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How to Earn More Money on Snapchat Spotlight


Maximize Your Earnings with Snapchat Spotlight

Though Snapchat may not reign supreme with regard to popularity, users still open the app around 30 times per day. Thus, it seems that users still wish to engage with its content on a regular basis and prefer to check the app throughout the day. In order to upkeep these high levels of engagement, Snapchat is working to better reward its creators, particularly in terms of monetary compensation. To discuss this further, Netinfluencer will discuss everything you need to know about earning money on Snapchat Spotlight. 

What Is Snapchat Spotlight?

In December 2022, the platform announced the launch of Snapchat Spotlight, a separate tab that allows users to scroll through a wealth of short-form content that is related to their own interests and preferences

This platform aims to produce a level playing field for content creators, highlighting the work of smaller influencers as a way to increase competition across the app. It also seems that Snapchat Spotlight was created in order to keep up with the success of TikTok, making good use of engaging 60-second videos that viewers can consume with ease. 

Snapchat Spotlight also allows creators to earn money through their increased engagement. Influencers can use the platform to submit high-quality Snaps, which will then be monetized if they reach the lucrative Spotlight Page. 

The amount of money an influencer will receive is dependent on a selection of key metrics such as engagement, follower count, and reach. 

How to Earn More Money on Snapchat Spotlight


What Rewards Are Available?

Spotlight Page

The main incentive for using Snapchat Spotlight is the potential for your content to appear on the Spotlight Page. This is a central hub that showcases some of the platform’s most viewed videos, allowing them to reap more engagement. Thus, by appearing on the Spotlight Page, influencers have a better chance of being discovered by leading brands and can earn more revenue through Snapchat itself. 

Crystals Award

Crystals are monetary tokens awarded to successful influencers on Snapchat, otherwise known as Snap Stars, which they can then redeem for cash. Snap Stars will receive a push notification when they have earned a Crystal and will then be prompted to withdraw those funds into their personal accounts. The main benefit of using Crystal Awards is that influencers can earn rewards for the same Snap for up to 28 days after it has been posted. Thus, creators can earn an accumulative level of income.

Commercial Content

Although Snapchat influencers are forbidden from selling and promoting products on the Spotlight page, brands can still reach out to creators to discuss potential sponsorships and campaigns. Thus, those affiliated with Snapchat’s Creator Marketplace can form a series of useful contacts that can help them set up profitable projects in the future. 

How to Earn More Money on Snapchat Spotlight



Influencers can also earn money via Gifts. These are virtual tokens that followers can send to their favorite creators as a way to thank them for their work on the platform. Influencers can then show their gratitude by replying to the person that sent the gift. Gifts ensure that creators can be compensated for their content and help to build a better connection between influencers and their audience. 

How Do I Join?

In order to submit a piece of content to Snapchat Spotlight, users must first produce a video using the built-in camera feature. Once you are happy with the video, you must tap the ‘Send to’ button at the bottom right of the screen. Then, select ‘Spotlight’ to push your content to the Spotlight Page. 

It should be noted that influencers in the US need to be aged 13 or older to submit content to the Spotlight Page. This requirement may vary depending on your country or region. 

How to Earn More Money on Snapchat Spotlight


Best Practices for Creating Snapchat Spotlight Content

Use Spotlight Challenges

Snapchat has also produced a variety of Spotlight Challenges that accompany this new feature. Influencers that adhere to the criteria listed in these challenges have a better chance of appearing on the Spotlight Page and earning more revenue as a result. These challenges usually require creators to use a range of camera and editing tools, helping them to show off their diverse skills. 

Make Content Using the Snap Camera

In order to better adhere to the vertical format and 60-second length of these popular videos, influencers are encouraged to use the Snap Camera that is shown within the app. This practice also allows users to make use of the wide assortment of lenses and filters on offer, aiding them in amplifying their content and reach on the platform. 

How to Earn More Money on Snapchat Spotlight


Adhere to Popular Niches

The platform also encourages users to produce content that adheres to the many popular niches shown throughout the app. These can include food, sport, and ASMR-related content. Snapchat believes that this will inspire influencers to utilize more camera angles and sound techniques to help their content stand out from those also battling to reach the coveted Spotlight Page. 

Use Captions

As Snapchat boasts 363 million daily active users worldwide, it is vital that influencers create content that is accessible to those with disabilities and other issues. Thus, creators should input captioning in their videos to ensure that they can be consumed by deaf or hard-of-hearing viewers. Moreover, captions allow audiences to engage with your content without sound, making it ideal for those on the go. 

Benefits of Using Snapchat Spotlight as an Influencer

Snapchat Spotlight is just one of many ways that influencers can earn money through their social media content. This platform also allows creators to extend their earnings, particularly through the use of Gifts. For certain influencers, these tokens can translate into more Crystal Awards, causing them to reap larger payouts. As such, Snapchat Spotlight gives influencers the potential to increase their earnings and form a better dialogue with their most loyal supporters. 

This tool also invites Snap Stars to produce more short-form content, which may be different from what they are used to. As Snapchat relies heavily on rich image content, influencers can now extend their reach and content strategy by producing popular clips. Thus, influencers on Snapchat have the potential to diversify their skills which can make them more attractive to other iconic brands. 

The use of Spotlight Challenges promotes a consistent sense of inspiration and creativity on the platform, meaning that influencers will never struggle with finding ideas for content. These challenges are also useful for influencers who wish to break into a selection of new niches as it allows them to educate themselves on viral trends found throughout the app. 

How to Earn More Money on Snapchat Spotlight


Snapchat Spotlight creates an air of excitement for many influencers as it enables them to promote their most popular content with ease and for no additional cost. This feature also helps influencers to build a more profitable revenue stream, offering them a more stable way of living. 

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