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How To Find More Brand Sponsorships On Lemon8 As An Influencer


How To Find More Brand Sponsorships On Lemon8 As An Influencer

Influencer marketing has grown into a tremendous force within social media marketing with an impressive 51% of marketers believing that it helps them to acquire a more relevant target audience. The number of new social media platforms is also on the rise, showcasing the avid potential of this industry as a whole. As such, Netinfluencer will explore Lemon8 and how it can help budding influencers secure more lucrative brand sponsorships. 

What Is Lemon8?

Lemon8 is a content-sharing social media platform that was founded by ByteDance, the powerhouse behind popular apps such as TikTok and CapCut. The platform was initially released in China in April 2022 and eventually arrived in the UK and the US in February 2023. It also reached the No. 10 space on the App Store’s overall charts, giving it a headstart against its existing competitors such as Instagram and Facebook. 

The app markets itself as a youth-driven platform, giving users the freedom to upload a plethora of videos and photos that relate to the diverse needs and interests of Gen Z. It also focuses on aesthetically-pleasing content, encouraging users to make use of a range of unique editing tools to really elevate their content strategy. Moreover, the platform focuses on the advent of social shopping, allowing creators to tag relevant brands within their posts so that their audience can increase their discovery of popular companies. 

It also presents a very simplistic interface, giving audiences the opportunity to scroll through an assortment of content in a more digestible and accessible manner. The app’s layout also follows in the same footsteps as TikTok, meaning that users can get to grips with the platform as soon as they download it. 

How To Find More Brand Sponsorships On Lemon8 As An Influencer


How Does the Platform Work?

Many describe Lemon8 as a cross between Instagram and Pinterest, meaning that it allows users to upload a stream of popular content, whilst also encouraging audiences to discover new products and influencers. Due to its layout, audiences can browse through a remarkable collection of work by simply scrolling through their feed. If a piece of content really stands out to them, they can follow the specific creator so that they can keep up to date with their work.

Users can also search for content that best suits their interests, such as food, fashion, or crafting. The app also has a trending section, giving more insight into what the platform classifies as popular and which influencers are associated with this niche. As a result, audiences have the prime opportunity to explore their own needs and can uncover the nuances of viral content creators all within the confines of one app. 

In addition, Lemon8 also asks new users to select a collection of interests when first setting up their account, meaning that the app can organize an engaging algorithm as soon as they log in. Therefore, audiences can now access content that keeps them enthralled and engaged, ensuring that they do not become fatigued and move onto more established platforms. 

Why Is It Becoming So Popular in the US?

Experts have suggested that Lemon8 is growing in popularity due to the immense scandals surrounding TikTok’s security. Most recently, lawmakers in the US are looking to ban the app due to concerns surrounding the type of data that the app collects about its users. Similarly, in the UK, government officials are banned from using the app on work-related devices. Although the app still boasts an abundance of devoted followers, it seems that ByteDance is eager to have a backup platform if TikTok loses its lengthy legal battle. 

Aside from this controversy, Lemon8 works to support the needs of a very popular demographic, ensuring that they can continue to grow their impeccable levels of buying power. Since the app is built to attract more members of the younger generations, it is no surprise that it is gaining a wealth of commendation. These younger audiences can sometimes help to dictate influential trends, showcasing how Lemon8 can be used to discover new products or find engaging influencers. 

Due to the app’s recent release, it is yet to build a community of mega-influencers. Thus, it is a perfect platform for micro-influencers to make their mark. As such, these influencers have a better chance of becoming discovered by new audiences, and elevates their chances of working alongside a series of iconic and profitable brands. 

How To Find More Brand Sponsorships On Lemon8 As An Influencer


How To Secure Brand Deals on Lemon8

Although Lemon8 does not currently offer a creator monetization program, influencers can still use this platform to secure a range of lucrative brand opportunities. One of the easiest ways to do this is to tag brands that you would like to work with in the future. Lemon8 offers a plethora of features to help influencers promote selected brands, such as assigning a brand and a recommended retail price to certain items. Therefore, influencers can continue to showcase the potential of unique brands on social media and then share this success with the company as a way to better highlight their strengths. 

It is also important that you continue to promote the content you are creating on Lemon8 on your other active social media platforms. For example, it may be beneficial to create a Linktree that allows brands to search through all of your social media content in a clear and accessible fashion. This can help promote your ability to work with emerging platforms, making you an attractive asset to many successful brands. 

This is also a useful platform to use if you are currently operating in competitive niches such as fashion or beauty. Since Lemon8 does not have the usage figures of other platforms such as TikTok, it is easier for these influencers to experiment with their work and take more risks in their content strategy. As such, these influencers now have the opportunity to break into new niches without worrying about upsetting their existing audiences. 

Benefits of Using Lemon8 as an Influencer

Lemon8 has successfully established itself as a pivotal social media platform in an increasingly competitive market. As such, it is an ideal platform for those who are in need of a creative change. This app offers a range of conventional features such as a scrolling interface and search tools but also allows creators to produce lengthy descriptions and more expressive content. In turn, content creators now have the chance to break free of the confines of other platforms and focus on producing work that highlights their strengths in this industry. 

This is also a suitable platform for influencers who are eager to become thought leaders in their respective niches. With the addition of tags and brand mentions, influencers can showcase their knowledge of important industries and their ability to seek out brands that are truly making a difference. Thus, they can showcase their experience within these sectors and attract brands who are seeking out dedicated and intelligent influencers to work alongside them in their latest campaign. 

Though Lemon8 does not present its own creator fund, it is paying existing creators to further promote its launch. This partnership gives influencers the prime opportunity to build an amicable relationship with a fast-growing platform and gives them premium access to a wealth of other opportunities. As a result, influencers can use their already established audience to help create a new collection of viewers on a novel and dynamic platform.

How To Find More Brand Sponsorships On Lemon8 As An Influencer


Lemon8 has been creating quite a buzz in the influencer marketing industry, allowing content creators to truly express themselves in a variety of new ways. Its success leads us to believe that this industry will continue to see a bright future of prosperity and creativity. 

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