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Empowering Brands And Agencies Inside Connect By CreatorIQ As Told By Conor Begley


Empowering Brands And Agencies, Inside Connect By CreatorIQ

CreatorIQ’s upcoming event, Connect, is set to revolutionize the influencer marketing landscape. With a focus on brands and agencies, this groundbreaking gathering on October 26th promises insights from industry leaders, including CMOs and CEOs. From innovative AI enhancements to diverse sessions and exclusive announcements, Connect is poised to empower professionals and shape the future of influencer marketing.

CreatorIQ’s upcoming event, Connect, is set to revolutionize the influencer marketing landscape. With a focus on brands and agencies, this groundbreaking gathering on October 26th promises insights from industry leaders, including CMOs and CEOs. From innovative AI enhancements to diverse sessions and exclusive announcements, Connect is poised to empower professionals and shape the future of influencer marketing.

Empowering Brands And Agencies: Inside Connect By CreatorIQ As Told By Conor Begley

Can you tell us about CreatorIQ’s upcoming event, Connect, and its significance in the influencer marketing and creator economy space?

Conor Begley provides insights into the highly anticipated event, Connect. Set to take place on October 26th, Connect is poised to be a groundbreaking gathering in the creator economy.

Conor Begley highlights that Connect is distinct as it focuses on brands and agencies rather than just influencers. With an impressive lineup of 40 speakers, including CMOs, CEOs, and founders from social networks like TikTok and YouTube, the event will delve into influencer marketing strategies.

Connect’s impact extends to categories where influencers shine, covering beauty, fashion, entertainment, sports, food, beverage, and travel. The event is set to host around 300 to 500 attendees, primarily brands (80%) and agencies.

The event will be held at The Ebell of Los Angeles, a prestigious nonprofit venue. Connect will offer an immersive experience through workshops, panels, and discussions. Notably, a highlight will be a performance by the Hollywood chamber orchestra, blending modern and classical music.

In Conor’s words, “This event is the one to attend if you’re part of the industry.” Connect promises to empower brands and agencies with insights and practices that fuel success in the dynamic influencer marketing landscape.

What makes Connect different from other industry events, and what can attendees expect from the event this year?

When asked about what sets it apart from other industry gatherings, Conor responds, “Yes, it’s really built for the brands. That’s really who it’s designed for and helping them navigate this ecosystem and understand it.” He emphasizes the event’s focus on fostering a brand-centric environment where participants can learn from one another.

When discussing the broad range of brands the event caters to, Conor explains, “So brands could be a major league baseball team. It could be Amazon prime studios, it could be beauty fashion apparel, as well as a travel brand.” The event’s inclusive approach encompasses diverse sectors, aiming to create a collaborative platform for all.

Conor continues to elaborate on the event’s structure, revealing that it will feature two distinct stages. One stage will be dedicated to tech entertainment and media, while the other will cater to lifestyle topics such as fashion, beauty, food, and travel. This multi-faceted approach reflects the event’s commitment to providing a comprehensive experience for attendees across various industries.

How can professionals and companies benefit from participating?

Conor Begley tells us, “Obviously, we want this to be an event where people learn, right? That should be the goal – the opportunity to learn both from each other and from these speakers.”

Conor Begley emphasizes the quality of the speakers, sharing, “We’ve tried to assemble a list of speakers that have achieved considerable success via influencers, right? So either selling their brand for hundreds of millions of dollars or being one of the largest brands in the world in doing this. So really, the opportunity or the goal really should be learning.”

Speaking about the event’s structure, Conor mentions, “Second to the point of connection, you know, kind of a great happy hour, have a great lunch. We’ll have breaks in between. I have ADHD, so I can’t sit in a room for more than an hour listening to anybody. So we’ll do an hour of program, a half-hour break, an hour of programming, a half-hour break. So people have a chance to get up, talk to each other, hang out.”

Conor Begley also highlights the workshops and networking opportunities, stating, “We’ll have workshops in the afternoon. So we’ll have an affiliate workshop, which will be run by partners that we have had long-term relationships with, including AWIN for affiliate learnings, PIMS for gifting learnings, and Tractenberg for PR learnings.”

Conor further explains, “There’ll be an opportunity to discover new up-and-coming startups. We’re gonna have a startup hour, inviting in seven to 10 startup founders from people that are doing really cool stuff in the creator economy. It’s like the hashtag pay me will be there. It’ll be cool.”

As CSO & Board Observer at CreatorIQ, what aspects of Connect are you personally most excited about, and why?

Conor Begley shares his personal excitement for the Connect event. He envisions its potential to be a yearly platform that continues to grow, stating, “I’m hoping for this to be the first time we do this and then to do it on a yearly basis and make it bigger and bigger over time.” 

Conor’s vision extends beyond CreatorIQ, aiming to foster a collaborative ecosystem, stating, “I’d actually like it to really be centered around bringing the ecosystem together, creating community within that ecosystem, allowing people to get to know each other, to build these connections.” He challenges conventional competition views, emphasizing, “Our competitor is the budgets for TV advertising… areas that are not creators and influencers today.”

The event’s agenda features various sessions and keynotes. Could you highlight one or two sessions that you believe will be particularly impactful for our audience?

Discussing the event’s agenda, Conor highlights several impactful sessions that will resonate with the audience. He began, “We’re gonna have Julie Wong, who’s the CEO of Olaplex, and Amanda Baldwin, the CEO of Supergoop, interviewed by Brit Starr, our senior vice president.”

He elaborates on the significance of these sessions, saying, “They’re both female CEOs that have achieved very large exits. They both came in as outside CEOs and really helped blow up the brand. They’re also both very prominent in fostering women’s leadership and mentorship.”

Conor mentioned another session featuring Taylor Lorenz, a well-known author in the tech community, stating, “Her fireside chat is gonna be awesome.” He continued, “We’ve got another one led by a woman named Dolma… It’ll be a panel of investors, helping people understand what they’re looking for in the creator economy.”

Exploring the theme of founders and exits, Conor shares, “We’re hosting a founders and exits panel. People are achieving very large outcomes, selling companies for a lot of money.” He mentioned notable founders and their successes, concluding, “Talking about the process of founding a company, how they sold – all of that will be fascinating. I’m excited about every panel, so those are just some.”

In what ways does CreatorIQ utilize technology and innovation to enhance the overall event experience for attendees?

Conor Begley explains how CreatorIQ utilizes technology and innovation to enrich the event experience. He notes, “One of the things we’ve become known for is reporting on how brands perform in the space, what works, and what doesn’t from a competitive landscape perspective.”

He continues, “We’re bringing that data and expertise into the event. We want it to be about the industry, not just us.” Conor highlights the diverse range of sessions led by industry experts, including the lead tech editor at the Financial Times, the global head of YouTube shopping, and executives from renowned brands like Ulta and LTK.

Conor also talks about the company’s unique position in the industry, stating, “Because we work with the best brands in the world at doing this, we can bring the ecosystem together and allow people to learn from each other, not just from us.” He concludes, “That’s where I think we can provide the most value.”

Are there any exclusive announcements or product launches scheduled for Connect that our audience should keep an eye out for?

Conor confirms that there will indeed be exclusive announcements and new product discussions during Connect. He mentioned that topics of interest, including AI, will be released and discussed as part of the event.

For those unable to attend in person, how can they still participate in Connect and access the valuable content and insights shared during the event?

For those unable to attend in person, Conor Begley assures that the sessions will be recorded and made available. “We’ll publish them so that people can watch them afterward,” he explains. Additionally, the content will be segmented, covered, and written about, providing multiple ways for people to access valuable insights even if they didn’t attend the event.

To access the recordings and stay updated on the content, Conor advises, “Just go ahead and subscribe to our newsletter, and then it’ll be distributed through there.” This allows those who couldn’t attend the event to still benefit from the knowledge and discussions shared at Connect.

When attendees purchase a ticket for Connect, what valuable benefits and offerings can they expect to receive as part of their registration?

When someone purchases a ticket for Connect, they can expect a range of benefits and offerings. Conor explains, “You’ll get 20+ sessions with 40+ speakers and access to over 400 attendees. We’ll provide lunch, dinner, and drinks, including very good wine. CreatorIQ is not making any profit from this; we’re investing a lot to provide a high-quality experience.”

He continues, “You’ll enjoy sessions, learning opportunities, workshops, and a sense of community.” The event spans a full day, from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM, ensuring attendees have ample time to engage with the various sessions, network with industry peers, and immerse themselves in valuable content and discussions.

Looking beyond Connect, what exciting developments can we expect from CreatorIQ in the near future to further empower influencers and marketers alike?

Looking ahead, Conor shares with us some exciting developments from CreatorIQ that aim to further empower both influencers and marketers. He says, “One of the big pushes we’re making is around creator listening and intelligence. We’re expanding our data reporting beyond beauty and fashion to include food and beverage, media and entertainment, sports, and other categories.”

He continues, “We’re rolling out new AI-powered features to enhance the user experience and improve efficiency. Additionally, we’re focusing on integrations in the affiliate and creator commerce space, deepening our connections with affiliate platforms to provide more value.” These efforts signify CreatorIQ’s commitment to continuous innovation and delivering valuable tools to the influencer and marketing ecosystem.

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