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Birkins And Mansions Banned: China’s “Wealth Worship” Crackdown Claims Luxury Influencer Victims

China is cracking down on social media accounts promoting lavish lifestyles in an effort to curb “wealth worship” and promote social equality, impacting several high-profile luxury influencers, as state-owned media outlet The Cover reports.

On Tuesday, Chinese authorities closed the social media accounts of Wang Hongquanxin, Baoyu Jiajie, and Bo Gongzi across platforms like Douyin, Xiaohongshu, and Weibo. Their profiles, which collectively had millions of followers, became unsearchable.

Wang Hongquanxin is a Beijing influencer known for flaunting a collection of rare Hermes bags and jade jewelry. Baoyu Jiajie, meaning “Abalone Sister,” hails from a wealthy Hong Kong family running a luxury dried goods chain. Bo Gongzi frequently posted about owning expensive Hermes and Dior pieces.

The Cover reports the bans aim to create a “civilized, healthy and harmonious” environment by curtailing the “worship of money” promoted by these influencers. Douyin removed 4,701 messages and 11 accounts from May 1-7 for related violations. Xiaohongshu cleared 4,273 “illegal” posts and 383 accounts. Weibo deleted over 1,100 instances of “undesirable value-oriented content” celebrating wealth.

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