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How Much Do Instagram Models Make


Instagram Models: How Much Do They Make?

So how much do Instagram models make? Unfortunately, there isn’t one answer for this question. It depends on many factors that affect Instagram model’s salary rate, including age, location, experience and industry.

To help you understand how much an Instagram model makes we have broken down our findings.

Instagram has become a major social media platform for people to show off their lives and share their experiences. The platform has evolved from a simple photo sharing app to a place where people can find everything from make-up tutorials to fitness inspiration. 

How Much Do Instagram Models Make?

But it’s not just influencers who are using Instagram to share their stories — many young models are now turning to the app as a way of promoting themselves and gaining exposure for their careers.

So how much do Instagram models make? Unfortunately, there isn’t one answer for this question. It depends on many factors that affect Instagram model’s salary rate, including age, location, experience and industry. 

To help you understand how much an Instagram model makes we have broken down our findings. 


Who may be an Instagram model and who may not are not subject to any specific limitations. The guidelines established by modeling agencies decades ago are no longer part of the equation now. The likelihood is that marketers will take note of you and swarm you with offers if you are an influencer with a significant following.

How Much Do Instagram Models Make?

Aside from that, not everyone who wants to try Instagram modeling is a young, gorgeous girl. Marketers frequently seek out models from various backgrounds who have unique and distinctive appearances. Being a successful IG model doesn’t require you to be exceptionally attractive. Alternatively, you may have tattoos and body piercings all over your body, as well as hair that is dyed every shade of the rainbow and still succeed in this industry. Instagram models have personality, charisma, and an original creative concept. And, of course, a large number of followers.

What else does an IG model need? 

It’s important to note that your profile should appeal to a wide range of potential customers. It definitely takes some artistic skill to develop your Instagram model image.

These characteristics make you distinctive:

  • Unique, noticeable appearance 
  • An uncommon creative concept and core idea
  • a content plan 
  • and the willingness to invest a lot of time and effort in the development of that content

Building a strategy to draw in new followers is crucial. Keep in mind that it is far preferable to attract them organically rather than purchasing followers. Marketers and other brand representatives will start seeking you out once you have a respectable number of followers.


There are several key components to becoming an Instagram model and leveraging your success as one. Here’s a few tips to consider:

How Much Do Instagram Models Make?

  1. Identify Your Distinctive Style and Voice

On Instagram, people follow for one of three reasons: either they find you or your way of life attractive, inspirational, relevant, or amusing; or they find you or your lifestyle appealing. Your followers are attracted by your energy.  Do you like to travel, take pictures, or apply makeup? The businesses you ultimately partner with will depend on your Instagram aesthetic and your hobbies outside of modeling.

  1. Create a Content Calendar and Optimize Posts with Hashtags

Posting modeling images demonstrates your expertise to industry leaders, but you should also share selfies and behind-the-scenes photos from photo shoots when you’re not wearing make-up. Your followers are interested in learning about your life and how you are similar to them. Instagram comes across as a photo-sharing app, but if you use it as a platform for storytelling, you’ll be able to engage your followers on a deeper level.

Hashtags can help you promote your modeling business and gain followers. It’s encouraged to utilize a few trending hashtags, but try to stick to more niche terms with lower levels of competition. You’ll have a higher chance of appearing in searches and expanding your audience.

  1. Engage With Your Audience and Be Social

Only posting photos will not get you the desired result! Make your posts a discussion to interact with your followers. To get people chatting on Instagram stories, use polls, question stickers, or emoji sliders.

Use Instagram to start building your network because the modeling industry is all about who you know. Don’t be shy. Make a list of the fashion photographers, companies, and agencies you wish to work with, as well as the models you admire. Then, start to engage with them in a meaningful way to begin forming connections.


Being an Instagram model can be a fulfilling career because you’ll have the chance to showcase your modeling to a global audience and network with other successful business people. And since you don’t need to find an agent, you may accomplish everything at your own pace.

The amount that you can earn as an Instagram model depends mainly on how many followers you have on your account and how many people engage with your content. The more followers you have, the more opportunities there are for companies to sponsor your posts and pay you for them. It’s not unusual for some of the most popular influencers to earn over $1 million per year just from sponsored posts alone!

Factors that affect Instagram model’s salary rate:

  • how many followers you have;
  • how many likes each post gets;
  • how well your posts perform compared to other people’s posts
  • how much time you spend on Instagram each day
  • how much money you spend promoting yourself or your business through paid advertising (e.g., sponsored ads).

If you want to increase your chance of earning money on Instagram, it’s important that you understand what factors influence how much money you can make with paid posts. Most brands have a formula for how they pay Instagram models. It will vary based on the type of content you create as well. For example, an IG Reel will receive different compensation than a standard post or story.


Here are several ways that an Instagram model can make money:

How Much Do Instagram Models Make?

  1. Sponsored Posts, Stories, Reels

Depending on the package and budget of the brand, the influencer and brand negotiate a rate for the content to be produced. After a deal on a price is reached, the influencer writes one or more posts emphasizing a brand’s product.

The brand typically sets forth specific limits for what the influencer may write in the message. The influencer is paid by the brand once the content is published.

  1. Becoming an Affiliate Marketer

An influencer can  submit a request to serve as an affiliate partner with a brand. The brand provides trackable links to the influencer that allows them to see how much money they generate. The influencer receives a commission when a customer purchases something after clicking that link. The percent of commission received by the influencer is dependent on the product and the brand.

  1. OnlyFans Page

Exclusive content is made available through the use of OnlyFans. Influencers configure their pages so that OnlyFans keeps 20% of the earnings fee generated from subscriptions to the page.

The content that each user creates is secured so that it cannot be shared with third parties outside of the site making it unique and more valuable. The range of OnlyFans subscription prices is $4.99–49.99 per month. The remainder of the fee after the 20% is deducted goes to the influencer. This is a very lucrative income source for some influencers.

  1. Becoming a Brand Ambassador

Having a brand ambassador connection is similar to having sponsored posts and stories, but it lasts longer. For a specific period of time, a brand ambassador collaborates with the brand, or they post and promote their products. This kind of offer is typically reserved for individuals that maintain a sizable following in the brand’s target market.

The influencer may receive payment in the form of free products, affiliate commissions, or as a fixed sum of money, depending on the brand and size of the audience.

  1. Driving Their Audience to Another Income Generator

A blog, YouTube channel, or another online platform are often used in collaboration with Instagram to generate income. Influencers frequently direct visitors to their various platforms. To illustrate, consider the flow of traffic from Pinterest to a blog, the blog to Instagram, and Instagram to YouTube.This is an additional opportunity for Instagram models to make money because there are affiliate links on every site. And, some brands will pay for views.


Social networking is a crucial tool for establishing your brand, forging relationships, and for finding the right gig. In fact, it has grown to be so crucial that several renowned modeling agencies now demand that its models be active on social media.

You’ll need to invest a lot of time on Instagram to become a successful earner as a model. In light of this, we have provided valuable information on who is an Instagram model, how to become an IG model, and how you can make money as an Instagram model.

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How Much Do Instagram Models Make?