Gideon From Sidequestz On Making Viral Street Interviews & His Creative Career

Artist and content creator Gideon is named “The Chillest Guy in America” by TikTokers worldwide; he is a creator that sees his content as performing art and attributes all his success to his artistic perception.

Why Content Creation, & When Did It All Start?

Gideon started creating content in his last year of high school, but at the time wasn’t doing it for the public, more so for his personal interest in pranks.

“Sidequestz is actually a product of the people,” he tells us. “It was not supposed to be a side quest thing, but I loved the idea and ran with it; the pranks were originally called “What’s the Dealio.”

The story of how Sidequestz came to be

He says a fan suggested it, but not directly. Before his channel was called Sidequestz, a follower said, "Bro’s on a Sidequest," referring to silly videogame quests. That one comment clicked in Gideon’s mind, and it all started there.

He says he's been focusing on content creation because it takes him many tries to achieve the perfect street interview and not everyone likes his questions.

How do you Balance Content Creation With Your Artistic Endeavors?

However, Gideon doesn’t feel like what he’s doing is separate from his art career and looks at it all as an artistic process. He’s still doing what he loves; it’s just consumed in a different manner.

Gideon’s creative process is a small part of an overall masterpiece of improv. He tells us, “These interviews rarely go the way you plan them out to be. You have to go with the flow and create something on the spot.”

The Creative Process

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