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The Company Powering L'Oréal's Massive Global Influencer Strategy Across 140 Markets


The Company Powering L’Oréal’s Massive Global Influencer Strategy Across 140 Markets

A Platform Built on Mutual Understanding

Co-founded by Pierre-Loïc Assayag, a self-proclaimed “global citizen,” Traackr has evolved from its origins as a search engine for online expertise into a comprehensive platform powering performance-driven influencer marketing for global enterprises.

The Company Powering L'Oréal's Massive Global Influencer Strategy Across 140 Markets

“Our mission is to be the platform for global brands and creators to conduct business in influencer marketing,” Assayag asserts. “We see creators as small businesses run by savvy people. Their job is to optimize their time to increase audience and revenue streams. We want to support that entire workflow on both sides.”

Traackr’s approach is built on transparency and objectivity, eschewing vested interests in recommending specific creators to brands. “We have no stake in recommending one creator over another. We don’t profit more either way,” Assayag clarifies. “Our vision facilitates business relationships between willing parties through honesty and transparency.”

The Company Powering L'Oréal's Massive Global Influencer Strategy Across 140 Markets

Streamlining Global Influencer Campaigns  

At the core of Traackr are three interconnected modules: a CRM for managing creator relationships, a campaign management tool, and a robust reporting suite. However, Traackr’s ability to navigate governance and compliance challenges for multinational corporations truly sets it apart.

“We work with L’Oréal across 140 markets and 37 brands – probably the most advanced influencer program with thousands of Traackr users, constant global activity, substantial investment and results,” Assayag notes. “For L’Oréal to distill locally relevant data into HQ best practices requires robust technology normalizing insights across markets.”  

Traackr facilitates brand safety, privacy compliance and data-driven decisions by correlating social metrics with tangible outcomes like brand lift and sales. Proprietary indexes like the “Brand Vitality Score” (also known as VIT) provide performance metrics, enabling marketers to trace successful campaigns to specific creators, content and regions.

Moreover, Traackr recognizes limitations of traditional metrics like “earned media value” (EMV), which Assayag deems “the silliest way of assessing performance.” The company advocates robust success metrics anchored in attention and real-world impact.

The Company Powering L'Oréal's Massive Global Influencer Strategy Across 140 Markets

Riding the Professionalization Wave

As the creator economy flourishes, Traackr positions itself at the forefront of this evolution. Assayag anticipates a surge in creator-driven brands disrupting traditional models. “Seeing more fashion brands created by influencers is inevitable,” he remarks.  

This shift brings opportunities and challenges, as successful creators may eventually compete with past brand partners. Traackr aims to facilitate this transition through an adaptable platform accommodating changing brand-creator dynamics. “It’s a very disruptive trend,” Assayag acknowledges. “We’re just starting, but the pieces are in place and it’s happening.”

Moreover, Traackr recognizes creators’ quest for professionalization and revenue diversification. “Once creators can sustain themselves and teams through their work, content quality and volume increases as they focus fully on their passion without juggling multiple jobs,” Assayag observes.

This professionalization drive parallels diversifying creator revenue beyond brand partnerships, the primary income stream. Traackr aims to explore avenues helping creators achieve sustainability rapidly. “We want to help them get there faster, dedicating more resources to high-quality content,” Assayag states.  

The Company Powering L'Oréal's Massive Global Influencer Strategy Across 140 Markets

Embracing Innovation to Stay Ahead

Traackr remains innovative, recently partnering with Snap to access its burgeoning creator ecosystem and Gen Z audience. “Snap offers brands new avenues to creatively connect with creators reaching audiences they’ve struggled with,” Assayag explains.

However, this collaboration underscores brands needing to adapt messaging strategies, ceding control and trusting creators to resonate authentically with audiences. “Most Snap creators dislike being told what and how to communicate. They feel ownership over their audiences,” Assayag notes. “For success, brands must trust creators to deliver resonant messaging.”

This organic creator content boosting trend over traditional advertising is actively supported by Traackr. “Over 24 months, we’ve seen significant marketing spend shift from digital ads to boosting creator content,” Assayag states. “This pushes us into the media space.”

Traackr fosters deeper social platform partnerships, integrating media spend and targeting data into reporting capabilities to guide brand investment decisions.  

Additionally, Traackr explores generative AI’s potential to enhance capabilities like content localization and surfacing campaign best practices. “AI eases internationalization of content and posts, fast-tracking that process,” Assayag explains. “It surfaces best practices by analyzing data across multiple campaigns – many small but impactful AI features.”

As influencer marketing ascends, Traackr stands poised to empower brands and creators navigating this landscape through transparency, data-driven insights and mutually beneficial partnerships – shaping an industry where influence and authenticity reign.

The Company Powering L'Oréal's Massive Global Influencer Strategy Across 140 Markets

Nurturing an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Beyond its platform, Traackr cultivates a unique culture nurturing employees’ entrepreneurial mindsets. “Each individual feels driven and equipped to perform as if running a micro-business within the company,” Assayag explains. “We provide objectives, tools and measure performance without micromanaging.”

This approach led former Traackr employees to pursue entrepreneurial ventures, which Assayag views positively. “Building that controlled ecosystem within the company, helping spawn other businesses, is something we value. I like our contribution extending beyond our industry.”

As Traackr trail-blazes the influencer economy, its commitment to transparency, innovation and nurturing entrepreneurial spirit positions it as an industry driving force redefining relationships between brands, creators and audiences.

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