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Popular Fashion Influencers on YouTube


Popular Fashion Influencers on YouTube

Data from Adlava explains that consumers are twice as likely to purchase an item if they have seen it advertised on YouTube. As such, this makes the platform extremely profitable for those who love the world of style and clothing. Content surrounding fashion and beauty has a very wide audience as it can help inspire and educate a large number of people on their next luxury purchase. To explore this idea further, Netinfluencer lists the most popular fashion influencers on YouTube. 

Fashion Influencers on YouTube To Follow


With a devoted audience of 670K subscribers, Ellbat has captivated her fanbase with her chic stylings and lifestyle content. This influencer, otherwise known as Elena Bateman, first started producing videos in 2018 when she shared her moving battle with Anorexia.

Throughout the years, Bateman has continued to create honest and open-minded content, sharing her love of beauty and design. Most recently, she embarked on a challenge where she allowed her followers to choose her outfits for a week. She also focuses on viral beauty trends such as the perfect haircut and outrageous electric BBL shorts. When Ellbat is not making content on YouTube, she is live streaming on Twitch where she has an additional 15.3K subscribers. 

Popular Fashion Influencers on YouTube

Alyssa Beltempo

This fashion influencer focuses on putting an end to overconsumption and the fast-fashion industry, encouraging her 211K subscribers to reinvigorate the pieces they already own. Alyssa Beltempo creates an abundance of content, especially surrounding the trends of certain seasons. She also offers simple style guides to help her audience to amplify every look. Beltempo began posting content in 2017, showcasing her tiny closet and how she maximizes every outfit she creates. She also contributes to a comprehensive blog known as Ms Beltempo, where she creates a series of written content that is used to update her fans on her latest ventures. 

Popular Fashion Influencers on YouTube

Shea Whitney

With an impressive 1.47 million subscribers, Shea Whitney is possibly one of the most notable fashion influencers on the platform. Whitney has been producing videos since 2016, when she was first known for reviewing luxury handbags. Nowadays, she posts a variety of fashion hauls from establishments such as Target and Amazon.

She also posts a variety of list videos, helping her audience make the best choices in their next fashion purchase. This influencer has also begun posting on TikTok, sharing her daily skincare routine and hacks with a growing audience of 12K followers. Whitney is also very active on Instagram, highlighting both her professional and personal goals to her additional 234k followers. 

Popular Fashion Influencers on YouTube


By collating a series of unique fashion projects into one space, MAIAZINE is able to give expert insight into the fashion trends we see today. With 60.3K subscribers, her content has gone through an assortment of changes and developments to help connect with her ever-changing audience. This channel was created by Maia in 2016 and originally hosted a plethora of lifestyle and vlog content.

In 2021, this fashion influencer moved to New York to further develop her fashion career, sporting a new range of content on her channel. She now interviews various fashion students and invites them to comment on both their favorite and least favorite style choices. MAIAZINE is also working on a nuanced fashion magazine designed to bridge the gap between past and contemporary clothing. 

Popular Fashion Influencers on YouTube

Robin James

Equipped with effortless charm and charisma, Robin James offers a selection of grooming tips and tricks to help men feel more comfortable in their own skin. His content usually centers around perfumes and hair care, reviewing products from iconic brands such as Penhaligon’s and Dior. James also experiments with short-form content, particularly YouTube Shorts, which provide much more condensed styling routines for his 420K subscribers. He focuses a lot on building a personal brand, as seen by his website Man For Himself. Here, his followers can learn more about the future of men’s grooming as well as purchase his best-reviewed products. 

Popular Fashion Influencers on YouTube

Alex Costa

Amassing 3.7 million subscribers, Alex Costa provides his audience with a range of fashion tips by using a plethora of high-end editing techniques. Costa showcases a wide variety of unique camera angles, edits, and overlays to share his outfits in the best light. He often provides recommendations based on the season, as seen in his video 10 Stylish Summer Outfits for Men. In 2019, Costa launched his own skincare brand known as Apricus Skincare to help other men take better care of their skin. The brand provides a collection of premium products as well as a subscription service that delivers your favorite products every two months. 

Popular Fashion Influencers on YouTube

Natalia Trevino Amaro

At just 20 years old, Natalia Trevino Amaro launched her own sustainable fashion brand, sharing every milestone with her 102K subscribers. Her brand produces timeless pieces with zero waste and with ethically sourced materials, making her a growing designer for modern times. Amaro’s YouTube channel presents a lot of vlog content, sharing her experience at New York Fashion Week as well as her usual production process. Alongside her videos, this fashion influencer also hosts a podcast named Unfiltered Fashion Talks. This platform explores the impactful shifts occurring in the modern fashion industry and how budding designers are paving their own way. 

Popular Fashion Influencers on YouTube

Frugal Aesthetic 

Teeming with memes and popular culture references, Frugal Aesthetic explores the world of fashion through a much more humorous lens. Their videos explore how a person’s style impacts their personality, evoking videos such as What Your Shoes Say About You. This channel was created by Christian Villaneuva in 2016 and has since gone on to earn an astonishing 1.34 million subscribers. Villaneuva also ranks celebrities’ merchandise as well as comments on other modern trends, making him very popular with young audiences. He also uses Instagram to share his latest style choices with an additional 164K followers. 

Popular Fashion Influencers on YouTube

Audrey Coyne

With a dedication to minimalism and slow fashion, Audrey Coyne shows her 747K subscribers how to do more with less. Her videos explore how women can upgrade their style, using just a few accessories or other pieces. She has shared how to look classic rather than outdated and has showcased her must-have shoe collection. Despite her popular presence on YouTube, Coyne may be best known for her blog, Audrey Á La Mode. On this platform, she goes into more depth about her favorite fashion trends and sells a variety of vintage and second-hand items. 

Popular Fashion Influencers on YouTube

Karina Plum

As a devoted fashion student living in New York City, Karina Plum offers her 32.7K subscribers a sneak peek into her daily life. Plum often produces Day in the Life videos, using a range of awe-inspiring shots to capture the true vibrancy of her city. She also films content in her classes and lectures, allowing her audience to gain more understanding of her studies and future career plans. This fashion influencer has also started a Sew with Me series, where she showcases how a garment goes from an initial idea to a complete product. Karina Plum also shares more lifestyle content on Instagram where she has a further 1672 followers. 

Popular Fashion Influencers on YouTube

Fashion influencers on YouTube are seeing a large amount of success due to their knowledge and experience in their respective niche. They also collaborate with iconic brands to increase engagement and revenue across a wide range of markets. To discover more about the types of influencers on YouTube, visit our website

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