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From Pets To Comics Vietnam's Wildest Influencer Marketing Trends


From Pets To Comics: Vietnam’s Wildest Influencer Marketing Trends

A new report from Flamingo Digital Media Corporation provides an in-depth look at the current state of influencer marketing and identifies emerging trends to help brands navigate the rapidly evolving industry.

The “Influencer Marketing Landscape & Predict 2024” report covers both global and Vietnam-specific influencer marketing statistics, insights, and predictions for the coming year. It draws on Flamingo’s decade of marketing expertise as well as analysis from reputable external sources.

On the global front, the report reveals influencer marketing’s rising importance to brands across industries. It finds advertising budgets allocated to influencer marketing increased significantly in 2023 compared to previous years. The consumer goods, fashion/beauty, and entertainment sectors were the highest-spending industries utilizing influencers.

From Pets To Comics: Vietnam's Wildest Influencer Marketing Trends

The report also highlights influencer marketing’s strong return on investment, making it an effective channel for brands to reach and engage audiences. Emerging global trends identified include the growing use of AI technology to enhance influencer campaigns.

Turning to the Vietnam market specifically, the report ranks the most popular social media platforms used for influencer marketing campaigns in the country. It also comprehensively classifies the different types of influencers based on criteria like roles, quality levels, industries they operate in, and typical fee ranges.

From Pets To Comics: Vietnam's Wildest Influencer Marketing Trends

Flamingo delves into the diverse roles influencers play in Vietnamese brands’ marketing activities beyond just product promotions. It reveals the top industries investing in Vietnam influencer marketing and showcases notable, successful local campaigns from 2023.

The analysis provides detailed guidance on how to select the most effective influencers for marketing objectives and platforms, outlining key criteria Vietnamese brands should use to evaluate potential influencer partners for impactful campaigns.

Several emerging, unique influencer trends identified in the Vietnam market include the rise of pet influencers, comic influencers, kid influencers, and group influencers. However, one of the most significant trends is the increased use of AI influencers and brand ambassadors created by technologies like generative artificial intelligence.

Looking ahead to 2024 forecasts, the report predicts the global influencer marketing industry will see AI’s role expand further through AI-assisted influencer vetting, AI influencers, and virtual ambassadors. In Vietnam, the use of such influencers and the development of such brand ambassadors by companies is expected to accelerate rapidly as a trend.

From Pets To Comics: Vietnam's Wildest Influencer Marketing Trends

The report provides a detailed process Vietnamese businesses can follow to build their own AI brand ambassadors, combining advantages like consistent persona and unlimited availability with human traits for authenticity.

Overall, Flamingo’s report serves as a valuable resource for brands and marketers aiming to optimize their influencer strategies in 2024. Its comprehensive data, expert analysis, and future-looking insights offer a roadmap to navigate the complex, continuously evolving influencer marketing landscape both globally and locally in Vietnam.

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