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How To Achieve A Work-Life Balance


Tips for Achieving Work-Life Balance as a Full-Time Influencer

Many full-time influencers work tirelessly to create content on a widespread and consistent scale. As the influencer marketing industry is set to earn $4.14 billion by the end of 2022, it is no surprise that influencers are now working harder than ever. But how do you separate the personal and the professional when your whole life is integral to your job? Netinfluencer describes the top 8 ways that influencers can achieve a better work-life balance. 

What Does Work-Life Balance Mean?

The term work-life balance can mean a variety of different things depending on the individual person. Simply, a work-life balance refers to the healthy equilibrium between a person’s work activities and leisure activities. 

A work-life balance is extremely important to many people, particularly in the corporate world. As the general population receives more professional responsibility, they also seek to find time for themselves. The key to this is to find enough time and energy for both without over-exerting themselves.

Data from 2022 informs us that ‘Working flexibly and without penalty ranked the third-highest priority (after pay and benefits) for millennials around the world.’ Thus, it seems that employees around the world now see a work-life balance as more valuable than any other job perk.

How To Achieve a Work-Life Balance as a Full-Time Influencer


Why a Work-Life Balance is Important as an Influencer

More often than not, influencers create engaging content based on the events of their daily lives. Whether it’s a review of their favorite products or a vlog of their latest family vacation, influencers are praised for their ability to be transparent and relatable to their audience. 

However, a constant sense of transparency can deeply affect an influencer’s morale and in more severe cases, can be a detriment to their privacy. Although many social media platforms allow users to implement an array of privacy settings, the deep connection between an influencer and their followers can often have its downsides.

A new phenomenon named ‘Creator Burnout’ began to circulate in 2018, suggesting that creating mass amounts of content has led many influencers to feel an inescapable amount of pressure. Thus, it is important that influencers complete fun and mindful activities away from their social media platforms. This helps many creators step away from their job roles and focus more on their personal development. 

8 Ways You Can Achieve a Work-Life Balance As An Influencer

Achieving a work-life balance does not occur overnight. However, there are a few ways you can integrate healthy habits into your daily routine. Described below are 8 simple things you can do to strive for a better work-life balance.

Create a designated workplace

When your home is also your office, it can be hard to walk away from mounting deadlines and other work responsibilities. That is why it is so important to create a workspace within your home, in order to become more productive and motivated overall. You do not need to renovate your entire living space, simply section off areas in which you would like to complete work. For example, instead of working from your bed, try completing your daily tasks at a desk. 

How To Achieve a Work-Life Balance as a Full-Time Influencer


Give each platform an equal amount of attention

With so many social media platforms to choose from, it can be tempting to spend copious amounts of time focusing on one account. However, it is vital that influencers segment equal amounts of time to each individual platform. This ensures that you are not spending too much time focusing on work once the day is done. Studies suggest that influencers should post up to three times a day in order to secure high levels of engagement. Once this has been achieved, set some time away from your phone and complete a more personal activity.

Connect with a community of influencers for support

Mutual human connection is essential to positive wellbeing. As an influencer, you may feel frustrated with working by yourself or feel lost in certain parts of your career. Institutions such as The Creator Union are building a more stable community for influencers. In turn, this can help influencers gain more personal relationships as well as ensure more financial protection. Plus, connecting with other influencers can better improve your networking skills, leading to potential opportunities in the future. 

How To Achieve a Work-Life Balance as a Full-Time Influencer


Use SMART goals

SMART goals are used in various settings in order to help people build more achievable and realistic goals. Each step is described below.

  • Specific (What needs to be accomplished?)
  • Measurable (By how much?)
  • Achievable (Can I complete this goal?)
  • Relevant (Why am I setting this goal?)
  • Time-Bound (When do I want to achieve this goal?)

These simple steps can help influencers to refine their objectives and set more realistic standards for themselves. Moreover, SMART goals can also help potential brands and clients become more aware of how a specific influencer would like to manage their marketing campaign. 

Set flexible working hours

Social media is an increasingly globalized industry, which can often defy the regular 9-5 working day. That being said, influencers must not work themselves to exhaustion in order to finish all of their tasks for their day. Working flexible hours means that you can complete tasks in your own time and shift your schedule around the time zones of international clients. In fact, a study reported that 43% of candidates believe that a flexible working schedule helped boost their productivity levels. 

Outsource less important tasks

Many influencers have very busy schedules due to the fact that they are essentially a one-person team. If you are beginning to feel fatigued and stressed when thinking about your growing to-do list, it may be time to outsource certain responsibilities. Virtual assistants have become an invaluable asset to social media influencers as they can often take over tedious tasks such as replying to emails or posting content at specific times. Therefore, you can make more time for yourself without worrying about those simple tasks.  

Create a budget for social media resources

Influencer marketing requires a lot of external resources such as high-quality camera equipment or graphic design software. Although this can be paramount to an influencer’s success, these items can be very expensive. Thus, it can be helpful to create a budget that will accommodate these outgoings. In the long term, a budget can better determine your earnings which is useful during tax seasons or more costly periods of the year.

How To Achieve a Work-Life Balance as a Full-Time Influencer


Build a content calendar

A content calendar is a useful tool that allows influencers to keep up to date with when their content is likely to be uploaded and any other important information. If you know what posts or events are occurring during your week, you are better inclined to make more time for yourself. Becoming more aware of your schedule can also help you to remain level-headed and relaxed, something that is very important if you are looking to achieve a better work-life balance. 

How To Achieve a Work-Life Balance as a Full-Time Influencer


A work-life balance is important to all workers but can be very difficult for full-time influencers to implement in a successful way. By separating time for both work and leisure, influencers are more likely to remain positive and continue to make impeccable content. To learn more about the benefits of using influencers in your marketing strategy, visit our website

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