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Fiverr's Writing Services: How To Create Killer Content For Your Influencer Brand


Fiverr’s Writing Services: How To Create Killer Content For Your Influencer Brand

Influencers spend most of their time working to attract brand partnerships and sell affiliate products and services to their audience. If you need help creating the perfect social media captions, catchy copy for your website, or a bio that summarizes how great you are, check out the Fiverr platform. Here, NetInfluencer covers the best Fiverr writing services for influencers and provides recommendations of top freelancers.

If you’re an influencer, attracting the attention of top brands is the key to your success. If you’ve been in the game for awhile, you might also be thinking of monetizing your platform beyond brand partnerships. The best way to get the right eyes on your content is through a strong online presence, which requires engaging social media accounts and a polished website. However, gaining the traction you need online requires a lot of time, skills, and effort and you may need some help. 

The Fiverr freelance marketplace is a one-stop-shop for outsourcing some of the tasks you need to get your online presence in top shape. The platform hosts thousands of talented freelancers who will work with you on writing services. Whether you want someone to develop catchy copy for your website or need help developing your very first online course, there’s a service that’s right for you.

Read on to learn more about some of the best writing services on Fiverr along with our top recommendations.


Best Fiverr Writing Services for Influencers

Article & Blog Post Writing

One way to attract the attention of potential brand partners is through an engaging blog on your website. An experienced content writer can help you create SEO-optimized content in your niche to help you rank high in Google searches. Blogs are also a great way to showcase your knowledge, give insights into your personality, and educate your audience. 

Gig Recommendations:

  • ehtishammazhar writes engaging content based on proven SEO and marketing strategies. 
  • smnoconnor’s blog writing services include topic research, SEO keywords, and citations.
  • melanielm is a native English speaker and writes unique and effective SEO-optimized articles and web content.

Book & eBook Writing

A great way to establish authority in your niche is to publish a book or an eBook. Brands and companies often partner with influencers who have established credibility and a book is a great way to show off your expertise. If you’re not an author or writer by trade, there are plenty of Fiverr freelancers ready to help you. An experienced ghostwriter will take care of all of the writing, and some can even get your book uploaded and published on platforms like Amazon. 

Gig Recommendations:

  • randirayl will ghost write a fiction piece “so fast, it’s scary!” She writes everything from poetry to full-length novels.
  • sandrinabu will write and design your eBook, lead magnet, or freebie. They also do workbooks, checklists, and instructions.
  • magicalwriter1 ghostwrites non-fiction eBooks for Kindle and other platforms. Specialties include self-help, psychology, and personal development.

Social Media Copywriting

Social media captions need to grab the attention of your audience quickly before they scroll to the next content creator in their feed. Social media copywriters have the skills to develop short, yet effective captions and copy so your ideal brand partners and customers find you and stay engaged. There are many Fiverr freelancers experienced in social media content and several of them have worked with big companies and famous brands.

Gig Recommendations:

  • Check out raniakalogirou for your social media photo caption needs. Her captions generate leads, engage with your audience, and drive sales.
  • georgiaeaustinn writes compelling social media content and has worked with big name clients like Nike and Under Armour. 
  • ambermeadows writes SEO-driven social media captions. They’re guaranteed to be 100% unique, original, and error-free.

Website Content

Gig Recommendations:

  • If you need a new “about me” page, check out rustonwrites. They also do social media bios and include two revisions.
  • webcopyguru does highly converting SEO copywriting for websites. He’s worked with top brands like KFC and Gillette. 
  • alexvlaston specializes in writing brand stories and mission statements. 

Video Scriptwriting

If you’re a busy vlogger who needs help organizing your thoughts, consider working with a video scriptwriter. Having a solid script ensures your video has good flow and appears professional. A script can also help lessen any nervous jitters you may have in front of the camera. With a pre-made script, you’ll speak more clearly and deliver your message with ease.

Gig Recommendations:

  • inscribeopedia will research and write you an engaging YouTube video script. All content is guaranteed to be original and error-free.
  • If you need a how-to or explainer script, check out mogb7d’s services. She’s a former television reporter, producer, and anchor!
  • kbeamon specializes in professional video scripts for business videos.

Transcription & Translation Services

Content creators and influencers with a world-wide audience should consider investing in translation services. Including a transcription of your video or audio content in different languages is a great way to widen your reach and stay inclusive. Additionally, transcription services help you connect with audience members who are hearing or vision-impaired.

Gig Recommendations:

  • hdavid will translate 60 min of audio in just 24 hours, in English or Spanish
  • attiaiqbal can transcribe 10 minutes of audio or video in a 24 hour turnaround time. They also include proofreading and timestamps.
  • If you need German or English transcripts, check out bbmi11. They can handle audio or video files.
  • salahmohamed46 provides transcription and subtitle services for short multimedia files. They specialize in English, French, and Arabic.
  • fiishnchips has five years of experience on Fiverr and over 4,000 completed orders. Check them out for professional German and English translations.

Sales & Ad Copywriting

If you’re expanding your influencer empire and have products or services to sell, ad campaigns are an effective way to gain visibility and increase your customer base. Partner with a Fiverr freelancer to write effective ad copy for Facebook and Google. They can also assist you with creating persuasive sales copy for your website.


Gig Recommendations:

  • ayamedaghri writes converting Facebook ad copy. Her work has generated over $900k in profit for her clients.
  • If you need engaging sales copy, check out copygraphers. Their team has served over 5,000 happy customers.

akoktsidis writes ad copy for Google Search. She includes a variety of interesting and relevant headlines and descriptions in her services.

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