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How To Be a College Brand Ambassador


How To Be a College Brand Ambassador

College brand ambassador programs are great opportunities for students who want to earn rewards for promoting their favorite brands. Through these programs, students can earn experience, rewards, and in some cases, monetary benefits. We’ve rounded up everything you need to know about representing your favorite brand on campus through college brand ambassador programs.

If you’re a college student looking to add extra experience to your resume and earn some extra money, campus ambassador programs are definitely something to consider!

College brand ambassadors are specific programs for college students to take part in different promotional tasks in exchange for some type of reward. Some programs give their ambassadors monetary rewards, while others are more geared towards unpaid internships for students to use as resume boosters.

Let’s talk about what exactly a college brand ambassador is, the benefits for both student ambassadors and brands, and some of the most reputable student brand ambassador programs that you can apply to.

How To Be a College Brand Ambassador


What Is a College Brand Ambassador

Essentially, campus brand ambassador programs are set up like any other ambassador program – except exclusive to college students. Students who apply and are accepted into a college brand ambassador program can promote a brand’s products or services in exchange for some type of reward which varies from program to program.

While you’re not working in a traditional office setting, most of these programs require students to be available for a set number of hours per week. Since these programs are designed for college students, the number of hours per week is typically pretty low. 

Benefits for Student Ambassadors

Campus brand ambassador programs offer a ton of different benefits for student ambassadors. Depending on the brand you want to work with, there will be different benefits ranging from monetary rewards to free products and services.

College students can also benefit from campus ambassador programs because they offer a unique experience that will boost your resume. Most college ambassador programs select a few students from each campus they’re partnered with, so being a student ambassador could potentially set your resume apart from the crowd. 

Benefits for Partnered Brands

The reason that brands want to work with college students is that they’re trying to market their products specifically to that younger age group. A majority of the younger generation tends to skip ads for the media they consume (YouTube ads, TV ads, website pop-ups, etc).

Therefore, brands are gravitating towards a more authentic approach to advertising with student ambassadors. The great thing about this approach is that it benefits not only the brand but also students everywhere.

How To Be a College Brand Ambassador


Reputable Student Brand Ambassador Programs

Ranging from small, local brands to fortune 500 companies, there are plenty of student brand ambassador programs that are completely exclusive to college students only. We’ve rounded up 5 of the most reputable campus brand ambassador programs and everything they have to offer!


The Microsoft Student Ambassador Program is an excellent opportunity for students to learn a variety of skills that will ultimately further their education. This can be a great fit for students studying technology or interested in tech-related fields. 

How To Be a College Brand Ambassador

Microsoft expects student ambassadors to act as leaders in their communities. Some responsibilities of being a student ambassador for Microsoft include:

  • Mentoring students
  • Planning and executing on-campus workshops and events
  • Participating in student hackathon events

In return, Microsoft Student Ambassadors have access to Microsoft Certification Exams and MSDN Subscriptions. Plus, Microsoft rewards ambassadors with completed funded travel opportunities, networking opportunities, and small gifts (tee-shirts, backpacks, etc).

Coca Cola

The Coca-Cola Campus Ambassador Program is a year-long opportunity for students to promote Coca-Cola’s brand and products around campus in exchange for up to $2,000 per school year. Typically, students are expected to work about 20 hours per month.

Some of the responsibilities expected of student ambassadors in this program include:

  • Planning and executing 5-7 sampling events per semester on your campus
  • Posting Coca-Cola-related content to social media pages
  • Attending meetings with ambassadors and other members of your team
How To Be a College Brand Ambassador

This program provides students with specific skills such as public speaking, event planning/organization, social media marketing, and networking. 

Victoria’s Secret PINK

If you’re into clothing, loungewear, and fashion, the Victoria’s Secret PINK Campus Rep Program may be a great fit for you. This program assigns 2 ambassadors for each campus they work with, and if your university isn’t already partnered with them, you are able to nominate your college to be a part of the program.

How To Be a College Brand Ambassador

This program typically consists of an 8-hour work week where ambassadors are expected to complete a specific list of assigned promotional tasks. Some of the expectations and responsibilities of PINK Campus Reps include:

  • Creating content for PINK’s social media pages
  • If accessible, hosting PINK-related events on campus
  • Managing 5 volunteer members on your campus

Additionally, PINK pays student ambassadors the minimum hourly wage based on the state that the college campus is located.


Pearson is an education-based publishing company that works with schools and campuses all over the world. The Pearson Campus Ambassador Program gives students the opportunity to represent Pearson’s brand by being a leader and a mentor on campus.

How To Be a College Brand Ambassador

On average, Pearson Campus Ambassadors work around 5 hours per week. As a Pearson Campus Ambassador, some of your responsibilities while working might include:

  • Presenting demos about Pearson to other students and/or campus faculty
  • Hosting events and activities to help students best use Pearson’s technology
  • Promoting Pearson’s current products
  • Providing feedback on marketing campaigns through student interviews, surveys, etc.
  • Attending regular team meetings and conferences

Pearson Campus Ambassadors are paid, on average, a $10 hourly wage (this may be higher in some locations). Also, ambassadors have free access to a wide selection of Pearson’s digital products. 

Amazon Prime

Lastly, the Amazon Prime Student Brand Ambassador Program is an excellent opportunity for college students to earn extra money and add beneficial skills to their resumes. Amazon has partnered with Riddle and Bloom, a company that connects college students and popular brands, to create this ambassador program. 

How To Be a College Brand Ambassador

Students who are accepted into this program are expected to work for 2 full semesters and 6 to 8 hours each week. As a Prime Student Ambassador, some of your responsibilities may include:

  • Hosting on-campus events and activities that promote Prime to students
  • Attending 30-minute-long meetings each week and participating in team group messages
  • Creating and posting Prime-related content to your social media account(s)
  • Report back with all activity pertaining to events and social media posts

The Amazon Prime Student Ambassador Program provides student ambassadors with a weekly stipend of $100. Additionally, students gain access to coaching and support from the Riddle and Bloom team.

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