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[REPORT] From 9-To-5 to Full-Time Creators How 6% Made The Leap Last Year


[REPORT] From 9-To-5 to Full-Time Creators: How 6% Made The Leap Last Year

ConvertKit’s “2024 State of the Creator Economy” report finds a growing number of creators leaving traditional employment to pursue content creation as a full-time career. Based on a survey of over 1,000 creators, the report shows that 28% of respondents are now self-employed.

Notably, 6% of creators transitioned to full-time creative work in the past year alone. This shift reflects the increasing financial viability of the creator economy, with 18% of creators earning over $100,000 annually and a third anticipating even higher incomes in the coming year.

[REPORT] From 9-To-5 to Full-Time Creators: How 6% Made The Leap Last Year

“With 33% of creators expecting to make more money this year because they’re going all-in on their creator business and 25% planning to earn more by taking on more clients, we expect to see more creators taking the leap and leaving their salaried roles,” the report states.

The research highlights a positive trend toward earning equality, with an equal proportion of men and women reaching six-figure incomes. This is a change from ConvertKit’s initial 2022 report, where women were less likely than men to earn over $100,000.

“This shift toward creative independence is not just a trend; it’s a fundamental change in how individuals envision their careers and lives,” ConvertKit CEO Nathan Barry said in the report’s announcement. “Seeing an increase in creators leaving traditional employment to pursue their passions full-time underscores the creator economy’s immense potential and financial viability.”

[REPORT] From 9-To-5 to Full-Time Creators: How 6% Made The Leap Last Year

The data uncovers notable generational shifts in the creator economy. Millennials are leading the pack as the largest cohort of creators, while Gen-Z is making its mark with the highest share of hobbyists and part-time creators. Around a quarter of Gen-Z creators earn a full-time living from their businesses, a significant increase from just 3% in ConvertKit’s initial report.

While the creator economy presents opportunities, the report acknowledges challenges like burnout and the effort to monetize. “59% of full-time creators experienced burnout last year, while 42% of hobbyists did,” the research points out.

However, creators remain consistently optimistic, with most expecting to make more money in the coming year, add new income streams, and try new strategies.

[REPORT] From 9-To-5 to Full-Time Creators: How 6% Made The Leap Last Year

The analysis also highlights shifts in content creation, with written content emerging as the most popular output in 2023. Furthermore, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for content creation nearly doubled, with 66% of creators utilizing AI last year, compared to 34% in 2022.

[REPORT] From 9-To-5 to Full-Time Creators: How 6% Made The Leap Last Year

Read the full report here.

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