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Gideon From Sidequestz On Making Viral Street Interviews And His Creative Career


Gideon: Net Influencer Interviews Gideon From Sidequestz

Who is Gideon From Sidequestz? 

Gideon From Sidequestz On Making Viral Street Interviews And His Creative Career

Artist and content creator Gideon is named “The Chillest Guy in America” by TikTokers worldwide; he is a creator that sees his content as performing art and attributes all his success to his artistic perception. 

Followers love his content because he flows flawlessly and makes the best street interviews; when we asked Gideon how he’d describe himself, he told us, “I’m just your everyday chill dude; I consider everything I do art because that’s what I love and went to school for. Content creation for me is simply performance art; I don’t just put out videos and hope they blow up.”

He explains, “It’s like the art isn’t an object displayed or physical man-made thing. Instead, it’s the state you’re living in or how real-life interactions flow in a seamless artistic manner.”

Why Content Creation, and When Did It All Start? 

Gideon started creating content in his last year of high school, but at the time wasn’t doing it for the public, more so for his personal interest in pranks. 

The love and support Gideon received from his high school videos are what drove him to be one of the best-performing street interviewers. 

Despite creating prankster content and practicing performance art in college, Gideon’s career was quick to take off.

He tells us, “I do it for people’s love and support; ever since attempting my first prank compilation in high school, people have been telling me to keep at it and that I’m killing it. 

It’s the people’s love that keeps things rolling for me; my content didn’t just pop off. I had a long testing phase to see what works and kept adding to what people found engaging.”

The story of how Sidequestz came to be

“Sidequestz is actually a product of the people,” he tells us.

“It was not supposed to be a side quest thing, but I loved the idea and ran with it; the pranks were originally called “What’s the Dealio.” 

He explains that it was one of his fan’s ideas, but not in a direct way. His channel wasn’t originally called Sidequestz until one of his followers commented, “Bro’s on a Sidequest,” referring to silly videogame missions. That one comment clicked in Gideon’s mind, and it all started there. 

However, Gideon’s sidequests took off for many reasons. Some love them for how fluently he speaks Jamaican, while others admire how effortlessly it all flows. 

Each “Sidequest” is different than the one before, but some of the best-performing Sidequestz incorporate a mystery prize that never fails to impress. 

Here are a few of Gideon’s best-performing videos ranging from Jamaican accent interviews to cutting people off mid-conversation. 

How do you Balance Content Creation With Your Artistic Endeavors? 

As a creative visual artist, Gideon is also building his career as a painter while making content full-time. He tells us that he’s been mostly invested in content creation recently, as it takes him many attempts to get the perfect street interview, and not everyone vibes right with the questions he asks. 

Gideon From Sidequestz On Making Viral Street Interviews And His Creative Career

However, Gideon doesn’t feel like what he’s doing is separate from his art career and looks at it all as an artistic process. 

He’s still doing what he loves; it’s just consumed in a different manner. 

Although his time is mostly dedicated to making online content, he says, “It’s all intertwined, and they can promote each other eventually.”

The Creative Process 

Gideon’s creative process is a small part of an overall masterpiece of improv, and some of the best performing TikToks of his are almost purely improv. 

He tells us, “These interviews rarely go the way you plan them out to be. You have to go with the flow and create something on the spot.”

He explains, “It all depends on how the other person will react to my initial idea, I try to redirect the dialog to my original idea, but sometimes the best of things aren’t planned. 

What Are You Going To Do With The Fame and Money?

Gideon says that all his platforms are to promote art and that it’s his ultimate objective in what he does. Gideon tells us, “I still haven’t given it all I got, and I have a new kind of art I want to introduce; there’s still a lot of untapped potential, especially musically.”

Gideon plans on using his platform and resources to drop a new kind of music that he believes people will love; it’s a mix of hip-hop and Jamaican dance music. 

He tells us, “I just want to do whatever I want for the longest time possible, this opportunity offered me the advantage to be my own boss and not rely on a 9-5, and that’s exactly how I want to keep living.” 

For Gideon, fame, and money are just a vehicle to promote more art and content. He is not in it for the money and sponsorships, even though he does have a few excellent deals and sponsors, such as G Fuel. 

Brand Deals and Collabs

Gideon says, “G-fuel, the gaming drink brand, reached out to him earlier in his career and locked in a deal with him. 

He adds, “I wouldn’t work with any brand, it has to align with what my audience loves or is interested in, and so far, it’s only those brands that I’ve been asking me to collaborate with them.”

Although a few management teams and big-name talent agencies have contacted him to join their team, Gideon says, “I’m trying to make it on my own; I’m still on the fence with signing to a manager or agency. I could do just as good of a job by myself.”

Tips for creating the best street interviews

Key takeaways from Gideon’s experience as a content creator are for creators to find a niche market and dominate and also learn to see content as art while mastering improv. 

He tells us, “I’m still relatively new to this, but some of the best advice I can give anyone is to try different things; something will always click, and I learned that really early in my career. But still, in every niche, there are more micro-niches you need to discover; it’s never hit or miss. 

He adds, “I tailor what I do to meet people’s interests and attention spans; when you find something that works, just keep making similar things, tweak, and build upon the initial idea.”

My previous skits that didn’t perform as well were also interviews, but the new kind of content that’s blowing up allows for more creativity. Learn to be chill and talk about anything, people find it unique, but everyone in Jamaica vibes together on the street, and I grew up with that as a norm, making it all just another day for me.”

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