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How To Use Donation Stickers on Your TikTok Live Stream


Unlock the Power of Donation Stickers in Your TikTok Live Stream

Many people use social media to evoke a sense of social change, inviting others to invest in a variety of causes and campaigns. A prime example of this was Twestival, a global charity event that occurred in 2009, which inspired Twitter users across 202 cities to raise money for water-deprived areas of Ethiopia. TikTok has now launched its own fundraising initiatives, allowing influencers to host a plethora of events, all within a live stream or video. Neitnfluencer explores how you can use donation stickers in your next TikTok live stream. 

What Are Donation Stickers?

As part of the TikTok for Good platform, donation stickers allow users to place an interactive overlay on their videos, which audiences can then use to complete in-app donations to a variety of charities. 

When a user taps the donation sticker, they will be transported to an external fundraising page where they can learn more about the respective charity as well as select a donation amount. It should be mentioned that only those aged 18 and over can donate and a valid payment method must be linked to the TikTok account.

These stickers come in a variety of different forms such as a simple text box as well as an enticing graphic. Audiences can also decide if they want to donate anonymously or whether they would like the charity to contact them. 

How To Use Donation Stickers on Your TikTok Live Stream


Why Were They Introduced?

TikTok announced the launch of donation stickers back in April 2020 as a way for audiences to support smaller institutions during the Coronavirus pandemic. The platform first partnered with Help Musicians, a charity that provides financial support for bands and artists, who may have suffered a loss of income due to venue closures and restrictions.

Donation stickers quickly saw a large amount of success, encouraging the platform to partner with much more prominent institutions. In the US, audiences were able to donate directly to the CDC Foundation and give monetary thanks to a collection of frontline service workers. 

When this feature first launched, TikTok announced that it would match every donation made before the end of May 2020. The platform also produced a hashtag called #doubleyourimpact, which would push your content further, helping to raise more funds. These simple acts helped charities from around the globe begin recovering from the economical damage seen throughout the pandemic. 

How To Use Donation Stickers on Your TikTok Live Stream


How To Add a Donation Sticker

  1. Open the latest version of the TikTok App.
  2. Record a video or live stream.
  3. Enter the editing page and select stickers from the menu on the right-hand side.
  4. Select the ‘Support Nonprofit’ Sticker. This is symbolized by a blue geometric heart.
  5. Choose an organization from the list provided.
  6. Place the sticker in its desired location.
  7. Add a caption to the final edit and post it to your feed or Story. 

What Charities Are Affiliated?

The charities associated with TikTok donation stickers are dependent on a user’s location, meaning that audiences can donate funds to the organizations that are closest to them. Listed below are just a few charities that are accepted in the US.

  • James Beard Foundation
  • Meals on Wheels
  • MusiCares
  • National PTA
  • National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF)
  • No Kid Hungry
  • The Actors Fund
How To Use Donation Stickers on Your TikTok Live Stream


How Are the Payments Processed?

In order to make these donations secure and official, TikTok has teamed up with Tiltify to process these payments. This is one of the most popular fundraising platforms on the market and is used by platforms such as YouTube and Facebook Live. Users can create their own fundraising campaigns or simply support charities that use the platform directly. 

Tiltify donates 100% of the funds received, ensuring that users are sending their full and desired amount every time. Donations are also processed in real-time, helping the organization to continue thriving as quickly as possible. 

Once a charity is affiliated with Tiltify, it will be asked to pay a small fee for the technology and services used in its campaign. As such, these fees do not affect the general public and will not come out of the money sent to a TikTok donation sticker. 

How To Use Donation Stickers on Your TikTok Live Stream


Benefits of Using Donation Stickers on TikTok

Fundraising practices are becoming increasingly common on social media, showcasing a shift in public perception and an elevated desire to help those in need. Donation stickers make fundraising a very simple process, particularly if you are an influencer. By simply adding a sticker in the final edit, you have everything you would need to process donations. In turn, this feature is a prosperous way to raise money without actually becoming affiliated with the charity or TikTok themselves.

Donation stickers are also a beneficial tool if you are looking to connect with your audience about an array of different issues. Data expresses that 61% of consumers trust an influencer’s opinion and recommendations, meaning that creators now have a collection of prosperous platforms to help induce positive social change. Therefore, influencers can share and support charities that mean the most to them and encourage their audiences to further engage and raise money for their desired organizations. 

Tiltify is also involved in a wide range of fundraising events across TikTok, allowing audiences to donate to good causes whenever they see fit. Most notably, the platform launched GivingSzn last November, a global charity event, aimed to inspire generosity in audiences around the world. This campaign invited popular influencers such as Matthew and Ryan, Glitterandlazers, and Spencer West to conduct an expansive live stream to raise money for a wide range of charities. TikTok also donated $7 million as well as a further $1 million in ad credits, all of which were processed by Tiltify. This shows that fundraising on TikTok is immensely successful and is a fantastic way for influencers to use their platforms for good. 

Donation stickers on TikTok highlight how the platform is continuously working to support its users and the charities they care about the most. Influencers can use these overlays in a very simple fashion, helping to build a stronger bond with their engaged audience. To discover more about fundraising on social media, visit our website

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