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How To Get Verified On YouTube


How To Get Verified On YouTube

Being verified is important to a lot of social media platforms as it can easily illustrate a sense of importance and significance on a specific platform. However, the path to verification can be very complex, especially on YouTube where there are so many creators to choose from.

With over 2 million monetized creators on YouTube, it is no surprise that the platform is becoming more saturated and competitive.  Becoming verified on YouTube can offer an influencer a plethora of benefits and engagement. Netinfluencer has all of the tips and tricks to help you on how to get verified on YouTube. 

What Does Verified mean?

Verification on social media can signify an abundance of different things. Usually, if a YouTube channel is verified, it means that the channel is owned by an established creator, influencer, or brand. Thus, verification can help highlight important channels to a wider audience of viewers.

It is a common myth that verification displays a sense of popularity on YouTube. In fact, verification on YouTube is used to dismiss fraudulent accounts and assign a sense of validity to the true creator. 

YouTube has a very strict ‘Fake Engagement’ policy which punishes those who falsely increase their views, subscribers, or members. If an influencer engages in this type of behavior, they risk a channel strike. Moreover, if this type of activity continues, an influencer could face permanent termination from the platform. 


How To Tell If a Channel Is Verified

When a channel becomes verified on YouTube, a gray checkmark will be displayed alongside the influencer’s channel name. Plus, this symbol also indicates that the creator has at least 100,000 subscribers. 

How To Get Verified On YouTube

To begin the verification process on YouTube, you must first apply for verification status. Firstly, your YouTube channel must have 100,000 subscribers. However, some channels get verified without hitting this milestone as YouTube has already established that they are legitimate. 

Once you have hit the desired subscriber count, you also have to ensure that your profile is complete. A verified YouTube channel must include a clear profile picture, a channel banner, and a competent description of your channel within the about section. 


How To Apply For Verification On YouTube

Being verified on YouTube also requires a creator to fill out a simple form. Here, you must implement your channel name and channel ID. This information can be found in the advanced settings section of your personal YouTube profile. After this form has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation email and will have to wait a number of weeks to gain a result. 

It is important to mention that being verified on YouTube simply confirms your identity and ownership of your property. You may not receive a checkmark, even if your channel has been approved for verification. 

In order to stay verified on YouTube, an influencer must maintain true to the information they have submitted. Thus, you should not change your channel name or violate any of YouTube’s Terms of Service. 

How Do I Get Verified On YouTube Quickly?

Gaining 100,000 subscribers can be extremely challenging for many influencers, especially if you are struggling to gain engagement on such an active platform. However, there are a few simple tactics to help speed up the process.

Be transparent with your brand’s value

If you are responsible for a brand’s YouTube content, it is vital that you promote that brand with complete honesty. Do not over exaggerate the abilities of your products or services and do not make any false claims. Doing this can hurt your claims for verification as it could be seen as manipulating your audience. Instead, show off your products in more detail and highlight the pros and cons in a truthful way.


Reply to comments

The comment section on YouTube can seem a little intimidating, especially if you receive a wealth of responses on a daily basis. However, engaging with your viewers and answering questions can help prove that you are a real human who is running a YouTube channel. Unfortunately, YouTube is faced with a plethora of spam bots that can easily impersonate an actual creator. Thus, becoming more connected with your audience can highlight that you know your own content and audience.

Upload videos consistently

A regular upload schedule can do wonders for your engagement and also your verification process. Experts say that one video per week is a reasonable amount and ensures that influencers do not become creatively exhausted. It is also important to stick to a schedule in order to not disappoint your audience. Do not propose a schedule of four videos per week, if you can only post two per week. A consistent upload schedule creates a sense of trust and reliability for YouTube and boosts your chances of becoming verified. 

Benefits Of Being Verified On YouTube

Although being verified on YouTube may not be accompanied by a collection of financial benefits, the title can lead to a few other perks. Firstly, you can upload videos that are over 15-minutes long. This is extremely important for influencers who enjoy creating long-form content such as documentaries or interviews, which can gain a large amount of engagement.

The title of verification can also give influencers the ability to appeal certain copyright claims. These claims occur when one channel accuses another of using its content unfairly. With verification, you can dismiss these claims and ensure that your channel does not receive an inappropriate strike or warning.

Influencers can also use a collection of customized thumbnails. This can help your videos to become more attractive and relevant to your viewers. As such, this perk can potentially help increase your subscribers and views.

Verification can also encourage other brands or clients to collaborate with your content. Owning a verified channel can give certain influencers an added sense of authority, particularly in sectors such as digital marketing. Thus, other brands are more likely to create campaigns with channels that have been approved and validated by YouTube itself. 


When trying to get verified on YouTube, it is important to stay true to your own brand as well as your content. This means allowing your videos to shine through and connect with your audience on a deeper level. If you would like to learn more about boosting engagement on YouTube, visit our website

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