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How To Earn More Money Through Facebook Live


Maximize Your Earnings with Facebook Live

According to data collected in April 2022, Facebook is the world’s most active social media platform with an astonishing 2.936 billion daily active users. As the platform gains more traction, Facebook continues to add more features to its intuitive interface, making it more user-friendly and engaging. Facebook Live is one of the platform’s most popular features, allowing influencers to share their daily lives in real-time. Netinfluencer explains how influencers can gain more monetary benefits from Facebook Live, helping them to build an additional revenue stream. 

What is Facebook Live?

Facebook Live allows creators to broadcast various types of content to their audience as it happens. Moreover, viewers can comment, react, and like the content, further building a strong community for the influencer.

This feature launched back in August 2015, helping to overtake contemporary live streaming platforms such as Periscope. At first, Facebook Live was mainly used by news organizations as well as Mark Zuckerberg, to help promote updates from around the world. By the end of the year, Facebook Live was rolled out to all users.

Since its initial launch, Facebook Live has seen exponential growth and data suggests that users watch Facebook live streams three times longer than pre-recorded videos that are posted to the platform. 

How To Earn More Money Through Facebook Live


What Are the Requirements for the Facebook Partner Monetization Policy?

Facebook has a very in-depth monetization policy that allows influencers to earn revenue by posting ads on their livestreams and promoting branded content across the platform. In order to reap these benefits, you must first apply to the Facebook Partner Monetization Policy

Before you begin this process, it is vital that you meet the initial requirements. These include adhering to Facebook’s Community Guidelines, residing in an eligible country, and being aged 18 or over. 

With regard to earning money through Facebook Live, you must have at least a watch time of 60,000 minutes. This duration must have been collected in the last 60 days. In addition, your page must also have at least five active videos. Three of these videos must be previous livestreams. 

If you believe that you have hit these criteria, you can check whether your page is eligible for monetization through your personal Creator Studio dashboard. You can then submit your page for further approval as well as add an applicable payment method to your profile. 

How To Earn More Money Through Facebook Live


What Are Facebook Live In-Stream Ads?

One of Facebook’s most prominent monetization features is the In-Stream Ads. These are similar to conventional television advertisements in they are placed throughout a creator’s content. These ads can also be customized to be placed at select points throughout the livestream. As a result, influencers can still roll out ads without causing too much disruption to the viewer.

There are currently four types of ad formats available for monetized creators. These are described below.

  1. Pre-roll ads: These advertisements play just before the stream starts. They are also considered to be the highest-paying type of ad.
  2. Mid-roll ads: Ads such as these are used to indicate neutral break points, particularly when used for content that would be viewed in the Facebook News feed.
  3. Image ads: Static images can be used to earn money where rolling ads would not be appropriate or relevant such as comedy sketches. 
  4. Post-roll ads: This is the final chance to advertise to your viewers as these ads are shown at the very end of your stream. 

It should be mentioned that creators can only withdraw their earnings once they have made over $100. This payment usually occurs on the 21st of the month and can be transferred via your bank account or Paypal.

How To Earn More Money Through Facebook Live


What Are Facebook Stars?

Facebook Stars is one of the platform’s most recent monetization features, enabling viewers to send virtual tips to their favorite influencers. This form of monetization has become extremely prevalent across many social media platforms as it allows viewers to donate money to an influencer without committing to a subscription tier.

To access this feature, you must first turn on Facebook Stars in your Creator Studio. Then, you can go live with this feature enabled. Creators can also promote a Star Goal that indicates to their audience how many Stars they would like to earn within a select period of time.

Stars can be purchased in various bundles with 100 Stars costing $.140. Facebook has recently allowed viewers to purchase these monetary tokens through its own store, meaning that viewers can gain bonus stars for a lower price. For example, if a viewer were to purchase 530 Stars through Facebook’s website, they would receive an additional 430 Stars for the same price of $9.99.

Yet, the downside to this feature is that Facebook takes a large cut of an influencer’s revenue. For each Star a creator receives, they will only earn $0.01.

How To Earn More Money Through Facebook Live


Benefits of Monetizing Content on Facebook Live

As Facebook continues to increase its range of monetization features, it seems that now is a perfect time to capitalize on the platform. Facebook continues to attract an abundance of users on a daily basis, allowing influencers to reach audiences and engagement rates that just may not be possible on other platforms. As such, Facebook Live has opened up a diverse and dynamic market that is very reactive to advertising.

Facebook Live also allows creators to have full control of their ad placement, something that other live streaming platforms do not always provide. This can create a smoother and more enjoyable viewing experience for the audience, making your content more attractive overall. Plus, with carefully placed ads, viewers do not feel bombarded or manipulated, helping to build stronger relationships between the audience and the influencer. 

With the branded content features, Facebook Live can help influencers create more profitable relationships with leading brands. This can lead to financial benefits such as brand deals, partnerships, and marketing campaigns. In turn, Facebook Live can help to revolutionize the ways brands market their products on social media.

Facebook Live quickly became a popular asset since its launch seven years ago. It has since seen incredible amounts of traction and has become one of Facebook’s most fundamental monetization outlets. To discover more about monetization on social media, visit our website

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