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How To Add Text to TikTok Clips To Increase Your Visibility - Net Influencer


Guide on Adding Text in TikTok Clips To Increase Your Visibility

With TikTok gaining immense popularity on a widespread scale, it is vital that influencers make their content more accessible and digestible for their audiences.

Some creators struggle to discover how to add text to TikTok, leaving them behind against their competition. This can make their content less visible to wider audiences and even to disabled viewers. Fortunately, Netinfluencer has everything you need to know about text on TikTok.

How to add text to a TikTok video

Learning how to add text to TikTok clips is a very simple task, once you have become familiar with the app’s interface. Here, we will take you on a step-by-step guide on how to implement text and captions into your TikTok videos.

How To Add Text to TikTok Clips To Increase Your Visibility - Net Influencer


How to add text to TikTok

In order to add a simple passage of text into your video, you must first record a clip. You can do this by opening the app and pressing the + button at the lower center of the screen. Once you are happy with your recorded content, press the check mark icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Next, tap the ‘Text’ button at the bottom. This will be indicated by an uppercase and lowercase ‘Aa’ symbol. Then all you have to do is add your desired text. Following on from this, you can then customize your text in a variety of ways, including adding highlights and changing the font and color. Place the text box in its desired location and then press ‘Done’ to confirm your final changes.

How To Add Text to TikTok Clips To Increase Your Visibility - Net Influencer


How to add text to a TikTok and make it disappear

If you want to add text to TikTok and then remove it after a certain period of time, you can do this within TikTok’s interface. First, you need to add a TikTok text box, this is the same process as stated in the description above. Then you need to tap this text box and choose the ‘Set Duration’ function.

A red box will appear on the screen, this allows you to set a precise duration for your text to be on screen. Please note that the text needs to be on screen for at least a full second before you can make it automatically disappear. Alter this red box against the timeline at the bottom of your screen and decide when you want the text to appear within your video. Once you have decided, press the check mark icon to add these changes.

How to add multiple text to a TikTok video

Sometimes, influencers need to add multiple lines of text to their videos. This may be because they are adding closed captions, or to help emphasize their content. Once you have added your first text box using TikTok text, press the ‘Text’ button again to add another text box. You can then add your new caption line and edit the font and color. After you have added all of the text that you need, select ‘Done.’

How to add pop-up text to TikTok

A lot of popular sounds on TikTok require influencers to add text that appears when they point to a designated area. These videos can be created very easily through TikTok editor. First, record yourself against a blank surface, pointing to select areas within your proximity. Always, make sure that your audience can see where you’re pointing towards.

Once you are happy with your video, press the ‘Text’ button and write a caption. The text box should be small enough to fit on the screen without obscuring large parts of your body or face. Next, hold the caption for a few seconds until the ‘Set Duration’ button comes up. Align the duration of the text to when you point to a designated space. This will look like the text appears when you direct your finger in that direction. 

How To Add Text to TikTok Clips To Increase Your Visibility - Net Influencer


What is the text effect on TikTok?

TikTok is well known for allowing its creators to edit and alter their text in a variety of different ways. These effects can add a wide variety of interactive and engaging features to your videos. Described below are just three of TikTok’s most popular text effects.

Text-to-Speech Effect

The Text-to-Speech effect allows an automated voiceover to read the text you have placed on your videos. This has been a very useful feature for many influencers as it has made their content more accessible to deaf and hard of hearing viewers. To access this feature, first, you must record a video.

After you have done this, you can press the ‘Text’ button to add your caption or description. Then, tap on the caption again and select ‘Text-to-Speech.’ When you preview your video, you should be able to hear a voiceover reading your caption.

How To Add Text to TikTok Clips To Increase Your Visibility - Net Influencer

Changing the Text-to-Speech Voice

After the original voice actor, Bev Standing, filed a lawsuit against TikTok for unlawfully using her voice, the app now allows you to choose from a variety of speech options.

These can include different accents, different genders, and even a collection of Disney characters. To change the voice, add a caption in the same way as you would for any video. Next, hold the caption until the ‘Text-to-Speech’ icon pops up. Then, you can press the ‘Speech’ icon to choose from a range of unique voices.

Adding Closed Captions To Your Videos

Closed captions are a process of displaying text on a screen to provide additional information or interpretation. These are extremely important to deaf and disabled viewers, as it allows them to get the same experience from a video as able-bodied individuals.

Many apps allow you to add closed captions to a video, but you can also do this through TikTok editor. Once you have filmed your video, you can access the ‘Captions’ button on the right-hand side of the screen. Your video will then try to detect any speech or audio that can be transcribed. After this, you will be able to post your video with closed captions attached as you speak.

How To Add Text to TikTok Clips To Increase Your Visibility - Net Influencer

Discovering how to add text to TikTok can heighten your content creation skills. Not to mention, these features can help to make your videos more accessible, engaging and entertaining for a wide variety of viewers. TikTok is increasing its creative capabilities, allowing you to produce and edit high-quality videos through its own interface. To discover more about how TikTok can improve your content, visit our website.

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