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Over 70% Of Creators Say Effective Brand Partnerships Boost Followers’ Awareness And Perception


Over 70% Of Creators Say Effective Brand Partnerships Boost Followers’ Awareness And Perception

Creator marketing platform Collective Voice has released a new report revealing how successful brand partnerships with creators shape audience awareness and brand perception beyond initial campaigns.

Titled “Beyond the Metrics: Measuring the True Impact of Creator Campaigns.” The research  found that 71% of creators say partnering with new brands significantly boosts audience awareness of products and brands they had not known before. Creator Vee Bell recounted how a home brand partnership caused “a notable shift” in how her audience perceived both the brand’s aesthetic and Bell’s own credibility.

“Integrating their products into my content not only enhanced visual appeal but also communicated a sense of refinement and on-trend aesthetics,” she said. “I believe it played a role in positively shaping how my audience views my brand”

“Creator contributions have many valuable outcomes for brands,” Lindsay Jerutis, General Manager at Collective Voice, said in the report’s announcement. “Our research shows partnerships amplify product and brand awareness, elevate creators’ credibility, and produce a halo effect of sales and engagement outlasting campaigns.”

Beyond shaping brand perceptions, 78% of creators reported that collaborations positively influenced how their followers viewed them, amplifying their credibility.

Engagement Often Exceeds Expectations and Lingers

67% of creators said engagement on paid and unpaid content is similar, highlighting how brand messaging seamlessly integrates into their output.

This engagement also often outlasts the official campaign window. Creators noted sustained interest and conversations continuing 2-4 weeks out, suggesting creator collaborations spark lasting connections between brands and audiences.

“The ongoing discussions, shares, and interest surpassed my expectations and campaign goals, leaving a lasting impact on brand awareness,” stated Bell.

Organic Advocacy Creates a Virtuous Cycle

In a signal of creators’ enduring affinity for brand partners, 65% said they frequently incorporated those products authentically into organic, unpaid content. 70% also repurposed past sponsored posts, compounding brand exposure over time.

Influencer Blair Eadie said her organic advocacy influences how her millions of followers perceive retailers like Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue as go-to fashion brands. Creator Kay Davenport similarly said authentic brand loyalty “creates trust” with her audience, propelling conversions.

“Our community’s interest completely determines our sponsored collaborations,” noted Living in Yellow’s Steph Dekker. “If our community doesn’t want to see it, we aren’t collaborating.”

This symbiotic relationship nurtures lasting advocacy that keeps products and brands top-of-mind.

Creators Prioritize Brand Loyalty and Creativity Over Conversions

When selecting brand deals, creators ranked “building brand loyalty” as their top priority over factors like generating sales or eliciting emotions. The second was “showcasing creativity,” highlighting creators’ desire to express themselves while aligning with brands.

Fostering community engagement ranked third, followed by “generating sales and conversions” – a reminder that while monetization matters, creators gravitate toward deals that emphasize authenticity, inventiveness, and nurturing audience rapport.

The research illuminates how thoughtfully cultivated creator relationships yield dividends surpassing transactional campaigns by shaping enduring consumer affinity, advocacy, and community engagement.

“Brands embracing a strategic, holistic approach to creator marketing can build authentic relationships, engagement, and maximize longevity,” Jerutis summarized. Read the full report here.

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