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Influencer Agencies Ensemble Digital Studios and 2 Social Co. Merge To Form a Creator Society


Newly-Merged The Creator Society To Provide 360 Influencer Support

The Creator Society was formed in October of 2023 through the merger of two influencer management agencies – Ensemble Digital Studios and 2 Social Co. Led by former talent manager Larry Shapiro, Ensemble Digital Studios worked with online video creators and social media influencers to help build their presence and channels. 2 Social Co, founded in 2020 by Natalie Weaver and Sarah Estrada, focused specifically on assisting influencers with developing diverse revenue streams through affiliate marketing.

According to Sarah Estrada, Chief Operating Officer at The Creator Society, the merger was sparked by both companies noticing the significant need for influencer business support in the changing digital media landscape. “2 Social Co. began in 2020. The year of Covid. We started noticing more brands’ presence online. Influencers are turning to online for more affiliate strategies,” Estrada said. “And so we jumped in and very quickly realized that there was a huge need, for influencers behind the scenes with their affiliate growth, with their online presences through newsletters, Pinterest accounts, their blogs. It was not a niche that nobody had really tapped into yet.”

Newly-Merged The Creator Society To Provide 360 Influencer Support

By combining Ensemble’s talent relationships and 2 Social Co’s influencer business expertise, the newly formed Creator Society could provide 360 degree influencer representation with a focus on building sustainable, diversified businesses for creators.

Madison Luscombe, Chief Marketing Officer at The Creator Society, noted that “at the core of our business initially as 2 Social Co. and even now as The Creator Society, we’ve always put the focus on creators. We believe they’re the center of success for social media platforms, brands, and everything in between.”

She emphasized the company’s commitment to transparency and creator ownership, saying creators “have really been craving transparency within the industry.” Through newsletter development, affiliate programs, product launches, and other projects, The Creator Society aims to help influencers “diversify their business” and “own their space and their product.”

“Had you told us last year that we would be supporting creators and building out their online, through graphic design, marketing plans, and affiliate strategy behind that. I would have believed you, but I would have been shocked,” Luscombe admitted. In just over a year since 2 Social Co’s founding, the scope of offerings for influencers had rapidly expanded.

Now, in addition to brand partnership and channel management, The Creator Society works directly with creators like Cost n’ Mayor and Anna Daly on launching their own product lines and monetizable online assets to establish profitable, sustainable careers on their own terms. “This was all to give our creators a space where they could really grow and stabilize their business without having to rely on brands paying them or communities engaging,” Luscombe said.

The agency’s merger stemmed from an existing relationship and shared values between the companies, according to Chief Marketing Officer Madison Luscombe. She explained that amid acquisition interest from larger agencies, “we actually are the ones who called [Ensemble founder Larry Shapiro] up and said, hey, you want to merge with us? Because we’d be down.”

Luscombe emphasized the partners’ focus on supportive relationships in the decision: “We value not only our creators, but our team members and our industry partners. We put relationships at the forefront, and that’s what feeds our morals and our ethics within the company.”

Shapiro showed consistent support for 2 Social Co. from the beginning, Luscombe said. “He showed us nothing but some support from day one. And I would say our long term goal, as The Creator Society would be the agency that creators know that they can trust to be transparent and our support of every part of their business.”

The newly merged company aims to operate differently than other agencies that have historically made big promises to creators without transparency. “This industry has been full of agencies operating on smoke and mirrors and promises that can’t be kept. So we’re here to change that. We’ll be very honest with them,” said Luscombe.

According to Chief Marketing Officer Madison Luscombe, Shapiro provides invaluable insight into entertainment industry best practices from traditional Hollywood film and television production. With deep knowledge and connections, he facilitates opportunities in areas like book deals, product lines, and television projects.

Diversifying creator revenue streams is a priority, says Natalie Weaver, Chief Revenue Officer. “Traditionally speaking, as you know, creators and influencers have been operating on a short term level…until the next partnership comes around or until they post their next affiliate link whatever it may be, they’re operating on a short term level,” Weaver explained.

The Creator Society instead focuses on long-term career building by helping creators identify their goals and guiding them to sustainable, multifaceted success. ” What is your North star? How can we get there? What does that look like? And there’s really honestly no limit,” Weaver said, citing opportunities like book deals, product lines, and TV projects. By strategic planning around both short-term deals and long-term aspirations, The Creator Society aims to support creators in building enduring, diversified careers.

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