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The Benefits of Using Fiverr for Content Creation and Influencer Marketing


The Benefits Of Using Fiverr For Content Creation And Influencer Marketing

Boasting 830,000 sellers and a further 5.5 million buyers, Fiverr has managed to establish itself as a leading pioneer within the ever-growing gig economy. Many individuals use this platform to share their services with an eager audience, ensuring that they are effectively compensated for their hard work. Since content creators also fit into this niche, Netinfluencer will offer everything you need to know about successfully using Fiverr for influencer marketing. 

History of Fiverr

First founded by Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger, Fiverr began its life as an avid online marketplace where self-employed creatives could promote their services in a more competitive and accessible landscape. The most unique part of this platform was that all services started at $5, ensuring that buyers could exceed the bid to bring these freelancers a much higher income. 

In 2020, the company expanded its services into B2B marketing, forming Fiverr Business. This platform aims to help large conglomerates better manage their workflow and encourages them to hire more freelancers and digital nomads. It has also branched out into the alluring world of Artificial Intelligence, using it to craft Logo Maker. On this platform, businesses can build their own branding materials through a wealth of pre-made features and settings.

Though Fiverr has gone through some incredibly grandiose changes, it still adheres to the strict labels of ‘Buyers’ and ‘Sellers’ The former refers to those who are purchasing the services and the latter applies to freelancers who are offering their own services. As such, this has helped Fiverr to build an extremely user-friendly site that supports online transactions with ease. 

The Benefits Of Using Fiverr For Content Creation And Influencer Marketing


Examples of Fiverr’s Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Sorted Food

This quirky cooking channel worked alongside Fiverr to showcase its incredible collection of animators as well as share an exclusive discount code. Sorted Food is made up of two professional chefs and two amateur home cooks, who have been creating content since 2010. In their Vegan Christmas Fail video, these chefs work together to craft an entire three-course meal that is almost completely plant-based. This video also relies on a successful claymation artist who expertly crafted each chef out of clay to help add a unique sense of nuanced flair to the entire story. In turn, this video achieved over 432,000 videos and a further 19,000 likes. 

The Benefits Of Using Fiverr For Content Creation And Influencer Marketing


Josh Carrott and Ollie Kendall work together to produce entertaining and charismatic content for their shared channel JOLLY. Though they are probably best known for their hit YouTube channel Korean Englishmen, where they aim to share the intricacies of both cultures, JOLLY focuses on their more natural personalities. When working with Fiverr, the pair traveled to Borough Market in Central London to taste a wealth of delectable food. In this video, the creators implemented a unique stop-motion segment that replicated a conversation shown in a previous clip. The Must Try Christmas Market Food in London video amassed 793,000 views and allowed them to share a personalized discount code. 

The Benefits Of Using Fiverr For Content Creation And Influencer Marketing

Peter Hollens

Best known for his immense talent in music theater and performance, Peter Hollens used Fiverr to hire a wealth of premium voice actors to use in his own video. Throughout this video, he highlights the functionality of Fiverr’s interface and includes various clips of the energetic actors. The video compiles an assortment of impressions such as Darth Vader, Elmo, and even decadent opera singers. The final product was a star-studded performance that indicates the versatility and prestige of these individuals, offering Hollens the chance to collect an impressive 71,000 views. 

The Benefits Of Using Fiverr For Content Creation And Influencer Marketing


BadGameDev successfully breaks down the fundamental components of video game production and presents them in a humorous and outlandish fashion. This creator also worked alongside Fiverr to collect a wealth of other talented developers to create their own rendition of Grand Theft Auto 6. BadGameDev hired three developers, each of which used their own creativity and imagination to depict their own interpretation of the task. Whether it was in an 8-Bit style or a Brutalist first-person shooter, these developers all highlighted their ability to follow a brief and deliver work in a timely fashion. As a result, the video gained over 41,000 views, and a further 237 comments. 

The Benefits Of Using Fiverr For Content Creation And Influencer Marketing


Kathleen Belsten, better known as Loserfruit, is often commended for her engaging and immersive video game content, particularly her Fortnite gameplays. Despite being the second most popular female creator on Twitch, she used Fiverr to hire a Fortnite coach to better her performance in the game. Belsten also expresses Fiverr’s simplistic interface and also provides lengthy examples of how the coach interacts with her throughout the session. This video also highlighted the prosperous niche of esports coaching and how it can positively impact a number of related industries. Loserfruit also saw a lot of success in this video, gaining 179,000 views and 417 comments. 

The Benefits Of Using Fiverr For Content Creation And Influencer Marketing

How To Hire an Influencer on Fiverr

When seeking out an influencer on Fiverr, it is vital that you have an already established set of criteria that you would like your chosen content creator to adhere to. This could be related to deadlines or style and must be expressed before any money changes hands. Once you have firmly established what you are looking for, begin searching for that niche on Fiverr. For example, if you are looking to promote a new makeup product, you may begin searching for beauty influencers. 

In order to form a stronger relationship with your content creator, try messaging them to discover more about their services and experiences. You can do this by pressing the ‘Contact Seller’ button in their profile. You should then select and purchase your desired package. These often range in price and exclusivity so be sure to select the most appropriate option for your brand and budget.

It is also good practice to remain in contact with your influencer throughout the duration of the project. This ensures that they are remaining on track with the brief and can ask any burning questions if needed. After the project has been successfully delivered, be sure to offer some constructive feedback and, if possible, maintain a relationship with the Seller for future ventures. 

Benefits of Using Fiverr for Content Creation

Fiverr has helped to support the transformative growth of the gig economy and seems to be doing the same for the influencer marketing industry. Since this platform allows influencers to craft a trio of packages, they can now offer a range of services all within the confines of one profile. This feature also allows creators to earn an accumulative level of income as they can alter the price depending on how much work needs to be completed. 

This platform has also managed to build a deeply positive reputation, which helps to encourage more businesses to hire freelancers. With regard to influencer marketing, this means that iconic brands are more likely to work alongside social media personalities rather than traditional celebrities, especially since they can be contacted easily through platforms like Fiverr. This helps to extend the vitality of this industry and can make it more profitable in the long run. 

Fiverr also allows businesses to search through an influencer’s portfolio so that they can see examples of their past work. This is useful for budding content creators who do not have a media kit and are looking for more ways to build a diverse catalog of work. As a result, this platform can be used by smaller influencers who are looking to operate on a more level playing field with other growing micro-influencers. 

The Benefits Of Using Fiverr For Content Creation And Influencer Marketing


Fiverr has effectively transformed the outstanding world of influencer marketing as it allows brands from around the world to collaborate with Sellers. This platform also allows influencers to get paid in a safe and profitable way, ensuring that they can effectively monetize their work for better levels of future success. 

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