to maximize the reach and impact of the collaboration, both within the gaming community and beyond?

Elena shares that their promotional activities for Rush Royale were primarily centered around YouTube. They utilized partnerships with other YouTube influencers to broaden the reach of their campaigns. Elena mentions, “We focused our promotional activities primarily on YouTube, leveraging partnerships with other YouTube influencers to expand the campaign’s overall reach.” This strategic collaboration with influencers helped amplify the game’s exposure to a wider audience.

Furthermore, Elena highlighted their effort to incorporate Jake Paul’s in-game catchphrase, “Defend the damn tower,” into their promotions. She says, “We made an effort to promote the use of the phrase ‘Defend the damn tower’ wherever possible, in a nod to Jake Paul’s in-game catchphrase.” This approach aimed to create a sense of connection and recognition among the audience, reinforcing the association between Jake Paul and the game’s unique elements.

In the current competitive gaming market, how does MyGames approach influencer marketing and partnerships with notable figures like Jake Paul to stand out from other developers and capture players’ attention?

“At MY.GAMES, we firmly believe in the effectiveness of influencer marketing and strategic partnerships,” she tells us. She emphasized their commitment to maintaining this approach, stating, “We strongly believe in the power of influencer marketing and strategic partnerships.” Elena expressed their constant pursuit of exciting opportunities for impactful collaborations with renowned personalities.

Looking towards the future, Elena mentioned their ambitious plans to expand their brand activities on a global scale. She says, “Looking ahead, we have ambitious plans to expand our brand activities on a global scale.” One of their specific goals is to target key markets such as South Korea, indicating their intention to tap into new markets and reach a broader international audience.

With the growing emphasis on the creator economy and influencer marketing, what future collaborations or partnerships can we expect from MyGames to leverage the power of popular personalities and content creators?

Elena mentioned that MY.GAMES frequently engages in collaborations with influencers across different platforms. She assured that when it comes to future partnerships, audiences can expect something captivating. Elena says, “So when it comes to future partnerships, you can be sure to expect something captivating.” She encouraged everyone to stay tuned for exciting updates and to keep an eye on their latest news, indicating that there will be more announcements and developments to come.

How do you envision the creator economy shaping the future of the gaming industry, and how is MyGames adapting to this trend?

Elena highlighted that MY.GAMES acknowledges the vital role of the creator economy within the gaming industry. She adds, “The creator economy has become a vital aspect of the gaming industry, and MY.GAMES has long since recognized its significance.” She further mentioned that MY.GAMES actively participates in influencer marketing, collaborating with thousands of creators annually.

She explained that their marketing strategy has evolved beyond traditional collaborations and sponsorships due to the intensified competition for attention. Elena notes, “Our strategy has evolved beyond more traditional collaborations, such as sponsoring influencers and including traditional advertisements in their content, as the competition for attention has intensified.” She emphasized that short advertisements alone are no longer sufficient in capturing audience interest.

Elena also mentions the importance of creating conceptually interesting marketing campaigns that involve influencers in the development of fan-oriented content. She says their successful collaboration with Jake Paul as an example, stating, “It’s now essential to create conceptually interesting marketing campaigns that involve influencers in the development of fan-oriented content, which actively engages the audience – like we have in our collaboration with Jake Paul.” This approach actively engages the audience and ensures a more immersive and captivating marketing experience.

What role do you believe influencers and content creators play in enhancing player engagement and building a strong gaming community around Rush Royale?

Elena expresses, “We believe that influencers can have an enormous impact, which is why we have implemented a dedicated Content Creator Program.” She further explains the benefits of the program, explaining, “This program not only grants influencers access to exclusive rewards, content, and firsthand information from developers, but it also provides them with the opportunity to earn monetary rewards.” 

Elena highlights that participants gain valuable insights into future releases and events, direct communication with the team, and the chance to be featured on social media platforms. The objective of the program is to empower influencers and content creators, foster a vibrant community, and recognize their contributions to the success of Rush Royale.

Looking ahead, what are the long-term goals and aspirations of MyGames in terms of influencer marketing and collaborations within the gaming industry?

Elena emphasized that influencer marketing holds a prominent position in MY.GAMES’ focus area. She tells us, “Influencer marketing is certainly a key focus area for MY.GAMES, and we recognize the important role it plays within the industry.” Elena mentions their long-term goal of expanding their reach and impact through influencer marketing and collaborations. They aim to diversify the platforms and formats they work with, engaging influencers not only on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitch but also on emerging platforms.

Elena provided an example of their recent strides in this direction, mentioning their active collaborations with streamers on the popular Korean platform, AfreecaTV. She explained, “We have recently taken strides towards this by actively collaborating with streamers on the popular Korean streaming platform, AfreecaTV.” Their objective is to continually explore new opportunities and establish meaningful partnerships within the gaming industry. By leveraging the power of influencer marketing, MY.GAMES aims to connect with its audience and drive further growth for the company.

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