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Fiverr V. SEOclerks – Which Platform Is Best For Freelancers


Fiverr Vs. SEOclerks – Which Platform Is Best For Freelancers?

Freelance work is one of the most popular forms of work these days. From the flexible hours, the ability to work from home, and the range of different companies you can work with, freelancing has become a steady form of income for many people. Freelancing is also economical for online business owners looking to complete work without having to hire employees.

A few years ago, finding freelance work could be difficult. But these days, there are many different platforms to help connect digital creators with freelancers looking to purchase services. 

Today we will be taking a look at two of these freelance sites, Fiverr and SEOClerks.


Fiverr V. SEOclerks – Which Platform Is Best For Freelancers?

What is Fiverr?

Perhaps one of the most popular freelancing platforms, Fiverr was founded in 2010 in Israel as a two-way marketplace for freelancers, particularly for digital services, like web design and copyediting. The namesake of the site was that all these services would start at $5 USD. Though these days, many services can cost upwards of hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars.

The highest paying jobs on the site are website design, social media management, proofreading and copywriting, and resume writing. Though you can also find services like psychic readings, or relationship advice.

Fiverr is now a billion dollar company and has millions of users from across the globe.

How does Fiverr work for freelancers?

Once you sign up for a free Fiverr account, you can start posting gigs on the site.

‘Gigs’ are what Fiverr calls their job postings, and it is how potential clients will find your work.

When posting a gig, you want to make sure you use positive keywords, include examples of finished products, and discuss important factors such as deadlines and budgets.

Below is an example of a successful seller on Fiverr, and one of their gig postings.

Fiverr V. SEOclerks – Which Platform Is Best For Freelancers?

You can even include different packages that will allow potential clients to choose different pricing tiers for their product. You can choose between basic, standard, and premium. Premium packages may include more content, quicker delivery time, or the ability for the client to ask for multiple revisions of their product.  Below are some examples of what your packages could look like.

Fiverr V. SEOclerks – Which Platform Is Best For Freelancers?
Fiverr V. SEOclerks – Which Platform Is Best For Freelancers?

As you grow on the site, Fiverr will automatically place you into different levels. 

The levels are – New Seller, Level 1, Level 2, and Top Rated Seller. The higher your ranking, the more likely you are to receive new orders. You also get special perks as your ranking grows.

You will be ranked as a new seller until you reach Level 1. To reach Level 1, you must have been active on the site for 60 days, make $400 or more, have 10 completed sales, maintain a 4.7 star rating, have a 90% completion on all orders and response time, as well as receive no warnings. Once you complete that, you will be able to have 10 active gigs, and add 4 extra services per gig.

Note: It is important to note that Fiverr takes a 20% cut from your total sales. That means you will receive 80% of your profits. Though, Fiverr never charges you to make an account, so your marketplace will continue to be free, unlike many freelance marketplaces.

How does Fiverr work for clients?

You can easily switch between freelancer and client from Fiverr’s dashboard and do not have to make a separate account. 

Instead of posting your own gigs, you can search out specific categories that will help you with the project you need.

When requesting a service, it’s important to remember that a freelancer can deny your request at any time. You can also contact the freelancer directly if you have questions about their work or want to make adjustments to the project.

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, you can try posting a request as well. When you post a request, Fiverr will match a freelancer to your project and you can discuss timeline, budget, and what content will help make your project perfect. Below is an example of the request form, and what type of information you would need to provide.

Fiverr V. SEOclerks – Which Platform Is Best For Freelancers?

Note – Fiver charges a 5.5% fee on all orders, and an extra $2 USD if the order total is under $50.


Fiverr V. SEOclerks – Which Platform Is Best For Freelancers?

What is SEOClerks?

SEOClerks is a freelance marketplace designed specifically for SEO searches. The site claims to be the largest SEO site on the market. Founded in 2011 in North Carolina, the site now has over 100,000 freelancers currently on the site, offering over 150,000 services. 

How does SEOClerks Work as a Freelancer?

Once you sign up, you can start posting services as a freelancer. Below is an example of what type of information you should include in your posting.

Fiverr V. SEOclerks – Which Platform Is Best For Freelancers?

Include a catchy title, how long your service will take, and include finished images and videos of the final product.

You can even include testimonials from past customers, or a list of frequently asked questions.

Once your service post is up, potential clients will be able to message you directly and start booking.

You can manage your orders, revenue, fees, and all messages in your dashboard, which is shown below.

Fiverr V. SEOclerks – Which Platform Is Best For Freelancers?

SEOClerks will take a 10% fee from all order totals, which is lower than Fiverr’s 20%.

How does SEOClerks work as a client?

Similarly to Fiverr, clients will search through SEOClerks to find the services they need. You can message a freelancer directly to come up with a project that fits your needs, or post a job posting for freelancers to bid on. You can manage bids, jobs, and all communication and payment in the same dashboard.

Fiverr V. SEOclerks – Which Platform Is Best For Freelancers?

User Levels

Similar to Fiverr, SEOClerks has a way of ranking users by levels. But unlike Fiverr, clients can be ranked on this as well.

Every user starts at Level 1, which comes with some limitations, such as your service not being able to cost more than $125 USD, no instant downloads, no subscription services, and not being able to create more than 10 services. 

Once you move up to Level 2, you have completed or bought 10 orders or more, made or spent $500 or more, have a 90% rating or higher, and receive many more benefits. This includes being able to create instant downloads and subscription services, receiving your payment 4 days after order completion, and can create up to 50 services at a time.

You can move up to Level 3, 4, 5 and X, which is the highest level.  Below is an example of a Level 5, with S standing for seller, B standing for buyer, and A standing for affiliate. 

Fiverr V. SEOclerks – Which Platform Is Best For Freelancers?

Joining their affiliate program allows you to earn 5% on every order through your unique link.  If you refer a user using your affiliate link and they purchase your service, you will earn 100% of the funds, minus fees


Which freelance site is better?

Both platforms allow freelancers and clients the chance to connect. While Fiverr has more options for services that aren’t SEO related, for more serious programming, link building, and other SEO content, SEOClerks may be a great option to check out. Fiverr does have a higher fees for freelancers, but has a larger platform, and therefore you may have a greater chance of making money or finding a freelancer that fits your needs.

Which freelance site will you pick? Do you use another alternative like UpWork or Toptal? Let us know down below.

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