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It's Always Sunny Podcast A Look at the Growth and Success of the Popular Podcast


It’s Always Sunny Podcast: A Look at the Growth and Success of the Popular Podcast

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia first arrived on our screens in 2004 and quickly established itself as a cult classic. In fact, the first season gained a 78% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and won an overall score of 7.9 out of 10. As the show itself is so successful, it was no surprise that The Always Sunny Podcast would also gain a plethora of devoted fans. To delve into this popular podcast even further, Netinfluencer will discuss the formation and growth of The Always Sunny Podcast. 

It's Always Sunny Podcast: A Look at the Growth and Success of the Popular Podcast

The Creators Behind the Podcast

The Always Sunny Podcast pulls upon much-loved cast members Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton, and Rob McElhenney to re-watch every episode of this much-loved sitcom. Since taking on the roles, these men have also seen a great amount of success in their own careers. Day plays Charlie Kelly, the janitor of Paddy’s Pub. Known for his dim-witted, and sometimes, irrational persona, this character has become a key element of the fictional friend group. Charlie Day also acts as an executive producer and writer for the show, making him an influential figure within the wider parts of the It’s Always Sunny story. 

Glenn Howerton also offers his services behind the camera, providing key skills as a co-writer and producer. Despite his amiable personality on the podcast, Howerton portrays the character of Dennis Reynolds, the ego-centric and mean-spirited owner of the pub. His deeply unlikable personality makes him a pivotal antagonist that adds a touch of darkness to this incredibly satirical and humorous show.  

The third host of this podcast, Rob McElhenney, is well recognized for his work in both TV and sport. Whilst he is also a writer and producer for It’s Always Sunny, McElhenney has also collaborated with fellow actor Ryan Reynolds to support the growth of Wrexham A.F.C, a local Welsh football club. In It’s Always Sunny, this actor plays Ronald ‘Mac’ McDonald, a centerpiece within the five main friends’ bond. Being both Renyolds roommate and Kelly’s childhood best friend, Mac serves as a bridge between the two, offering comic relief in the show’s darkest moments. 

It's Always Sunny Podcast: A Look at the Growth and Success of the Popular Podcast

Themes and Topics Covered

The podcast begins in December 2021 with an in-depth analysis of the show’s pilot episode The Gang Gets Racist. Episode 1 is filled with awkward moments and clumsy conclusions, highlighting just how naturally funny the hosts can be. This piece also expresses how they managed to use a wealth of detailed creative techniques to help immerse viewers into the alluring world of Paddy’s Pub. 

Episode 54 of The Always Sunny Podcast was recorded in front of a live audience and discusses Mac and Charlie Die, which is regarded as some of the finest episodes in the show’s history. The plot of this story is split into two parts, exploring how the men fake their own death whilst the rest of the group focuses on a distasteful hole in the bathroom of Paddy’s Pub.  

Episode 60 of the podcast was uploaded on December 19th, 2022 and welcomes the group’s famous co-star Danny DeVito, who plays Frank Reynolds. As Dennis and Dee’s notoriously violent father, DeVito manages to stray away from his previous roles and portray himself as a crazed psychopath. During this episode, the actor offers more information about his astounding career as well as some of his favorite filming moments from It’s Always Sunny. 

It's Always Sunny Podcast: A Look at the Growth and Success of the Popular Podcast

Reach of The Always Sunny Podcast

Although It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fans are greatly disappointed that the show has never won any of its many Emmy nominations, the accompanying podcast has amassed a great deal of acclaim and success. In September 2022, the podcast earned 2 million combined listeners across a plethora of popular streaming platforms including Spotify and Simplecast, placing it in the top 1% of podcasts. 

The podcast is also uploaded to YouTube, where its 474,000 subscribers can see the content discussed in full. On this platform, the episodes are recorded in a video format, meaning that viewers can gain a clearer look at the hosts’ animated acting styles as well as their expertly decorated studio in Los Angeles. 

Popular clips of the show are also uploaded to TikTok so that its 279.5K followers can view their favorite moments in a more digestible way. This platform also boasts 2.6 million likes, exemplifying its high levels of engagement and interest with the show’s most devoted fans. 

It's Always Sunny Podcast: A Look at the Growth and Success of the Popular Podcast

The Format of the Podcast

The Always Sunny Podcast is teeming with special guests, all of which have impacted the show’s success in one way or another. One of the podcast’s main counterparts is Megan Ganz, who became the show’s executive producer back in 2017. Ganz helps to keep the podcast running smoothly, adding key insight into the writing process as well as ensuring that the topics are kept succinct. 

Throughout 2022, the men embarked on a lengthy tour across America, completing live read-throughs of various episodes for both their fans and the podcast. This tour also welcomed an array of famous guests such as Don Cheadle and Steven Spielberg, both of which expressed their praise and adoration of the show. This tour was aided by Kings of Leon manager, Andy Mendleson, who helped the hosts blend the enticing mediums of music, stand-up comedy, and live performance. 

Reception and Impact

The Always Sunny Podcast allows the show’s creators to cherish their work, helping them to form fond memories of their time working together. This format is not necessarily new and has been replicated by other hit shows such as The Office and New Girl. But this podcast seems to stand out due to its self-made nature and the core relationship that the hosts have with the show. 

Not to mention, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is the longest-running live-action sitcom in American history, giving the hosts an already established foundation of success. Day, Howerton, and McElhenney use this advantage to form a deeper connection with their listeners, maintaining an ongoing stream of inside jokes and offering insider knowledge into how the show is produced. 


The hosts of The Always Sunny Podcast allow us to learn more about how the world of TV and podcasting can be blended together to make something new entirely. This podcast works to attract an already engaged fan base and offers them a new piece of media to weave into the show’s legacy-defining history. The podcast can be listened to on a variety of streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts

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