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Taste The Journey Getting To Know Avyana Chapman And Goodeatsonlyyy (1)


Getting To Know Avyana Chapman And Goodeatsonlyyy

Avyana Chapman, the face behind Goodeatsonlyyy, has evolved from a soccer enthusiast to a dynamic influencer with a passion for food and travel. Embracing inclusivity, she curates diverse culinary experiences, making her mark in the digital world. Learn about Avyana’s insights on handling negativity, fostering authenticity, and predicting influencer trends that provide a glimpse into her influential journey.

Avyana Chapman, the face behind Goodeatsonlyyy, has evolved from a soccer enthusiast to a dynamic influencer with a passion for food and travel. Embracing inclusivity, she curates diverse culinary experiences, making her mark in the digital world. Learn about Avyana’s insights on handling negativity, fostering authenticity, and predicting influencer trends that provide a glimpse into her influential journey.

Taste The Journey: Getting To Know Avyana Chapman And Goodeatsonlyyy

Who is Avyana Champan?

Avyana Chapman, based in Boca Raton, Florida, shares her background and passions. A Florida native, she graduated from Florida Atlantic University and pursued an MBA in marketing at Lynn University. Her love for South Florida shines through as she says, “I’m a big fan of South Florida as a whole.”

An enthusiastic foodie and traveler, Avyana enjoys exploring new places and savoring unique flavors. Family, friends, and her boyfriend are dear to her heart, reflecting her commitment to relationships. She played soccer for 16 years, saying, “I played soccer for around 16 years.”

Professionally, Avyana works at Snapchat and contributes to “The Knocturnal” as a freelance journalist, highlighting her diverse skills. “Full-time I work for a big tech company. I work for Snapchat,” she notes. Her versatile background spans academics, sports, tech, and journalism, making her a dynamic figure in the content and communication field.

How did your passion for food and drink lead you to start Goodeatsonlyyy? Can you share a memorable moment that inspired you to embark on this journey?

Avyana’s culinary journey began with a childhood rule: embrace all types of cuisine. “You couldn’t really be a picky eater. We had to be able to go eat at anybody’s household,” she recalls. Her passion for diverse flavors grew stronger after trying rattlesnakes in Arizona. “I fell in love with it,” she says, emphasizing food’s cultural and communal significance. “It’s culture. It’s bringing people together.”

Her path as a food influencer emerged from a blend of photography and sharing dining experiences. “I had a mixed interest in photography… take pictures of food at restaurants,” she explains. Encouraged by friends, she launched her food Instagram, “Goodeatsonlyyy,” showcasing local deals and culinary adventures. 

Spontaneous and driven by her affinity for the number three, she cultivates collaborations and partnerships with local restaurants. “I started taking it more seriously the past two, two and a half years,” she notes.

When was the moment you realized you could monetize your content?

Observing successful influencers thriving on social media was the turning point for Avyana to see the potential for monetizing her passion. “I knew that they couldn’t have been crushing it just for free,” she reflects. Her academic background, including an MBA with a focus on influencer marketing, further fueled her pursuit.

Networking played a pivotal role, connecting her with food bloggers and professionals in the restaurant and alcohol industries. “Networking with food bloggers and people in the restaurant PR and alcohol space really helped grow my brand,” she acknowledges.

Her first significant collaboration was with ah.mi Health, an experience she recalls as pivotal. This partnership has developed into a lasting relationship, where she curates monthly recipes for the health-focused company.

Goodeatsonlyyy stands out for its diverse culinary experiences, from high-end restaurants to street food vendors. How do you go about selecting and showcasing these unique experiences to your followers?

Avyana’s inclusive approach to curating diverse culinary experiences on her account reflects her passion for food and openness. She explains the thought process behind her unique content selection.

“I’m very inclusive as a person,” Avyana tells us. “Another way I was raised is you need to be able to eat at the finest of places and, you know, maybe hold back from being too selective. Sometimes you’re gonna walk in, and nobody will speak your language. You have to try your best to order the food. I’m really not into being overly exclusive.”

Avyana’s strategy involves showcasing a wide array of cuisines, from her personal favorites to lesser-known gems. “I have certain cuisines I prefer. I’m a big sushi Japanese fan, and my followers also love Mexican and Hispanic food in general, as well as Indian and Caribbean cuisine.”

To ensure authenticity and quality, Avyana relies on a combination of research and networking. “I do look at Yelp and Google reviews before making my choices,” she explains. “I receive many PR inquiries and messages asking for features, but I also use my food blogging network to see where others have been and what they recommend.”

Balancing optimism with realism, Avyana shares, “I do want to try things for myself, but sometimes, if a restaurant has consistently bad reviews, I might reconsider. Nevertheless, I remain very optimistic. Sometimes I like to try things firsthand.”

As an influencer, authenticity is crucial in engaging with your audience. How do you balance staying true to your culinary preferences while also experimenting with new and unexpected flavor combinations in your recipes?

Maintaining authenticity is a top priority for Avyana as she explores diverse flavor combinations. She stresses the balance between her culinary preferences and honest engagement with her audience. “I won’t pretend to like a dish I didn’t enjoy,” she states candidly. “Even if I love the restaurant overall, I’ll be transparent about a dish that didn’t resonate with me.” 

Avyana’s open-mindedness is key in her content creation. “I recognize that my spice tolerance might differ,” she shares. “I communicate that perspective, acknowledging everyone’s unique palate.”

Building a significant following requires consistent and captivating content. Could you share some strategies you’ve employed to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more?

Avyana shares her strategies to maintain audience engagement and interest, emphasizing a diverse approach. “Having a mix of things on my page is key. I’ve incorporated travel and lifestyle content alongside food to keep people intrigued and give them insight into my life,” she explains.

Engagement is vital to her strategy. Avyana elaborates, “I try to answer back to comments as much as possible and engage with other food bloggers. I view them as a supportive network, not just competition.” 

Collaborations are a major part of her engagement plan, as well. “I collaborate with different food bloggers and lifestyle influencers. Instagram’s collaborator feature makes it easy to showcase these partnerships,” she says, highlighting her enjoyment in partnering with individuals from diverse fields, from plus-size fashion to sports influencers.

The world of food and drink is ever-evolving, with new trends and concepts emerging constantly. How do you stay ahead of the curve and ensure that your content remains relevant to your audience?

Avyana acknowledges the constant evolution of the field. “The influencer marketing space is always changing,” she observes thoughtfully. “New trends and concepts emerge regularly.”

Amidst this dynamic landscape, Avyana employs strategic approaches to stay current. “Remaining ahead of these changes and keeping your content relevant to your audience is essential,” she emphasizes. “It’s a continuous learning process for me.”

Her quest for up-to-date knowledge is nourished by her engaged community. “I’m part of food blogging chats where we frequently discuss these matters,” she shares. “I love the open environment; it’s a supportive community where people share trends and insights.”

Avyana dives deeper into her method for tracking trends. “My primary source for staying updated is through influencer and food blogging chats,” she reveals. “Engaging with influencers in the same field allows us to exchange information about what’s trending and useful.”

With Goodeatsonlyyy gaining popularity, you’ve likely received numerous partnership offers and collaboration requests. How do you approach selecting brand partnerships that align with your values and resonate with your audience?

In the world of evolving influencer marketing, Avyana’s strategy for brand partnerships is meticulous. “I really read the full terms,” Avyana says, stressing her thoroughness. “I need to make sure it’s content I can handle.”

With a full-time job and limited time, Avyana evaluates the scope of requests. “Multiple similar reels or extensive travel might not be feasible for me,” she notes.

Avyana maintains a focus on her niche. “I stick to restaurant features, cocktails, cooking, cooking products, travel, and some lifestyle,” she explains. She aims to diversify gradually, adding, “Slowly incorporating travel and more lifestyle.”

While open to various collaborations, Avyana seeks balance. “I want more travel features,” she emphasizes. “A balanced mix, with restaurants as the main focus.

Social media can be both a platform for inspiration and a source of pressure for creators. How do you manage the expectations and potential stress that come with being a successful influencer?

Avyana recognizes social media’s role as both inspiration and pressure for creators: “I know that social media can be both a platform for inspiration but also a source of pressure and stress for creators.”

Managing stress as an influencer, Avyana shares, “I have a reels turnaround of seven to nine business days for restaurant visits.” She structures her content release, saying, “I post stories within 48 hours, but I won’t promise reels sooner than that for my own mental health space.”

Avyana’s organizational approach involves batching content on Sundays: “I’ll take a good Sunday and batch my content, have them scheduled out on my phone.” She emphasizes, “Organization is key to not getting yourself super overwhelmed and stressed.”

Her philosophy extends to life overall: “You have to live your life with purpose and be organized.” Proactive communication ensures her partners’ understanding, as she notes, “Most of my brands are so understanding.”

Over time, influencers may develop a personal brand. How do you see Goodeatsonlyyy contributing to shaping your personal brand, and how do you envision it evolving in the future?

Discussing her personal brand’s evolution, Avyana confidently states, “Goodeatsonlyyy is already my personal brand,” highlighting its alignment with her values. She broadens its scope, noting how it embodies “culture and togetherness,” extending beyond food.

Avyana finds depth even in details like the number three, which symbolizes her essence. “Even the sense of the number three… is how I embody myself,” she explains, revealing her thoughtfulness.

Envisioning Goods Only’s future, Avyana plans more culinary travel trips, combining her love for travel with food exploration. She aims to improve her culinary skills, upgrade filming equipment, and expects growth in followers, engagement, and reach as a result of these changes.

Navigating the digital world also means facing certain challenges, such as handling negative feedback or dealing with controversies. How do you maintain a positive and supportive community around your content?

Avyana adeptly handles negativity and challenges as an influencer. “I steer far away from negativity,” she asserts, focusing on positive engagement even in difficult situations like negative comments during Black History Month. She prioritizes conversations with positive followers, valuing meaningful interactions over futile debates.

Her response to hate comments is empathetic: “Hurt people hurt people, heal people heal people,” she reflects, committing to spreading positivity. Avyana avoids giving negativity attention, noting, “It’s not worth my attention or my positive followers’ attention.”

Gracefully, she avoids engaging with negativity. “I don’t have to go back and forth with them and try to educate them,” she explains. Her strategy is rooted in self-respect and fostering a supportive community around her content.

The creator economy is rapidly expanding, with more people aspiring to become influencers. What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a successful food and drink-focused platform like Goodeatsonlyyy?

Starting a successful food and drink-focused platform requires strategic steps, as Avyana points out. “Consistency is key,” she emphasizes, highlighting her unwavering posting schedule. She advises aspiring influencers not to shy away from pitching themselves to restaurants, regardless of follower count. “Good exposure is better than no exposure,” Avyana asserts.

Networking and engaging with relevant PR agencies are paramount. Avyana’s adept networking has been instrumental in her growth. “Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there,” she encourages, knowing that rejection is a possibility. In her experience, organic engagement and proactive communication with brands ensure fruitful collaborations.

Collaboration with other influencers and content creators can lead to exciting opportunities. Have you engaged in any notable collaborations, and how have they enriched your journey as an influencer?

Avyana’s collaborations with influencers and bloggers have enriched her journey, fostering mutual growth and insights. From cooking together to event appearances, each partnership brought unique benefits. Avyana notes, “We shared insights, what works, and what doesn’t.”

Collaboration amplifies Avyana’s online presence, mutually expanding opportunities through shared connections. She emphasizes the significance of community, countering potential loneliness in the influencer world. Avyana’s support system, including her mother, boyfriend, and friends, contributes to her content creation. Their dedication, even during repetitive shoots, showcased the power of connections in her journey.

How do you see the influencer marketing space and the creator economy evolving in the next years? Do you see any trends or new platforms coming up?

Avyana envisions a significant shift in the influencer marketing space and the creator economy, stating, “I think it’s almost gonna take most of these companies’ marketing budget away, if not a hundred percent, like 90%.” She believes that influencer marketing will shape the future of advertising, saying, “This is gonna be the future of marketing and advertising.”

When discussing trends, Avyana acknowledges the prominence of audio and aesthetic trends, noting, “I know like audio trends are big, like the whole aesthetic trends.” However, she highlights the unpredictable nature of social media trends, recalling, “Remember Instagram back in 2013… I feel like we could never predict.” She stresses the importance of staying authentic while staying relevant, saying, “It’s just kind of trying to stay relevant but still being authentic to yourself and your brand.”

Looking ahead, what are your aspirations and future plans for Goodeatsonlyyy? Are there any new ventures or projects you’re excited to explore?

Avyana shares her aspirations and plans, saying, “I do want to get a little bit more into travel.” She hints at upcoming hotel bookings and potential cruise collaborations to promote tourism, particularly in South Florida. For Goodeatsonlyyy, her goal is to increase her followers, engagement, and reach while continuing to spotlight great restaurants locally and abroad.

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