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Influencer Marketing 2022 Report By eMarketer


Influencer Marketing 2022 Report By eMarketer

Exploring this further, Netinfluencer will discuss the key findings in the Influencer Marketing 2022 Report by eMarketer.

Influencers have the potential to positively impact a wide variety of developing markets, making them useful assets for many leading businesses. As such, many organizations and industries are sharing their experience with influencer marketing.

Who Conducted the Survey?

eMarketer uses a plethora of market research methods to bring a wealth of insights and trends to its subscribers. The platform also collaborates with Business Insider Intelligence to offer contemporary news stories relating to the modern corporate world.

Since publishing its first article in 1996, eMarketer has gone on to earn over 10,000 subscribers and a collection of business partnerships. 

Survey Methodology

The Influencer Marketing 2022 report uses a range of data sources to offer a more comprehensive look into the successes of the industry. One of the case studies looks at how the travel industry benefited from the use of influencer marketing. 

Thus, eMarketer collated data from a MediaRader report to showcase an assortment of key findings. The case study discussed in this article is one of many that can be found in the complete Influencer Marketing 2022 report.

Three Key Findings

This report details a collection of useful findings, helping us to expand our knowledge of influencer marketing as well as the post-Covid travel industry. Listed below are just three key takeaways from this report. 

  1. 74.5% of US marketers from companies with over 100 employees will use influencer marketing.
  2. US influencer marketing spending will amount to around $5 billion by the end of 2022.
  3. Travel influencers are the fourth most popular type of creator worldwide.

What Does This Mean for Influencer Marketing?

The first finding within this report indicates the vast popularity of influencer marketing amongst some of America’s most prosperous businesses. With nearly 75% of US marketers understanding its value, it seems that this popularity will only get stronger. Moreover, we can assume that these businesses value the work of influencers over their traditional employees as these companies still recruit a large pool of people. In turn, it suggests that influencers offer a sense of expertise that others may not.

Influencer Marketing 2022 Report By eMarketer


eMarketer informs us that influencer marketing spending has grown to $5 billion, which is over $1 billion more than in 2021. This report also states that this figure is $850 million higher than its previous forecast. These findings show that the industry is growing at an exponential scale and at a faster pace than many predicted. Thus, this also indicates that influencer marketing is not entirely affected by recession-focused budget cuts. 

Influencer Marketing 2022 Report By eMarketer


Finally, eMarketer explains the popularity of travel influencers, a finding that they originally sourced from a YouGov survey from 2021. This study found that 11% of adults followed travel influencers across their social media platforms. Therefore, this statistic highlights the impact that these individuals can have on a struggling industry and how they are able to sway consumer opinions with ease. 

Influencer Marketing 2022 Report By eMarketer


Link to the Report

The Influencer Marketing 2022 report can be found on eMarketer’s website along with some of their other case studies and research projects. 

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