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All About The Talkin Yanks Podcast News, Insights, And Analysis Of The New York Yankees


All About The Talkin Yanks Podcast: News, Insights, And Analysis Of The New York Yankees

Talkin’ Yanks (Yankees Podcast) is a highly appreciated podcast aimed at fans of the New York Yankees, a prominent professional baseball team in Major League Baseball (MLB).

The podcast is hosted by two enthusiastic baseball fans, Jomboy and Jake. 

The podcast’s coverage includes the latest news and updates about the team (NY Yankees), game previews and recaps, performance ratings, statistical analysis, interviews with former players and coaches from past seasons, and journalists.

Listeners are drawn to the podcast’s informative yet entertaining approach. 

They appreciate the hosts’ in-depth knowledge of the Yankees and their ability to break down complex baseball terms into understandable concepts.

Additionally, the interactive format engages listeners and creates a sense of community among fans. 

The Creator Behind the Podcast 

The host, Jomboy (James Vincent Michael O’Brien), has made a name for himself in the sports media industry.

He gained widespread attention in 2019 with a viral video showcasing New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone’s argument with a baseball umpire. 

After that, Jomboy started to create engaging content on his YouTube channel and through his own media company, Jomboy Media

Fans appreciate his ability to read lips and his light-hearted, goofy style.

Jake, also known as “Talkin’ Jake,” is the podcast’s celebrity co-host, beloved by listeners for his engaging personality and insightful commentary.

Fans and industry insiders alike highly value his expertise in baseball, making him a sought-after sports analyst and media personality.

In addition to this show, Jake hosts another baseball podcast, Wake N Jake

Themes and Topics Covered

The Talkin’ Yanks podcast is a must-listen show for all New York Yankees fans, offering comprehensive coverage of the team and its players.

The hosts provide in-depth analysis of each game, discussing strategy and critical players. 

They also focus on individual players, discussing their strengths, weaknesses, and contributions to team performance. 

Moreover, they keep listeners updated on recent roster moves and injuries as well as relevant off-field information and encourage interaction with listeners by responding to questions about baseball statistics or other topics related to the sport. 

In one of the episodes, the hosts start by discussing the impressive performance of Yankees prospect Anthony Volpe in the minor leagues, speculating about his potential future with the team and the impact he could have on the infield. 

The hosts also address concerns about the Yankees’ outfield, including struggles from Aaron Hicks and an uncertain future for Brett Gardner

They explore potential trade targets and other options for improving their outfield. 

In addition, they briefly touch on Josh Donaldson, a third baseman for the Minnesota Twins, and his recent comments about how he would fit in with a hypothetical trade to New York. 

In one of the episodes, the podcast provides a profile check on Aaron Judge, a star player for the team, by discussing his past performance, recent accomplishments, and areas for improvement.

In another popular episode, the hosts delve into the potential role of Ron Marinaccio, a pitcher in the Yankees’ minor league system who was recently called up to the majors. 

They speculate about his future with the team, including whether he will make the roster and how he might perform if given the opportunity.

Talkin’ Yanks hit the ball out of the park with their 669th episode featuring former New York Yankees pitcher David Cone

The show revolves around Cone’s insights on the upcoming CBA negotiations and what they might mean for the future of baseball. 

He also shares his thoughts on the Yankees’ pitching staff, including his take on Gerrit Cole’s performance and the importance of having a solid bullpen.

The episode ends on a lighter note, with Cone sharing some stories about former teammates David Wells and Dwight Gooden and discussing the benefits of dancing for pitchers on the mound.

Overall, this episode of Talkin’ Yanks delivers an engaging and informative conversation with a baseball legend. 

Cone’s experience and expertise provide valuable insights, and the hosts ask thought-provoking questions that keep the conversation flowing.

The show has reached 22,000 views in less than a year on the YouTube page alone.

You can listen to the podcast here: 669 | State of the Yankees with David Cone

In-depth players analysis and team performance discussions are significant topics to the podcast’s target audience, which is primarily made up of New York Yankees fans. 

Yankees fans are very interested in the success of the team, and it is important for them to know the future prospects of the players and the team. 

And such exciting and informative episodes attract a large number of listeners.

Reach and Influence

The Talkin Yanks podcast has an impressive average audience of 12,000 to 18,000. 

This indicates a solid and dedicated New York Yankees fan base interested in the hosts’ expert analysis and insights about the team and its star players.

The Jomboy Twitter account where the podcast is primarily marketed has 317.1K Followers! 

Individual social media accounts for both hosts are also populated by many followers accounting for a wider reach of the shows.

Most of the podcast shows consistently rank at the top of Chartable’s list of baseball podcasts in the U.S.

To date, the podcast has aired 879 episodes that have garnered thousands of subscriptions.

Talkin’ Yanks (Yankees podcast) has 50.2K subscribers on YouTube, and 142K followers on Instagram

The podcast has several TikTok pages that have thousands of likes and followers praising the content and the delivery of the shows.

Check out some of the comments below:

“Fun for the whole family! 

My wife and I always listen to this podcast in our home. We laugh, we cry, and we learn about baseball and life. Love this podcast. Jomboy and Jake are badasses, and BBD’s laugh always cracks me up. Thanks for making amazing content, guys.” – Dvolke (source)

“Still the best Yankees Podcast !! keep up the good work fellas” – EMA (source)

Some fans dislike the show’s humorous elements and the hosts’ explicit nature and criticize less relevant content.

Check out this comment:

“This podcast would be much better if they didn’t talk about BS personal stories for half of the podcast. 

That’s awesome you talk about your favorite dad jokes, talk about “funny” college stories, and come up with awful nicknames for players, but would be much better if you stuck to actual Yankee’s substance for more than half of the pod. 

They try way too hard to be funny. I spent more than half of the podcast fast-forwarding to actual Yankees content. If you are truly a die-hard Yankee fan who follows the team daily, this podcast doesn’t provide much insight.” – Baniganp (source)


Overall, Talkin’ Yanks is the go-to podcast for all New York Yankees and baseball enthusiasts. 

With its incredibly knowledgeable and passionate hosts, the podcast offers fascinating and insightful commentary on various topics relating to the Yankees and Major League Baseball. 

The podcast is available on Google Podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube. You can listen to it anytime, anywhere.Find more light and humorous podcasts in our podcast library here.

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