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Armchair Expert Podcast A Comprehensive Review of Dax Shepard's Hit Podcast


Armchair Expert Podcast: A Comprehensive Review Of Dax Shepard’s Hit Podcast

Many of us are fascinated by the alluring world of celebrity culture and often find it difficult to not indulge in the stars’ personal lives. Interview podcasts allow the average listener to unravel the mysteries surrounding those in the public eye, giving us more lucrative information to revel in.

Data also suggests that 82.4% of listeners consume more than seven hours of podcast footage per week, further exemplifying the avid success of this medium. In turn, Netinfluencer will offer you everything you need to know about the widely acclaimed Armchair Expert podcast. 

The Creator Behind the Podcast

Although he may be best known for his role in shows such as Parenthood and The Ranch, Dax Shepard is also the host of the Armchair Podcast and has been since 2018. Alongside his co-presenter and fellow actor Monica Padman, the pair explore the intricacies and human nature to better understand why we are so drawn to the chaos that surrounds us. Due to the hosts’ vivacious discussion of off-beat topics, the Armchair Podcast became the most downloaded new podcast on iTunes in the same year of its release. 

Shepard became interested in podcasting back in 2005 when he first started doing interviews to promote his latest appearance on TV. Despite the glamor of it all, he felt that he didn’t have the chance to truly express himself and craved to produce more long-form and intimate content.

His fondness of the medium grew when he and his wife, Kristen Bell, began listening to the hit true-crime podcast Serial. Armchair Expert has also grown to be one of the world’s most popular podcasts, making it a key competitor within this diverse market.

This podcast reached new heights back in 2021 when Shepard announced that it would be transformed into a Spotify Exclusive. Even though Armchair Expert has a new home on the prestigious streaming platform, both Shepard and Padman have assured their vast collection of fans that the format would remain the same and they are still able to exert full creative control over the project. 

Armchair Expert Podcast: A Comprehensive Review Of Dax Shepard's Hit Podcast

Themes and Topics Covered

Since both hosts of the Armchair Podcast stand firmly in the Hollywood limelight, they are able to attract a plethora of star-studded guests who are more than willing to divulge their inner thoughts. Shepard is also highly educated, boasting a degree in Anthropology from UCLA, making him a deeply intellectual podcast host.

In September 2022, the podcast invited child star Jennette McCurdy to discuss her latest memoir I’m Glad My Mom Died as well as the struggles she faced as a young actor on Nickelodeon. Shepard also encourages McCurdy to delve deeper into her healing process, creating an open and honest discussion about mental health and the types of treatments available. 

The Armchair Podcast also has an accompanying series named Armchair Anonymous, where listeners are asked to provide an anecdote based on a variety of prompts including a nightmare holiday experience or a terrifying snow day. Then, Shepard and Padman will select a few of the best stories to retell on the show. This has been a simple, yet, popular addition to the podcast and allows the show’s abundance of listeners to join in and share their own personal truths.

Shepard also relies on fellow celebrities and actors to help his audience gain a better understanding of life on screen. Anna Kendrick, who has starred in films like Pitch Perfect and Alice, details how her career has made her the breadwinner within her household and how that impacts the growth of her relationships. The conversation opens up even more when Kendrick expresses the trauma she faced during an unsightly relationship and how she uses these experiences to grow as an actor and as a person. 

Armchair Expert Podcast: A Comprehensive Review Of Dax Shepard's Hit Podcast

Reach of the Armchair Expert Podcast

The Armchair Expert Podcast has an estimated audience of 20 million listeners and is said to earn $9 million in revenue, making it the fourth highest-earning podcast in the US. The show has also been nominated for a plethora of prestigious awards, including The Pop Podcast 2022, which was affiliated with the People’s Choice Award. The podcast has also gained a vast amount of popularity on social media, amassing 735,000 followers on Instagram.

Armchair Expert has also built its own podcasting empire, producing a collection of other hit shows such as Flightless Bird and Race to 270. Though Shepard and Padman do not take the lead in these series, they do offer insight and humor across their runs. Thus, it seems that Shepard has managed to create a portfolio of engaging shows that all adhere to similar themes of human nature and passion. 

The Format of the Podcast

Each episode of the Armchair Expert podcast follows a similar structure, lasting for around 2 hours and delving into a wealth of enticing topics with some of the world’s biggest stars. With over 500 episodes under its belt, the podcast has even been responsible for some of the most earth-shattering moments in popular culture. In July 2021, the podcast recruited couple Aston Kutcher and Mila Kunis to give more insight into their new NFT project.

Though the episode was filled with nuanced and engaging anecdotes, it gained attention due to the couple’s confession about not bathing their kids as often as they should. Even though it was expressed in jest, it still highlighted Shepard’s talent for getting his guests to confess everything. 

Shepard and Padman also carried out a detailed conversation with Ronan Farrow, a Pulitzer Prize winner who was responsible for leading the story that led to the foundation of the Me Too movement and the later arrest of Harvey Weinstein. During this interview, Farrow opens up about his difficult relationship with his father Woody Allen, and the issues journalists face in the modern world.

Occasionally, Shepard will produce an episode of the Armchair Expert by himself, guiding the audience into a world of immense vulnerability and moving emotion. An episode named Day 7 allows Shepard to expose his relapse from sobriety without the distraction of high-profile guests or comical stories. This episode is extremely different from the rest but encourages his audience to see deeper than the host’s amicable personality and learn to relate to the struggle he presents so eloquently. 

Armchair Expert Podcast: A Comprehensive Review Of Dax Shepard's Hit Podcast

Reception and Impact

As Spotify continues to gain a 30% advantage in listenership compared to its competitor Apple Podcasts, it seems that Dax Shepard’s decision to move his podcast permanently over to Spotify was the best decision. The Armchair Podcast breaks away from the immature and sometimes insensitive perception of celebrity culture and presents these individuals as more three-dimensional and likable. 

The popularity of this podcast has also allowed the hosts to branch out into new revenue streams, creating a line of attractive merchandise for listeners to wear. This has helped to strengthen the sense of community on his platform and encourages his viewers to support his work even further. 


The Armchair Expert podcast may exude a sense of exclusivity with its deal with Spotify and unique guests but it is able to be absorbed by a wealth of engaged listeners. In turn, this has made it one of the most highly sought-after podcasts in America.

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