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Fiverr’s Translation Services How To Reach A Global Audience As An Influencer


Fiverr’s Translation Services: How To Reach A Global Audience As An Influencer

As the world continues to grow into a more globalized state, the translation industry is reaching tremendous levels of success. Data collected in 2020 informs us that 75% of professional translators and interpreters were classified as self-employed. Thus, this highlights the industry’s immense versatility as well as its high levels of competitiveness. To discuss this further, Netinfluencer will discuss everything you need to know about using translation services on Fiverr. 

How Does Fiverr Work?

First founded in February 2010, Fiverr works as a two-way marketplace, helping freelancers promote their services to an incredibly diverse customer base. This platform focuses on two main categories known as Buyers and Sellers. The former refers to the customers who are looking to hire freelancers, whereas the latter recognizes the freelancers themselves. As such, Fiverr acts as a bustling hub of digital services that can be purchased in a quick and easy manner. 

The platform requires Sellers to create a comprehensive profile, asking them to promote a collection of packages. These packages are presented in tiers, meaning that they can alter the price depending on the amount of work that needs to be completed. Each profile also contains its own messaging service, giving Buyers the chance to communicate with their chosen freelancer at any time.

With over a decade of admirable success behind it, Fiverr is also working to extend its services. In 2019, it launched Fiverr Studio, an all-in-one platform that allows Buyers to browse through a plethora of talented creatives all through one search option. Plus, each project will be assigned a Studio Lead, who aims to keep each team on track and ensure that they are always hitting key milestones. 

Fiverr’s Translation Services: How To Reach A Global Audience As An Influencer


What Are Translation Services?

Research shows that around 1 in every 5 US adults speaks a language other than English at home. This staggering statistic accentuates the need for translators and how they are able to see incredible success on Fiverr. Translation services simply refer to those who translate written or spoken words from one language to another. 

The average hourly wage for a translator on Fiverr is around $8, meaning that these workers have the potential to earn a decent living just from this platform alone. As such, this has helped to create a vivacious and energetic market for these individuals to operate in. 

Examples of Successful Translators on Fiverr


This translator first created his profile in 2016 and has gone on to complete a plethora of different projects. As a self-taught audio effects artist, hdavid, uses these details to translate vast pieces of content with a keen eye for detail. He can translate up to 60 minutes of audio in just 24 hours, indicating his hard-working style and dedication to deadlines. hdavid also boasts a Level 2 status, meaning that he has managed to maintain an average 4.7-star rating for over 60 days and offers a 90% on-time delivery score. 

Fiverr’s Translation Services: How To Reach A Global Audience As An Influencer

Attia Iqbal

With an impressive 1692 5-star reviews, Attia Iqbal has established herself as one of the finest translators on the market. Fluent in both English and Urdu, Iqbal works to translate a wealth of unique content such as YouTube videos and church sermons all within a 24-hour time frame. She has also completed the Online Freelancing Essentials course, giving her the pivotal skills needed to manage and monetize her popular services on Fiverr. 

Fiverr’s Translation Services: How To Reach A Global Audience As An Influencer


bbmi11, also referred to as My, is a translator based in Germany. Working in both German and English, My is able to translate up to 5 minutes of audio in less than 24 hours. This speedy response has helped her to earn over 200 five-star reviews as well as an admirable level one status. This translator also offers her transcript in a variety of different formats, including Microsoft Word and PDF. In turn, My is able to accommodate a vast selection of Buyers, making her a useful asset to many professionals. 

Fiverr’s Translation Services: How To Reach A Global Audience As An Influencer


This translator is able to stand out from the crowd due to his fluency in English, Arabic, French, and Spanish. As such, salahmohamed46 can transcribe subtitles and create Amazon product descriptions with ease and creative flair. After creating his profile in 2018, this translator has collected 99 reviews, all of which are either 4-star or 5-star. He also has experience with HTML and LaTeX, helping him to extend his services even further. 

Fiverr’s Translation Services: How To Reach A Global Audience As An Influencer


With an exceptional level of repeat buyers, fiishnchips’ incredible translation skills have helped him to build a devoted portfolio of avid clients. This translator is fluent in both German and English, working with a maximum of 300 words at a time. He also offers proofreading and document formation services, adding a unique touch of professionalism to each and every project. With over 2000 5-star reviews, it is no wonder that this translator has managed to seek out immense levels of success on Fiverr. 

Fiverr’s Translation Services: How To Reach A Global Audience As An Influencer

Benefits of Using Translation Services for Your Influencer Brand

Influencers can also benefit from using Fiverr’s many translation services as they can help content creators to better communicate with their global audiences. For example, if you are looking to host a meet-and-greet in a different country, it is vital that the natives understand the conditions of the event. As such, with the help of a freelance translator, you can form a stronger bond with your audience and ensure that you are all operating on the same page.

Fiverr is also a useful platform to use if you are looking to support the work of other self-employed individuals. Since these Sellers are also working on their own terms, influencers now have the chance to collaborate with like-minded creatives and help to enhance the value of these industries. Thus, this is an ideal option for those who wish to create a more personal relationship with their desired translator and are looking to detach from a standard translation brand.

Sellers on Fiverr often boast a number of skills, making them a suitable option for those who are looking for a more nuanced translation service. For those who produce YouTube videos at scale, you may be looking for a translator who can add multiple subtitles to your videos, or even add a layer of dubbed audio. This diverse skill set can help influencers form long-term relationships with other content creators, helping them to build a support system that can aid them through future projects. 

Fiverr’s Translation Services: How To Reach A Global Audience As An Influencer


Fiverr’s translation services offer a wealth of benefits to a growing number of influencers, enabling them to better communicate with their multicultural audience. As such, this allows them to continue monetizing their work and striving toward a higher level of engagement. 

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