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Light up Your Content Creation Game Best Lighting for Influencers


Up Your Influencer Game with the Best Lighting

Influencers depend on excellent-quality lighting for vlogs, photographs, live streaming, and video content, as good lighting can elevate the production quality of your content. A determining factor, such as lighting, requires careful consideration before making a purchase.

Net Influencer brings you the details on some of the best lighting kits for influencers, complete with reviews and pros and cons for your assessment.

The best lighting for influencers includes:

Neewer LED Ring Light Kit

The Neewer LED Ring Light Kit is voted the best for influencers, at the moment. It includes an 18-inch light, 240 LEDs, and white and orange color filters that allow you to shift color temperature from 3200K to 5600K. This LED Ring Light kit also has a Bluetooth remote, and an adjustable 29.5-inch to 61-inch aluminum alloy stand. Supporting the kit’s portability and travel convenience is the carrying case that stores all the items mentioned.

This ring light has a hot shoe adapter that fits onto most DSLR cameras. It also has a smartphone holder that is compatible with most smartphones. The optimum CRI is between 80 to 90. The dimming knob lets you adjust the brightness levels according to your shooting requirements. 


  • It has adjustable brightness levels
  • This is a complete kit that contains every component required to get started
  • The light is of good quality and very bright


  • The stand is not the sturdiest 
  • It requires a power source- it must be plugged in to work
[lasso ref=”neewer-ring-light-kit18-48cm-outer-55w-5500k-dimmable-led-ring-light-light-stand-carrying-bag-for-camerasmartphoneyoutubetiktokself-portrait-shooting-black-model10088612″ id=”7736″ link_id=”47483″]

Lume Cube Cordless Ring Light Mini

The Lume Cube Cordless ring light mini is a smaller option at only 12 inches. Its color temperature ranges from 3200K to 5600K, with a run time of 80 minutes, on its brightest setting. It provides an option between an AC adaptor and a battery for mobile use. This light has up to a 97 CRI, which allows natural color to shine through on video. You can also adjust the brightness and color temperature levels on the display screen. The 6.5-foot light stand is a handy accessory, and so is the carry case, which is convenient and allows for easy transporting.


  • This light offers a wireless power option, which supports portability
  • It has a good temperature range


  • The phone holder may not accommodate larger phones as well as it does smaller types
  • The battery requires a long time to charge up
[lasso ref=”lume-cube-18-cordless-ring-light-kit-for-smartphones-and-cameras-bicolor-light-for-youtube-videos-zoom-tiktok-twitch-streaming-adjustable-color-brightness-carry-case-6-5-ft-stand-inc” id=”8462″ link_id=”47484″]

Westcott Bi-Color LED Ring Light Kit

This LED Ring light is 18 inches in size, and runs for almost 70 minutes on full power, using the 2 lithium-ion batteries supplied. An alternate power source is the AC power adaptor. The color temperature range of 3200K to 5600K creates a soft and complementary light that reflects catchlights in the subject’s eyes and dispels face shadows. The Westcott Bi-Color LED Ring Light reaches 2,435 lumens at its brightest. It has a CRI of up to 97. 


  • This is an extremely bright light
  • It has a sturdy tripod with 2 two shoe mounts and a 1 1/4 inch -20 inch mounting option for accessories like smartphones, digital cameras, and action cameras up to 10 pounds.
  • It has notable CRI and color temperature range


  • It does not include a remote
  • It is relatively heavy, thus not easy to transport
[lasso ref=”westcott-18-bi-color-led-ring-light-kit-with-batteries-and-stand-professional-studio-continuous-lighting-for-photography-video-conferencing-hair-and-makeup-artists-youtube-vlogging-and-tik” id=”13751″ link_id=”47485″]

RaLeno Softbox Photography Lighting Kit

The RaLeno Softbox Photography Lighting kit is considered relatively basic. However, it contains all the basic requirements for vlogging, YouTubing, and content creation in general. It includes two 20 by 28-inch enclosed softboxes, 2 adjustable light stands measuring between 27 and 80 inches, and two 85-watt CFL bulbs. Standard heat-resistant nylon reflectors and polyester fiber diffuser panels are also included. The 90-inch cord is a convenient addition to this kit, not limiting you to only work within tight spaces close to your power outlet.


  • It includes professional bulbs
  • It has dual technology
  • It has a conveniently long power cable


  • This is a pricey option 
  • It excludes accessories
[lasso ref=”raleno-softbox-photography-lighting-kit-20×28-photography-continuous-lighting-system-photo-studio-equipment-with-2pcs-e27-socket-5500k-bulb-photo-model-portraits-shooting-box” id=”13752″ link_id=”47486″]

Godox ML-60

Suited for both studio and remote shooting, the Godox ML-60 is highly recommended for video content. It can be used as a key light on smaller sets, or as a fill/background light for larger shoots. Its lightweight and compact structure makes it portable and easy to handle, as it packs away neatly and conveniently into the carry case. It is simple to operate, provides great color accuracy, and is bright enough to achieve quality lighting. It boasts a brightness of 31,000 lux. It is dimmable, with a color temperature of 5600K, and a CRI of up to 96. 


  • It is portable
  • Its battery operation allows for remote use 
  • It has an excellent grip which allows for run-and-gun filming 


  • This light only includes a basic reflector. 
  • You will need to pair it with the Godox As-s60s Softbox or similar
  • This is a pricey option 
[lasso ref=”godox-ml60-led-light-60w-portable-handheld-led-video-light-0100-brightness-adjustment-support-np-f970-battery%ef%bc%8c8-preset-lighting-fx-effects-godox-mount%ef%bc%8conly-0-77kg” id=”13753″ link_id=”47487″]


Logitech Litra Glow

Online streamers will benefit from Logitech’s Litra Glow’s features and capabilities. The specs include a brightness of 250 lumens, color temperature ranging from 2700K to 6500K, a CRI of up to 93, and it is dimmable. The USB-powered light is compact and lightweight.

Equipped with a mount, it attaches to your monitor or laptop lid with ease. The light has brightness and color adjustment controls on the rear panel. 


  • It is lightweight and compact, making it portable
  • The standard 1/4 inch tripod thread gives you the option to mount it onto accessory stands or tripods
  • The light is diffused in a manner that eliminates harsh hotspots, thus reducing eye-strain


  • The brightness and color temperature adjustment steps can be abrupt. However, to fine-tune your adjustments, you may use Logitech’s desktop G Hub app
[lasso ref=”logitech-litra-glow-premium-led-streaming-light-with-truesoft-adjustable-monitor-mount-brightness-color-temp-settings-desktop-app-control-for-pc-mac-graphite” id=”13754″ link_id=”47488″]

Rotolight LED Ring Light Kit for Content Creators

The Rotolight LED Ring Light is quick and easy to set up. It is compact, lightweight, and battery-powered. This light includes a miniature tripod that makes for convenient travel and has a good grip for hand-held shooting. The light can be attached to almost any camera or smartphone. Suited for both indoor and outdoor shoots, the daylight white balance allows for shooting in natural lighting conditions, and it has a set of filters that match indoor artificial lights.

This light also includes 2 diffusion filters that soften the light, creating flattering facial lighting. The brightness is 1000 lumens, with a color temperature range of 3200K, 4100K, and 5600K. The CRI is up to 91. This light is not dimmable. These features make this light an ideal choice for influencers and content creators. 


  • It is AA Battery powered and portable, allowing for remote use
  • Leveled shots are possible with the miniature tripod
  • The 2 diffusion filters soften the light


  • It is admittedly not the brightest light available 
  • It lacks a dimmer control 
[lasso ref=”rotolight-led-ring-light-kit-for-content-creators-youtube-videos-and-makeup-artists” id=”13755″ link_id=”47489″]


With our list of lighting for content creation, you can now equip yourself with verified options for your specific setup and requirements. You’re not limited to shooting during daylight hours only and can now expand your creativity using these highly-rated lighting solutions.

You may review and purchase these products using the Amazon links provided in this article.

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