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Raw Moments & Real Connections With Demi And Tom The Schweers’ Unfiltered TikTok Tale


Demi And Tom: Net Influencer Interviews Demi And Tom

Demi and Tom Schweers, the dynamic TikTok couple, have taken millions of followers on their intensely personal and challenging journey of fertility, interspersed with the struggles of managing multiple sclerosis (MS) and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). While social media often paints rosy pictures, the Schweers provided a raw, unfiltered window into their world, revealing both heartbreak and moments of ineffable joy. They’ve chronicled the highs and lows: from two miscarriages in 2021, one of which escalated into a life-threatening ectopic pregnancy, to the elation of finally holding their baby girl, Nora Jude Schweers.

The couple’s narrative underscores the tremendous value of authenticity in the creator economy. Unlike the traditional media that often offers manicured versions of reality, content creators like Demi and Tom lean into their genuine experiences, making it all the more relatable and impactful. We sat down with both of them recently to chat through their journey as parents and content creators.

Raw Moments & Real Connections With Demi And Tom: The Schweers’ Unfiltered TikTok Tale

An unintentional start

“Our kind of career into the world of influencing was kind of by accident,” Demi begins. “It wasn’t something that we had an intention of doing. I feel like the stars just kind of aligned, and it just fell into place for us.”


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A combination of timing and circumstance catalyzed their digital ascent. The backdrop of this newfound journey? A world still grappling with the aftermath of the COVID pandemic. But for Demi, personal challenges further colored this period. “I had recently been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis,” she shares, underscoring the complexities of life’s unpredictable path.

Yet, in what could easily have been a daunting phase, serendipity played its hand. The couple’s digital content started to resonate on a broader scale. “We had a few videos go viral,” Demi notes. This initial recognition culminated in a deeper desire to foster connection. “We started going live for the sense of community and just talking with other people,” she recalls.

What began as sporadic online interactions evolved into something far more profound. It wasn’t merely about numbers or views but the genuine, tangible sense of community that emerged. “From there, it just kind of [snowballs] into this wonderful community that we’ve been able to grow and foster since 2021,” Demi reflects. 

However, as their digital foothold grew more secure, real-world challenges beckoned. “Corporate America sometimes just doesn’t really care about your health at all,” Demi observes, hinting at the unfeeling mechanics of the traditional workplace.

But with challenge came opportunity. The burgeoning digital landscape offered Demi a promising alternative. “At that point in time, we had gotten a few opportunities that had some compensation with them,” she mentions, her words brimming with the memory of initial exhilaration. Among these opportunities, one stood out remarkably. “I think it was like a 300-dollar deal,” she adds, underscoring the magnitude of their decision.

It was here, at the confluence of unforeseen success and unyielding determination, that Demi and Tom leaned in, further embracing the ever-evolving world of social media influencing.

Yet, it wasn’t just the financial prospects that tempted Demi and Tom to consider a full-time pivot. They had peers who had ventured into the influencer space and had achieved notable success. Drawing inspiration from them, the couple decided it was time for a bold move. “We were like, ‘You know what? Let’s just take a leap of faith and see what happens,'” Demi shares. The underlying sentiment? Optimism, coupled with the pragmatic acknowledgment that if things didn’t pan out, there was always a way back to a more traditional job route.

However, as Demi triumphantly concludes, “But it worked.” Their leap into the creator economy wasn’t just a gamble – it was an informed decision, backed by the support of a community and the resilience of their own spirit.

Evolving Content and Maintaining Authenticity

When it comes to the evolution of content Demi and Tom are no strangers to reinvention. Tom fondly reminisces, “We kind of have gone on a bit of a journey.” Their content genesis was playful, with Demi capturing Tom’s spontaneous reactions, often in humorous and unexpected scenarios. “I think one series was when I was at work and then you would come in and surprise me while I was at work,” Tom recalls with a chuckle, hinting at the light-hearted mischief that initially colored their digital footprint.

But as life unfolded, their content mirrored its shades. The narrative transitioned from fun and frivolity to deeper, more personal topics. “But then I went into some more serious stuff,” Tom continues, referencing Demi’s diagnosis and their subsequent discussions around it. They also delved into sensitive subjects like fertility challenges, a testament to their courage and vulnerability. Their joy of welcoming Nora was another heartfelt chapter they chose to share with their online community.

Demi echoes Tom’s sentiments about their digital odyssey but emphasizes a cornerstone principle they’ve held dear. “I think at the end of the day, our number one goal was always just to keep it genuine to us,” she expresses with conviction. A scroll through their content offers viewers a candid chronicle of their lives, replete with its highs, lows, and everything in between. Demi adds, “We always just try to keep it genuine to our lives while adding in comedy. But [we add] some seriousness to topics [and] bring awareness to issues that need to be spoken about.”

With that said, authenticity isn’t always easy.  “One of the hardest things has been deciding what to share and what to keep private.” Their journey has seen them share intimate struggles, from Demi’s health challenges to experiences with miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, and the intricacies of IVF. “These topics are difficult to talk about,” Demi acknowledges. The weight of these conversations isn’t lost on them, especially when they’ve built a community that is deeply invested in their narrative. “Setting those boundaries has been challenging because our community is so involved, and they naturally want to know everything.”

But boundaries, once set, demand respect. “There are moments when we decide that certain aspects of our lives won’t be shared,” Demi states, emphasizing the need for those lines in the digital sand.

Tom chimes in, pointing out that these boundaries aren’t new. Even as they shared their IVF journey, there were elements they kept private. The couple’s decision to protect their daughter’s privacy exemplifies this commitment. Tom mentions, “She’s almost five months old, and we get comments every day asking when we’ll reveal her face. We constantly remind our community that it’s not on our agenda.”

Working with Brands

“At the outset, our collaborations felt very transactional,” Demi begins, her tone contemplative. The influencer-brand dynamic, for many, hinges on mere exposure, often overlooking the value of genuine, long-term relationships. Demi and her partner have always been discerning about the brands they collaborate with, aiming for partnerships built on mutual respect and authentic appreciation. “Initially, we hoped these brand interactions would evolve into enduring relationships,” she explains.

But the reality, at least initially, seemed different. “Brands seemed primarily focused on repeated exposure without necessarily delving into building a deeper connection,” Demi observes. However, she’s quick to point out that the winds are changing. “Lately, there’s been a noticeable shift. Brands are recognizing the authentic affinity we have for their products.”

This genuine endorsement, Demi believes, adds significant value to brand collaborations. “It’s more genuine when both parties believe in the partnership. This authenticity has led to more prolonged collaborations, not just one-off deals,” she says. The timeline of their collaborations is testament to this trend. “We’ve transitioned from isolated projects to year-long partnerships or engagements that span several months,” Demi notes with a hint of pride.

Such dedicated engagement and commitment to authenticity doesn’t just manifest in enduring brand partnerships, but also in other meaningful recognitions. “I think the biggest highlight so far would be we had a little feature in People magazine when Nora was born” Demi fondly remembers.  The excitement in her voice was palpable as she reminisced about the recognition. Being featured in such a prestigious publication, especially to commemorate such a personal event, was undeniably special. But Demi hints at more to come, her enthusiasm barely contained, “I feel like there’s another really exciting one coming up this December that we’re really excited about for the holiday.”

Tom’s reflection took a different, yet equally heartwarming turn. The birth of Norah, it seems, has reshaped their collaboration landscape. “I think since having Norah and working with some baby brands like Honest has been cute,” he begins. The joy of receiving products tailored not just for them but for their newest family member added a layer of sentiment to these partnerships. Tom elaborates, “Because we used to get some things that were just for us and even better to get you know, some things that we had for Norah.” His words echoes the evolving nature of their digital journey – from individual influencers to a family, sharing, celebrating, and collaborating together.

When it comes to maintaining authenticity, the couple shares an aligned philosophy. “We try to work with brands that we believe in, that we would use in our regular life,” Tom states. This foundational principle ensures that their partnerships are rooted in genuine appreciation and not merely transactional interactions. “We want to be as authentic as possible,” he emphasizes, highlighting the importance they place on maintaining integrity in their digital presence.

Demi chimes in, aligning with Tom’s thoughts but offering deeper insights into their selective approach. “We’re really more on the particular side of brands that we like to work with,” she said, signaling their meticulousness in brand selection. This selectivity isn’t just about the product but extends to the ethos behind it. Demi elaborates, “We always love to try it if it’s something that we’re not already using or stand for the message behind it. That definitely is number one.”

The integration of these brands into their content narrative is a creative endeavor. With their varied content palette – spanning P.O.V.s, reactions, and more – they possess the versatility to weave in brand stories seamlessly. “Depending on what the product is, it’s really easy for us to integrate it into our space in a way that feels authentic,” Demi remarks. This adaptability ensures that their content remains relatable and genuine, even as they incorporate brand promotions. She concludes, “It usually is a really seamless transition.”

Demi and Tom’s partnership with A3 Artists Agency is a large part of the reason why they both are able to focus on creation.  “We absolutely adore our team. They’re so sweet and exceptional” Demi warmly states. A personal touch seems to have made a significant difference. “We had the chance to meet part of our team in L.A., sharing a memorable lunch and engaging in profound conversations,” she recalls. But it’s not just about the pleasantries; the agency’s professionalism shines through. “They’ve been communicative, supportive, and have beautifully managed our evolving needs, especially after Nora’s arrival. They’ve adeptly coordinated our decision to keep Nora’s life private with potential brand partners,” she appreciates.

Tom emphasizes the significance of shared values in such partnerships. “Alignment in values is crucial. They need to understand us on a personal level to identify the right opportunities for us.” He’s firm in his belief that it’s not just about the lucrative deals but finding ones that resonate with their personal brand and ethos. “A3 truly gets us. Our regular interactions, weekly calls, and constant texting ensure that our values align,” he notes.

Demi delves deeper into the tangible benefits of working with an agency, particularly in a space where contracts and negotiations can be overwhelming. “Transitioning into partnerships, I wasn’t prepared for the intricacies—legal jargon, negotiating terms, understanding exclusivity, and the content’s longevity,” she admits. “All these factors influence compensation. A3 demystified these complexities, making us feel safe and ensuring we aren’t taken advantage of.”

Their collaboration with A3 isn’t just about contracts. It’s also about leveraging the agency’s extensive network. “With Tom still working full time and me being home with Nora, their connections with various brands have been invaluable. The agents collaboratively identify opportunities that best fit us,” Demi concludes.

Trendspotting and advice for aspiring creators

Amidst this close collaboration with A3, Demi and Tom remain observant of the rapid evolution in content creation. Their insights, influenced by their own journey and partnerships, provide a keen understanding of where the industry might be headed.

“I’m sensing a strong shift towards vlog-style content,” Demi remarks, pointing to the current wave of popularity surrounding vlogs. “Audiences are gravitating towards authentic day-to-day experiences of individuals from diverse backgrounds.” She envisions a departure from traditional TV series and high-production-value shows, predicting a surge in platforms like YouTube spotlighting shorter, vlog-style content. “Imagine snappy 10 to 20-minute snippets that encapsulate a person’s day – more micro-content, yet deeply immersive.”

Tom, on the other hand, introduces an innovative concept that he came across, “I recently noticed Drake showcasing a virtual store. Picture this: a tour of his house where virtually everything, from his couch to the painting on his wall, is clickable. It’s more than just showcasing – it’s about embedding a lifestyle.” This seamless blend of a creator’s personal space with e-commerce could, as Tom speculates, be a potent strategy that brands might adopt in the near future.

This forward-thinking perspective naturally segues into the pair’s reflections on their own beginnings and the wisdom they’d impart to newcomers in the influencer space. Demi’s earnest advice to newcomers stemmed from heartfelt introspection. “The key,” she’d emphasized, “was to create content that genuinely brought you joy, something that truly fueled your passion.” Tom had chimed in, agreeing wholeheartedly, citing an example of a pasta maker whose sheer joy in his craft was contagious, even to those indifferent to pasta.

With that said both Demi and Tom agree, there’s no way to know for sure if you have what it takes without starting and experimenting. “I thought whenever I saw influencers and content creators and people on YouTube that they just had it all figured out. They knew how the algorithms worked and they knew exactly the right things to do and all the keywords and all of that.” But the reality was starkly different. “Entering into this space,” she continues, “everyone was just trying to figure it out. The algorithms are constantly changing and they’re just like, ‘I think this is working for us in this season, so we’re going to keep going until things change.'”

Tom, echoing Demi’s sentiments with his own perspective, added, “And I think along those lines, everyone is kind of in the same boat.” He highlights the sense of community they found in their digital journey. “We have friends who we met through social media who have married couples who are on TikTok. And we’ve become friends with them. We can kind of bounce ideas off of them and kind of just go through the whole thing together.”

Cecilia Carloni, Interview Manager at Influence Weekly and writer for NetInfluencer. Coming from beautiful Argentina, Ceci has spent years chatting with big names in the influencer world, making friends and learning insider info along the way. When she’s not deep in interviews or writing, she's enjoying life with her two daughters. Ceci’s stories give a peek behind the curtain of influencer life, sharing the real and interesting tales from her many conversations with movers and shakers in the space.

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