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$75 Million And Counting - Inside FaZe's Unstoppable Branded Merch Money Machine


$75 Million And Counting – Inside FaZe’s Unstoppable Branded Merch Money Machine

FaZe Clan, a leading gaming collective, has announced a streak of successes in its innovative dual revenue model strategy generating over $75 million in licensed product revenue from 2022 to 2023. 

Recently acquired by next-generation media company GameSquare Holdings, Inc., FaZe has built a reputation for reaching notoriously difficult Gen Z, Gen Alpha, and Millennial consumers through engaging brand partnerships, the company announced.

FaZe Clan’s strengths lie in developing co-branded sponsorship deals with top brands spanning multiple revenue streams. The organization utilizes its global visibility to engage gamers through high-performing licensing deals. “We’ve found tremendous success here with over $75 million in licensed products sold in just two years, creating a sustainable, highly profitable revenue stream for the brand,” states Adam Bauer, Senior Vice President of Partnerships at FaZe Clan.

A prime example is FaZe Pop, the organization’s wildly popular energy drink that ranked as the #1 best-selling new energy product at 7-Eleven in 2023 and #4 at GNC. The product achieved its best sales month in February 2024.

Other key successes include FaZe’s collaboration with Nike on the FaZe LeBron NXXT Gen basketball shoe, the world’s top seller in March 2023 with over 70,000 units sold. The FaZe Buffalo Chicken Pizza Rolls partnership with Totino’s became their top co-branded product in a decade. With toy company Zuru, FaZe’s respawn blasters sold over 1 million units at retailers like Target since 2021. The exclusive FaZe peripheral range with SteelSeries nearly sold out at Best Buy within four months.

GameSquare describes the significance of bringing in FaZe in a LinkedIn post, saying “As a combined company, GameSquare has become one of the largest gaming and esports organizations in the world based on our audience reach of one billion.”

“In addition, we are focused on revolutionizing the way brands and game publishers connect with hard-to-reach Gen Z, Gen Alpha, and Millennial audiences through our purpose-built next generation media platform that includes award winning marketing and creative services, data and analytics solutions, and now Faze Clan,” the company has pointed out.  

“FaZe Clan has generated over $75 million in gross co-branded product revenue from 2022 to 2023 with brand partners who license the FaZe Clan name,” notes GameSquare CEO Justin Kenna. “Given FaZe Clan’s proven track record in selling co-branded products at retail, compounded with the GameSquare ecosystem resources, we’re excited to see continued growth in 2024 and beyond.”

FaZe operates across gaming, sports, culture, and entertainment verticals with over 300 million global followers. Its roster includes top gamers, streamers, content creators, and esports professionals delivering original content. The organization houses 10+ competitive esports teams and has partnered with brands like Porsche, GHOST, McDonald’s, Nike, Takashi Murakami, and Lyrical Lemonade.

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