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ClickFunnels Vs. GrooveWebinar – Online Course Comparison


ClickFunnels Vs. GrooveWebinar – Online Course Comparison

What online course platform is best for content creators?

Have you ever considered becoming an instructor for an online course? Creating your own classroom online can be an amazing way to earn extra money and profit from an employable skill you have.

There are dozens of online course creation platforms out there, so how do you know which one to pick? Today we will be comparing two programs, ClickFunnels and GrooveWebinar, so you can decide what is the best online course platform for you and your business.

ClickFunnels Vs. GrooveWebinar – Online Course Comparison


ClickFunnels Vs. GrooveWebinar – Online Course Comparison

What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is an online marketing program that helps digital business owners take control of their businesses. In addition to course creation and management, they also offer multiple other tools and features, such as landing pages, website builders, sales funnels, and more. 

Founded in 2014, the site now has partnered with over 100,000 businesses and helped thousands of customers improve their online businesses. 

How much does ClickFunnels cost?

Although Course Creation isn’t the only feature available with ClickFunnels, in order to start becoming an instructor, you will have to choose a plan that will cover all of the marketing tools and features that the site offers.

Basic – $147 USD a month

You can create and sell up to 3 online courses with this plan. 

With these 3 courses, you can register up to 1,000 students. 

In addition to course creation and management, you can create and design one website and domain and 20 unique sales funnels.  You also receive the ability to create unlimited workflows, unlimited landing pages, and unlimited products for your page, as well as unlimited email sequences and access to their basic analytics. 

Pro – $197 USD a month

This plan allows you to create 15 separate online courses, and register 10,000 students between these classes.

Along with everything included in the basic plan, you can also create up to 100 sales funnels, as well as have 5 users on the account. This is perfect if you have a small or mid-sized business.  

You can also register up to 3 custom domains to create multiple websites. You can also join their affiliate program, gain access to their Liquid Theme editor, and more. 

Funnel Hacker– $297 USD a month. 

The most extensive plan, you can create up to 200 online courses and register 20,000 students in total. You will also receive access to advanced analytics of your course and API access.

You can also create up to 3 websites, as well as have access to create and use unlimited funnels. Your account can have up to 15 users on the account, and you can register up to 9  custom domains. 

 ClickFunnels Course Creation

Becoming an online instructor could be intimidating, but ClickFunnels makes the process easy. If you have never taught online before, ClickFunnels completely walks you through the process with step-by-step guides and fully customizable templates.

ClickFunnels Vs. GrooveWebinar – Online Course Comparison

Simply upload your content into the template and you can design how and when your students will see it. 

You can schedule and ‘drip’ your content over a course of a few days, weeks, or months, depending on how long you want your course to be. 

For example, on Day 1, they will have access to Module 1. Once they complete that, they will have access to modules 2, 3, etc. 

ClickFunnels Vs. GrooveWebinar – Online Course Comparison

Locking your content allows for students to actually go through and complete what needs to be done instead of having all the content given to them right at once.

You will also have full access to the management side of your course, including prices and sales. You can decide the price of your course, and the more students who join your course, the more 

Your dashboard will look something like the image below.


ClickFunnels Vs. GrooveWebinar – Online Course Comparison

You will be able to see the total amount of orders you have completed, as well as the amount in sales, total customers, how they are paying, and more.

If you’re a coach, you can even take internal notes inside the course and see where the students are struggling and where they are excelling. By taking internal notes, you can use this data for future one-on-one work with other online business owners.

ClickFunnels Vs. GrooveWebinar – Online Course Comparison

Remember, ClickFunnels also has dozens of other features, including landing pages, membership sites, email marketing, A/B testing, sales funnels, and more.


ClickFunnels Vs. GrooveWebinar – Online Course Comparison

What is Groove Webinar?

GrooveWebinar is an online course creation feature from Groove Digital. Groove Digital is a digital marketing platform that is one of the fastest-growing funnel builder platforms currently on the market. Founded by entrepreneur, digital marketer, and author, Mike Filsaime, Digital Groove is the parent company to multiple different platforms, including Groove Funnels, Groove Pay, Groove Sites, and more. 

How does Groove Webinar Work?

Once you sign up for Groove, you have access to all the features and tools, including Groove Webinar. If you are new to being an online instructor, this could be a perfect first try at online course creation.

GrooveWebinar allows you to create an automated webinar that your students can watch at any time of the day. Once you create the video once, you can let it play over and over again.

Students can watch at any time, which means there’s no pressure like in normal courses.

ClickFunnels Vs. GrooveWebinar – Online Course Comparison

Your dashboard will look something like this. You can see all your webinars, as well as visitors, students you have registered, surveys and polls, and more. 

This dashboard is where you will be creating content as well as managing prices and sales.

Your webinars will be all pre-recorded but will have the look and feel as though they are live.

You can film directly in GrooveWebinar, or you can upload a video separately. 

ClickFunnels Vs. GrooveWebinar – Online Course Comparison

This is where you can customize your colors, titles, thumbnails, and more. 

After you’ve selected your video to upload, you can choose to schedule the video to post at a certain time. 

This is also where you will be able to add extra content to engage your students, or attendees, of your webinar. You can create and add polls, a chatbox, sticky messages, filter and favorite comments, allow file sharing, alerts, and more.

ClickFunnels Vs. GrooveWebinar – Online Course Comparison

The more you are able to engage your audience, the higher they will rate your course, and the more they will share with their community. The more people who take your course, the more money that you will make.

How much does GrooveWebinar cost?

You can create 1 webinar with your free account before having to upgrade. However, to maximize your revenue, you will want to upgrade to a premium membership to create more webinars. 

Lite – FREE

The free plan allows you to create and register unlimited webinars and websites, however, you cannot share or publish these sites without upgrading. This allows you to test out your webinar or domain before sharing it with the world.

Startup – $99 USD a month

The next plan up allows you to export these unlimited websites and webinars and begin to grow your business. You can remove Groove’s branding, as well as import and export leads and funnels. Groove takes a 5% transaction fee from all sales. 

Creator – $149 USD a month

This plan has 0 transaction fees, access to 250 designed email templates, unlimited blogs and e-commerce stores, as well as the ability to create unlimited funnels and sites and webinars with a 0 transaction fee.

Which online course creation platform will you use? Do you use an alterative such as Teachable? Let us know below. 

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