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Everything You Need to Know About The New Instagram Reels Analytics


Everything You Need to Know About the New Instagram Reels Analytics

Instagram Reels have undoubtedly pushed the platform to astonishing new heights, earning 67% more engagement than standard video content. Due to its immense potential and success, Instagram is constantly presenting new ways to help content creators make the most out of their work. To discuss this in more detail, Netinfluencer will explore all of Instagram Reels’ new analytics tools. 

What Are Instagram Reels?

First launched in August 2020, Instagram Reels originally allowed influencers to post 15-second-long videos to their audience, mimicking a similar style to its main competitor, TikTok. As the feature continued to reap vast amounts of popularity, Instagram increased the duration of each video to up to 90 seconds. Reels quickly became one of the platform’s most popular video features, pushing creators to experiment with a much wider selection of mediums. 

These videos mainly appear on the Explore page, giving viewers the chance to discover up-and-coming content creators in a more digestible and user-friendly format. Influencers are also encouraged to use a plethora of advanced editing tools such as AR Effects, popular sounds, and speeds to elevate the quality of these videos. Thus, they can now produce an abundance of thrilling videos all from Instagram’s catalog of creative features. 

Instagram Reels can also be monetized, mainly through the platform’s Play Bonus program. This feature allows eligible creators to earn additional income on Reels that have accumulated a set number of views across a 30-day period. 


What New Analytics Features Are Available?


In order to inspire creators even further, Instagram has now released a series of popular trends to help them remain up-to-date with what is successful and profitable on the app. This data showcases a range of trending sounds as well as a wealth of hashtags to aid creators in finding new discussion topics and concepts. Influencers can find this data within their own professional dashboard, ensuring that they can produce highly engaging content within the confines of one data set. 

Editing Tools

Many influencers are eager to produce a range of visually-pleasing content so it is paramount that platforms are exceeding their editing and production features. Instagram has made it easier than ever to implement stickers, sounds, and overlays to your footage, meaning that you can create and upload large volumes of content with ease. These features are also displayed on one unified screen, building a more cohesive editing experience for all. 


Reels Insights

As social media platforms continue to become fiercely competitive, it is more important than ever to gain a true understanding of your audience analytics. The platform has now added two new metrics including Total Watch Time and Average Watch Time. The former explores the complete amount of time that your Reel was watched, including replays. The latter metric refers to the average time a viewer spends watching your video, which is calculated using your watch time divided by the number of total plays. 



Last year, Instagram rolled out its latest Gifts initiative, encouraging viewers to send monetary rewards to their favorite creators in order to show gratitude for their work. Now, the platform alerts a creator when a fan has sent a gift, allowing them to thank the supporter directly. This is to help form a stronger bond between creators and their audience, which can also help strengthen the validity of the entire influencer marketing industry. 

Where Can I Find My Analytics?

In order to uncover your Instagram analytics, you first need to set up a Business account. This gives influencers the chance to explore key metrics attached to their account like the number of accounts reached as well as their engagement rate. 

To access your business account insights, tap your profile icon and open up the settings page. From here, tap the Account heading and switch from your personal account to your professional account. Once you have changed accounts, you can select the Insight tabs from your main profile page. This will present all of your key data sets, which you can then use to better track your performance on this platform.

Benefits of Using the Latest Reels Analytics

Instagram’s latest selection of features gives influencers more control over their work and ensures that they are consistently reaching engaged and active audience bases. Now that influencers have the ability to edit their footage to the highest standard without having to switch screens or applications, they have the potential to construct impeccable videos that are able to compete against fully-fledged productions. As a result, this can make certain influencers more attractive to television producers and casting directors who may be looking to work with an experienced influencer who has a lot of knowledge of creating content at scale. 

These analytics also express the nuances of watch time, which is incredibly important considering the constant battle between short-form and long-form content. In turn, influencers can discover whether their content is being fully consumed by their audience, helping them to either extend or condense their work depending on the needs of their followers. This metric also determines what type of content is most popular, offering guidance on what an influencer should be focusing on in terms of their long-term content strategy. 

Monetary rewards such as Gifts are becoming exceptionally popular across social media as they ensure that viewers can commend their favorite influencers and thank them for their consistent levels of content. Instagram’s newest update helps creators to better appreciate those who financially support them, which can be a better incentive for other followers to do the same. This can also help to build a much more open relationship between the content creator and their most loyal followers, which can also help to exceed their engagement rate and business potential.


Instagram’s portfolio of new features showcases how the platform is working tirelessly to better recognize the needs and wants of its most devoted creators. As such, influencers can now manage and track their success as they continue to produce a plethora of diverse content on the platform. 

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