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The Most Popular Examples of Partnerships and Collections for Crocs


The Most Popular Examples of Partnerships and Collections for Crocs

Influencer marketing aims to sway a plethora of purchasing decisions, helping brands to tap into a collection of dynamic and lucrative market segments. Marketers also appreciate the value of this concept with 89% noting that influencer marketing offers an ROI that is either comparable to or better than other conventional forms of marketing. This popularity has led to an assortment of high-end brands collaborating with talented influencers to produce a limited-run product. To discuss this further, Netinfluencer will discuss a selection of acclaimed partnerships with Crocs. 

History of Crocs

Crocs first made their debut in 2002, marketing themselves as a new type of boating shoe. Made from a lightweight material known as Croslite, these shoes quickly became popular with urban explorers and nurses due to their comfortable feel and nuanced look. In 2003, Crocs began to extend its product line, creating shoes for women as well as different styles such as wedges and boots. 

Characterized by its crocodile mascot Duke, this symbol can be seen on every pair of Crocs, helping to make him a household name. Every pair also sports exactly 13 holes, helping wearers to customize them in a plethora of different ways. 

Although they may be seen as an acquired taste, Crocs have made an incredible impact on the contemporary shoe market. These quirky clogs are sold in more than 85 countries and the brand manages to sell an average of 100 million pairs every year. This shoe also dominates its own niche, making it one of the world’s largest non-athletic footwear brands. 

The Most Popular Examples of Partnerships and Collections for Crocs


Why Have They Grown So Much in Popularity?

In 2016, the brand dramatically altered its marketing strategy, seeking out popular designers to collaborate with as a way to better communicate with the elusive Gen Z. The first designer collaboration was produced by Christopher Kane, who used an array of mineral stones to elevate this product. 

Since then, Crocs is constantly seeking out new creatives to work with and often partners with modern music artists to better connect with the ever-changing buying habits of the younger generation. After working with artists such as Justin Bieber and Post Malone, Crocs re-established itself as an on-trend brand, giving them an abundance of success in this deeply competitive market.

Crocs also utilize a collection of vibrant charms, known as Jibbitz. These are available in a wealth of fun designs and have even been featured in a collection of popular collaborations. For example, the South Korean entertainment network Sandbox released a line of charms that symbolized key motifs from a range of popular content creators. 

The Most Popular Examples of Partnerships and Collections for Crocs


Examples of successful Crocs partnerships 

Bad Bunny

After being crowned Spotify’s most streamed global artist for over three years, it is no surprise that Bad Bunny’s collaboration with Crocs was an instant hit. These clogs differed from the typical types as they sported Bad Bunny’s signature logo instead of the brand’s mascot. The shoes were also accompanied by a collection of unique charms, some of which glowed in the dark to help create a similar effect to the night sky shown in a child’s bedroom. Bad Bunny’s work was also presented in a plethora of different colors including white and green. 

Chinatown Market x Grateful Dead

This collaboration blended the vibrant sights of Chinatown Market and the classic symbolism of the Grateful Dead. These shoes were an explosion of vibrancy, sporting a complete tie-dye print and a selection of notorious dancing bears. The Grateful Dead are well known for their psychedelic music throughout the 1960s, making them the ideal brand partner for these genre-defining shoes. Despite their intense look, these shoes still provided an array of orthopedic features, including an adjustable heel strap and a raised base for improved grip. 


Balenciaga’s iconic collaboration with Crocs took the fashion world by storm, creating a stylish Crocs Boot. These shoes presented the brand’s usual clog style but were accentuated by a long boot shape. Available in a wealth of neon colors, this partnership exemplified Crocs’ power over the luxury fashion market and its ability to add its own spin on a range of high-value products. 


Best known for his work as a DJ and music producer, Diplo used his collaboration to encourage consumers to Take a Walk on the Weird Side. Using a variety of color pallets and large mushroom-shaped Jibbitz, Diplo’s artistic inspiration helped to create a truly off-beat clog. The artist also notes the value of wearability, placing a collection of ventilation points around the shoe to help wearers dispel any sand particles or water droplets that may arise during regular use. 

Barneys New York

Sporting a cutting-edge punk rock look, Barneys’ partnership with Crocs took these simple shoes to a completely new level. Complete with added extras and charms such as a safety pin and a collection of metal studs, the iconic department store managed to drift away from its conventional New York style and presented a completely unapologetic image. 

How to Work With Crocs as an Influencer

Crocs have shown itself to be a key asset for many influencers, allowing many social media creators to produce their own line of best-selling shoes. In 2021, Crocs announced a range of new brand ambassadors including Bretman Rock and Eni Adeoluwa. These creators were asked to promote the brand on a plethora of social media platforms, helping to extend its reach across a wealth of bustling markets. 

The brand also hosts a popular affiliate program, allowing influencers to promote a series of popular shoes on their own platforms and receive a prosperous level of commission as a result. Affiliates will also receive an assortment of branded newsletters as a way to keep them informed of the changes occurring within this dynamic business. 

Influencers are also encouraged to communicate with a brand directly via social media or by email. This gives creators the chance to work on their own terms and express all of the key traits that help them to be competitive within this industry. It is paramount that you produce a detailed pitch for collaboration and include an array of contact details so that you can take the conversation further if needed. 

The Most Popular Examples of Partnerships and Collections for Crocs


Benefits of Collaborating With Crocs

Crocs are now considered to be a staple part of any Gen Z fashion routine, making them the ideal partner to work alongside if you are looking to form a better connection with your younger audience base. Influencers now have the opportunity to become more relatable to their viewers and even create a variety of defining trends for themselves. In turn, collaborating with Crocs can help you to become a thought leader in your respective niche and impact the purchasing decisions of the next generation. 

Influencers can also benefit from joining Crocs’ affiliate program, especially since it boasts a wealthy rate of 5% commission on all sales. This program can aid influencers in securing a more stable level of income, ensuring that they can still make quality content on a regular basis. As a result, creators can use Crocs’ high levels of successful branding to reap their own collection of monetary benefits. 

Crocs’ wealth of partnership opportunities also gives high-level influencers the chance to immortalize their legacy and work. Using the abundance of motifs and inspirations available, these figures have managed to produce a product that not only relates to the bond they have formed with their fans but works to symbolize their impactful work as a whole. 

The Most Popular Examples of Partnerships and Collections for Crocs


Crocs’ decision to work with designers and influencers has paid off, making the brand a force to be reckoned with within the modern-day shoe market. Creators can also gain a taste of this success, using the company’s prominent branding tactics to elevate their own content.

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