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How to Use Fanfix to Earn More Money as a Content Creator


How to Use Fanfix to Earn More Money as a Content Creator

A report from ConvertKit explains that full-time content creators leverage 2.7 income streams on average. This highlights the versatility of the creator economy and how influencers can secure a number of income streams throughout their career. Many platforms offer monetization features, inspiring influencers to churn out their best content for a paying audience. To discuss this idea further, Netinfluencer explores how influencers can use Fanfix to increase their revenue. 

What Is Fanfix?

Fanfix is a premium subscription platform that allows influencers and content creators to produce content for their most loyal followers. The platform promises creators more freedom and income opportunities, allowing them to produce exclusive content for their paying subscribers.

The platform was launched in August 2021 by acclaimed social media figure Cameron Dallas. Creators can now post a wealth of content such as blog posts, videos, and guides, all whilst maintaining complete control over how their work is viewed and shared. 

Despite being on the market for a few short months, Fanfix has already expanded its portfolio of platforms. In October 2021, the CEO of Fanfix, Henry Gestetner, announced the arrival of Koji, a leading Link in Bio app.

Koji also focuses on giving creators more control, enabling them to share their other active platforms and gain additional revenue streams. The team began developing this app in March 2021 after it received an impressive $16 million in venture capital from GoMeta Inc. 

How to Use Fanfix to Earn More Money as a Content Creator


Why Was It Launched?

Alongside the promise of creative freedom, Fanfix also offers a range of monetization options all within one space. For example, influencers can earn a recurring income via monthly subscriptions but can also earn added extras such as tips. Thus, this provides creators with a much more secure income and a greater sense of financial stability. 

Fanfix also works to push against large social media conglomerates and build a supportive space where creators and viewers can engage and interact. The platform provides a variety of safety features and guidelines such as no explicit content and private messages being consistently monitored for those under 13. As such, influencers can produce content without the risk of harming their viewers. 

How to Use Fanfix to Earn More Money as a Content Creator


How Popular Is the Platform?

Fanfix quickly gained an immense amount of popularity, amassing 10 million users in just a few months. The platform also hosts a wide selection of successful creators such as:

Aisha Mian

Anna Shumate

Troy Osterberg

What Features Are Available?

Customized Pricing

Whereas other platforms, such as YouTube, constrict creators to a set fee for their memberships, Fanfix allows creators to set their own prices. Thus, users can now have full control of their earnings and can increase their price in accordance with inflation and other external forces. 

In addition, influencers maintain 80% of their earnings, leaving the rest to support Fanfix’s development. Therefore, users can adapt their prices to cover the costs of the platform’s cut. 

Fanfix also offers a Pay-to-DM feature, allowing viewers to send a short message to their favorite creator for a small cost. Again, users can modify the price of this service, meaning that they can still earn money as they engage with their most loyal followers. 

Analytics Dashboard

The platform also provides users with a comprehensive analytics dashboard. Here creators can track their earnings, subscriber count, and other performance metrics. This is a useful tool that creators can share with brands and other figures to help them to secure other opportunities outside of the platform. 


In response to the wishes of its creators, Fanfix has recently launched its own link-in-bio feature. SuperLink is a separate tool that influencers can use to promote their paywalled content to an extended audience.

This feature, which is still currently in Beta, allows fans to purchase exclusive documents and purchase requests such as personalized videos. SuperLink is free to use and 46% of the revenue made from this feature goes to the creator directly.

How to Use Fanfix to Earn More Money as a Content Creator


How To Join Fanfix

Budding creators must first create an account on Fanfix. They can do this by downloading the app and completing the relevant forms. The platform is quite strict about the influencers it promotes as it only accepts those who have a minimum of 10,000 followers across all of their active social media accounts. 

Moreover, eligible users must adhere to the app’s clean and prosperous image. If the platform feels that you are too explicit or are unable to upkeep the demands of your subscribers, it will not accept your application.

As this is a platform that panders heavily to Gen Z, users must be aged 13 and over. Minors must also gain a parent or guardian’s permission to use the platform and must consent to have their private messages monitored 24/7. 

Benefits of Using Fanfix as an Influencer

Fanfix provides a wealth of monetary benefits, giving content creators more stability and freedom in their finances. The tips feature also allows creators to get bonuses on top of their subscriptions, enabling them to consistently maintain high levels of income. This also ensures that creators are being rewarded for their hard work and are not sharing a majority of their earnings with large platforms.

The app also encourages influencers to produce a wide assortment of different content, something they may not be able to do on other platforms such as YouTube or Facebook. Influencers can produce written content, video content, and personalized videos, meaning that they can suit the needs of every type of follower. This also helps Fanfix to become more competitive, as it can allow users to earn money from a plethora of sources, all within the confines of one platform.

Fanfix is also passionate about maintaining a child-friendly image, allowing younger influencers to earn money from their content, and helping to keep audiences safe. These guidelines help to extend the power of the creator economy even further, ensuring that every influencer is compensated for their commitment and is able to gain new revenue streams. 

How to Use Fanfix to Earn More Money as a Content Creator


As influencers continue to monetize their content, Fanfix’s success highlights how many of these individuals wish to take more control over their earnings. This also inspires brands to pay influencers in accordance with the market rate, allowing the industry as a whole to become more valuable. 

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