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Dude Perfect Scores Big YouTube Stars Ink Multimillion-Dollar Investment Deal With Highmount Capital


Dude Perfect Scores Big: YouTube Stars Ink Multimillion-Dollar Investment Deal With Highmount Capital

Dude Perfect, the popular family-friendly sports and entertainment group, has announced a major strategic partnership with Highmount Capital, a private investment firm. The deal includes a nine-figure growth capital investment from Highmount to drive Dude Perfect’s expansion on and beyond traditional channels.

YouTube sensations Cody Jones, Garrett Hilbert, Tyler Toney, Cory Cotton, and Coby Cotton plan to utilize the funds to expand their portfolio of creative brand partnerships, strengthen their management team, and translate their entertaining content into tangible products and experiences for their dedicated fanbase.

“By partnering with Highmount Capital, we hope to pour gas on the fire and take the Dude Perfect fun that families have witnessed on screens these past 15 years and turn it into real-life products and memory-making experiences they can actually touch and feel for themselves,” Coby Cotton said in the announcement.

What started as a viral trick shot video in 2009 has exploded into a phenomenon, with over 100 million followers tuning in for good-natured sports comedy across videos, merchandise, live shows, and branded partnerships. Their mainstream appeal and reputation for wholesomeness have helped make them popular with family audiences.

“The Dudes have truly captured the hearts and minds of the next generation, pioneering the new creator-led media space and expanding far beyond video and traditional channels,” Jason Illian, Highmount co-founder and general partner, said in a statement. “They’ve built invaluable trust with families, brands, and consumers through creative, fun content garnering billions of annual views.”

The move precedes the debut of a new ESPN “30 For 30” documentary that’s debuting at the end of this month.

The private equity deal culminates in a series of significant moves for Dude Perfect, which generated about $25 million in revenue in 2022

They’re building a headquarters in Frisco, Texas, for content creation, events, retail, and more. ESPN’s documentary “Dude Perfect: A Very Long Shot” premieres at the Dallas Film Festival on April 25, 2024, while overwhelming global fan demand has spurred international tour plans.

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