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Daniel Wellington All about Becoming A DW Brand Ambassador


Daniel Wellington: All about Becoming A DW Brand Ambassador 

An ambassador program for all lovers of elegant minimalistic designs, Daniel Wellington is known globally as one of today’s market’s best value watch creators. Before influencer marketing was big, Youtubers, models, and more were promoting DW products.

It is one thing to promote a product for revenue and another to talk about something you love and believe in. Daniel Wellington perfectly utilizes inbound marketing tactics to tell stories via influencers in an indirect sales-oriented manner. Some of the most notable influencers that have long been promoting DW products include Ayushmann Khurran, JosecZuniga, Selena Gomez, and more. 

Launched in 2010 DW is a leading brand to embrace influencer culture on a large scale known for building a 200 million empire by leveraging the powers of influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is their key strategy for growth, and they’re accepting applicants from all around the world.

Daniel Wellington: All about Becoming A DW Brand Ambassador 

What is the Daniel Wellington Ambassador program?

DW’s ambassador program enables anyone who is a fan of their products to promote and earn different Daniel Wellington accessories. 

The brand is seeking trend-savvy social media influencers who are up-to-date with everything happening in the online world. Deals differ from one influencer to the other. However, working for the brand in and of itself is excellent exposure and credibility for any influencer. 

Creators with a following of all sizes can collaborate with the famous watch brand as their marketing strategy consists of both micro and famuos influencers.

There are two main Daniel Wellington influencer opportunities, The Campus influencer program and the well-known brand ambassador program.

The Daniel Wellington Campus Influencer Program

Unlike the brand deals where influencers get to work directly with the management of the brand and leverage inbound skills to the success of specific campaigns, the Campus influencer program is only on a school level. 

To join Daniel Wellington’s influencer program, influencers will need a minimum of 2000 Instagram followers, making it far more accessible to micro-influencers helping them build authority within the industry and gain professional experience. 

Earn and Redeem points

Influecers collaborating with DW on the campus influencer program will earn points by completing campaign missions evaluated at the end of every study period. 

The points gained can be redeemed to purchase Daniel Wellington products and qualify promoters to earn unique prizes. Points are assigned to each influencer based on their performance and are used as an incentive for the Campus to keep striving for performance. 

Get gifts and exclusive promotional offers

Along with being awarded different DW products and points to purchase the latest DW items, you’ll be awarded promotional gifts by becoming part of the team. The gifts are sent over spontaneously according to new releases, campaigns, and more. You can expect concert tickets, gift cards, DW discounts, and more. 

Win features on the official DW social account

When you join the DW team, you’ll have access to post on their influencer campus campaign account and even take over the page for multiple posts per week upon approval. 

Campus influencers of high performance are also granted the option to be featured on the official Daniel Weington Account on Instagram and be promoted to higher statuses, for example, Bronze to Gold to Diamond. 

Influencers who work with Daniel Wellington

Two main kinds of influencers work with WD, both globally recognized and micro-influencers, each adding their unique advantage. These following influencers and celebrities are the big-shots of DW campaigns, who rarely collaborate with the brand on an ongoing long-term basis. Instead, there are leveraged for product launches and to promote products for a specific 

Hailey Beiber 

Daniel Wellington: All about Becoming A DW Brand Ambassador 

Hailey joined the brand in late 2019 and is the iconic face of one of the most prominent collections from the brand; Bieber and Ayushmann Khurrana promoted the Iconic Link Men & Women collection. 

Addison Rae 

Addison Rae joined the brand in 2020, providing a discount code for global viewers in only a single video that scored over 2.4 million likes on Tiktok, while the campaign took place on Instagram. The famous influencer also created the bright shine challenge in partnership with the brand.  (VIDEO) 

Radhika Apte

Daniel Wellington: All about Becoming A DW Brand Ambassador 

Radhika is an Indian actress starring in Bollywood movies like Parchedd and Mrs. Undercover. She has 3.8 followers on Instagram and is one of the main collaborators of the brand in the Indian region. Radhika was part of the Iconic Link campaign launch along with Haily Beiber and the Quadro collection promotions in the Indian market. 

Lay Zhang 

Daniel Wellington: All about Becoming A DW Brand Ambassador 

The Chinese rapper and previous member of EXO band Lay Zhang’s campaign and product launch were unlike no other with the brand. They collaborated on launching a limited-time timepiece with the rapper, a black honeycombed watch that was launched in honor of the three years collaboration in August 2021.

Kendall Jenner 

Daniel Wellington: All about Becoming A DW Brand Ambassador 

Collaborating on the launch of the new women’s Classic Petite watch, Kendall Jenner was the face of the brand in a one-time collaboration. The collaboration took place in 2017, promoting a mesh strap watch in three primary colors Silver, Gold and Rose Gold, with a classic black and white dial. 

What the brand looks for in influencers?

Influencers looking to work with Daniel Wellington have two options to join the team, the first is the brand ambassador with the following requirements, and the second is a campus influencer program with very few requirements or qualifications.

Minimum following

While the brand will favor creators with the most followers, the minimum follower requirement is 3000 followers on platforms like Instagram. 

Social platforms

Influencers must have active accounts on major social media platforms such as Youtube, TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest to get a deal with DW. Additionally, the brand will check the status of your followers to ensure they are all legit active users and a reason to have all your accounts set to public. 

General requirements 

The brand’s interest lies within a social and Tech-savvy individual keen on the latest trends and real-time-marketing techniques. Individuals who demonstrate exceptional inbound marketing strategies are more likely to secure a spot working with DW and their team. Knowledge of social media platforms also entails how frequently users post and their performance based on the current algorithm of each platform.

Important things to know before applying

Period for approval 

Application to join the Daniel Wellington team as an ambassador can take up to 3 business days to process. Applicants will be contacted with a final decision even if applications are denied. 

Brand Values

As the simplistic yet chic watches suggest, the brand is a playful and flexible community of like-minded individuals who thrive in a fast-paced environment. The overall objective and mission statement of DW is “to create sustainable, quality accessories that stand the test of time.”


WD is a leader and innovator in the world of Influencer marketing, and joining their team is one of the best first steps you can take as an emerging and upcoming influencer. 

The brand follows a two-tone influencer marketing strategy where big names lead major launches and campaigns, while micro and smaller-size influencers promote the products long term. Working with Daniel Wellington can be a small-size influencer’s entry point or a major influencer’s biggest deal. It all depends on the size of your following and the DW program you wish to be a part of. 

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